What is Static Security?

Static Security

Overview of Static Security

Static Security is a general term which covers a wide range of security services. It involves services on access points, guarding of equipment or valuables, loss prevention, crowd control, and event security. While the word static means to stay in one place and not move, this is not true with Static Security. Static security guards cover a small area which involve moving around and watching over a specific area or location. A key responsibility in static guards is conducting regular and thorough security patrols.

Benefits of Static Security

Static security is important to have on sites because they not only protect people, buildings and surroundings, but they also instill the feeling of safety and trust within people who are visiting places where the static security is placed. Since static security guard’s area is not as big as patrolling guards, they have an exact idea of the people who are moving around, entering, exiting and who is on the premises of the location. 

Static site security ensure that staff are obeying rules and regulations and reduce environmental impact by turning off lights and closing windows. They are in constant communication with operatives, control centre and colleagues to stay up to date about the location.

With a peace of mind, static security patrols add vigilance to the area and prevent incidents from occurring.

Sectors of Static Security

Museums- Guards in museum locations are making sure guess are behaving appropriately and museum artifacts aren’t harmed.

Construction Site- Guards on construction sites are deterrents for local dumpers and robbing’s.

Hotel- Guards at hotels make sure that guest are compliant, issues that may arise and for safety and comfort

This list of sectors is wide and diverse for static security guarding. We can also see sectors of static guarding in: Universities, Parking, Factories, Laboratories, Government Buildings, Military Bases, Banks, Sports Stadiums Vacant Properties, and Warehouses.


Having static security in your establishment might seem like there are issues with trust, but in actuality static security are used as deterrents and extra eyes for the peace and safety for all individuals. When we are talking about static security, we are talking about the extra eyes, ears and presence of a person that wants to keep not only themselves safe but also those that are around them with safety for all as the main goal.