Titan Security Europe is a major UK and European business security provider. Our highly trained and trusted industrial security teams can make sure that your business, employees, and visitors are safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have regional offices in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales as well as in key European locations. Our aim is to always deliver a high-quality service at competitive rates while giving clients peace of mind that their business assets or premises will be protected by thoroughly trained, vetted professionals.

As a flexible and responsive international security contractor, we can deliver a cost-effective and bespoke industrial security guard solution for your organisation.

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    Five key benefits of industrial security

    1. First and foremost, you protect yourself from avoidable financial loss as well as the inconvenience caused by a security breach.
    2. A security presence provides safety and reassurance to visitors and employees – improving your brand image
    3. Knowing who is on your premises and why at any given moment protects you from opportunist thieves and walk-in crime.
    4. If you are applying for government contracts you will need to prove that you apply stringent security practices.
    5. Security guards are often trained to monitor operations of critical services and act as first responders to all types of emergency

    Our Industrial Security Services

    Our industrial security solutions are a cost-effective measure designed to ensure that your business premises remain secure night and day. Whether during your busiest times or when your premises are unoccupied, we can substantially reduce the chances of your business falling victim to crime.

    Services include:

    • access control
    • security patrols
    • CCTV monitoring
    • night-time security
    • registered keyholder services
    • building security checks
    • remote surveillance and alarm response
    • hire or purchase plus installation of physical security measures

    Security Risk Assessments

    From our experience, the best security plans come from a thorough and unbiased analysis. We offer free security audits so that we can recommend measures targeted at your security vulnerabilities as well as the way your business is structured.

    We use assessment to try to limit your costs and will never try to load you with services you don’t need

    Mobile Patrolling

    Our mobile security patrols make regular checks on your industrial site. We use market-leading security tracking technology to map and track patrol routes and target resources where they are needed. From a simple drive-by to a comprehensive regular inspection of your boundaries and buildings, mobile patrolling is one of our most cost-effective industrial security services

    Static Security Manned Guarding

    In or out of uniform, the presence of a security guard is an effective deterrent to crime and a reassurance to employees and visitors. Providing a remedy for theft, employee-related crime, property damage and physical assault, our static guards integrate with your company for an unobtrusive yet watchful presence that prevents crime from damaging your bottom lines.

    Physical Security Measures

    Titan Security Europe is known for its manned guarding services, but if you need it, we can also provide and set up recommended physical security measures. After doing a security audit for you, our experts can give you a competitive quote for hiring or purchasing tech like alarms and CCTV systems. We also provide a hire, setup, and takedown service for temporary measures like fences, barriers, and gates.

    Remote Monitoring

    CCTV coverage is an excellent deterrent and great for gathering evidence after a crime. But to fully benefit from CCTV coverage, it needs to be consistently monitored if you want to actually stop crime in its tracks. Our remote central monitoring services are the perfect solution in this regard. With professionals monitoring your CCTV feeds 24/7 you can be sure that suspicious activity will always be noticed and investigated

    Guard Dog Security

    If your industrial premises feature a number of buildings, vehicle parking facilities and outside storage spread out across a large site, the presence of a guard dog and handler ramps up crime detection rates. With a sense of smell thought to be up to 10,000 times more powerful, a guard dog will detect and warn about security breaches that might otherwise go unnoticed

    Industrial Security Sectors

    There are many aspects covered by industrial security. Read more detailed information on three of the services we offer by clicking on the service that interests you.

    Warehousing and storage facilities

    Our experts are always on hand to conduct a free security audit. We identify potential risk factors and recommend packages of security measures that zero in on the solutions. The flexibility we offer ensures that you are not paying for unwanted and unneeded measures

    Read our detailed warehouse security blog post

    Factories and manufacturing

    If you have experienced security issues at your industrial premises, you don’t need us to tell you how expensive and inconvenient they are. We can provide layered security to protect your premises 24/7. From static guards that control access, to transport security guards that make sure your goods arrive at their destination and everything in between. With more than 30 years in the business, we know how to provide exceptional security for factories

    The green energy industry

    Large solar power plants are popping up all over Europe because of the green energy industry and the move toward carbon neutrality. Titan has been involved in supplying security for many of them, both during and after construction. Being targets for vandalism and theft of materials, we have supplied static guards, mobile security patrols, and physical security measures such as CCTV and barrier fencing to protect these solar farms. Operating in the UK and across Europe, we understand what it takes to keep green energy flowing.

    Expert advice is always available

    Here at Titan Security, we are led by our clients. If you would like to chat with a security expert about any aspect of industrial security we have people waiting to help. An initial chat costs nothing and may save you a fortune

    Industrial security services throughout Europe and the UK.

    We work with clients of all sizes, providing tailored solutions to meet your security needs. Contact us today for a free assessment and quotation.

    Industrial Security Case Studies

    The owner of a business situated within a warehouse approached us regarding security to combat potential threats during the night when the warehouse was left empty. At that time, the owner was alerted and responded whenever the already-in-place security alarm went off.

    The owner wanted to be relieved of the pressure of worrying about security outside of work hours, as well as the responsibility and inconvenience of being woken by the alarm at night. He decided to call in the professionals and enquired about our keyholding and alarm response services

    This Involved CCTV monitoring from a central control room and meant that our personnel would have access to the building and that the alert would go straight to our control room should the alarm be tripped. By using Titan security keyholding services, the pressure of security was lifted off the owner and any other staff so that they could enjoy time off in the knowledge that in the event of a security breach, a qualified professional would be the first on the scene to contain the issue.

    This was, overall, a success, and our services are still in place with this client.

    Warehouse Security for a Fashion Company

    A client connected to a UK high-end fashion company approached us with security concerns over one of their warehouses after a security breach. They wanted peace of mind that their warehouse would be safe from future breaches but they did not feel 24/7 guards would be appropriate and asked us to recommend and implement a cost-effective solution

    To aid this client, we put into place a mobile patrol guarding service to visit the warehouse at random intervals throughout the nights when the warehouse would be left vacant.

    The guard also patrolled around the locality of the warehouse to identify any potential security threats or suspicious activity

    Following the placement of this guard, there were no further breaches of the warehouse. The client then asked us to place a patrol for their other warehouses around the country and have since become interested in our services for their stores