Theft and damage on construction sites currently costs the construction industry over 800 million pounds a year with the most common reported incidents involving theft of tools and construction materials.

Titan security Europe provide a first line of defence on your site with highly visible security staff, mobile patrols and remote monitoring of your premises preventing theft, trespass and vandalism ensuring your project moves forward smoothly.

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    Benefits of Titan Construction Security

    Our construction site security services provide:

    Peace of mind

    Our security guards and monitoring solutions enable you to know that your construction site is protected 24/7/365.

    Loss Prevention

    Our patrols and manned security solutions help reduce losses from theft, vandalism and arson which are a huge drain on the construction industry.

    Site safety

    Construction site security guards ensure that construction sites are not interfered with, reducing the potential for injury to your team.

    Our Corporate Security Services

    Construction Site Security Risk Assessment

    Our fully trained security risk assessors can analyse your construction site, develop risk profiles and recommend the security services best suited to minimising these risks. Construction site security risk assessments identify the key dangers to your site including theft, vandalism and safety issues to ensure you have full coverage of all potential issues.

    Key Holding and Alarm Response

    We provide key holding services throughout the industry to provide as required access and security for your premises. Our key holding services allow for easy access to your site outside of working hours and provide peace of mind should an emergency arise.

    Remote Monitoring

    Remote monitoring provides a low cost solution to monitoring your premises. Visible signage reduces risks of trespass whilst remote monitoring teams operate CCTV to ensure your site is always covered . Rapid response teams can deal with situations if they arise to provide effective site security. Our Construction security guard services & guarding are suitable for all building sites, pre builds & other locations where a uniformed security presence is necessary.

    Mobile Security Patrols

    Mobile patrols provide full coverage of a construction site to ensure safety and security of a larger area. Working patrol patterns with real time reporting allow us to monitor the effectiveness of patrols, change routes and respond to changes as they arrive.

    Security Manned Guarding

    Our highly visibly manned guarding teams deter trespassers and criminals by keeping your premises occupied whenever needed. Our SIA security personnel are fully trained to monitor your site working to established best practices developed to reduce risks.

    Security Risk Assessment

    We will provide a full security analysis of your premises to ensure your security services adequately cover all risks present at your location.

    Our Construction Security Guard Team

    Titan Security Europe supply both uniformed and non-uniformed Construction Security Guards. Supplying Construction security services can be sensitive task. Clients in the construction sector tend to have preferences for high visual security officers at building sites and to government and pre-build / ground work sites. We also have customers in Construction industry that prefer non-branded offices that are of a low key smart visual presence of security guarding. Our security guards are all SIA approved, card carrying members of the organisation, ensuring you have the highest quality, and highest trained staff for your site.
    Having Construction security officers on site provides access control to the site and peace of mind for staff and protection for high value tools, materials and machinery.
    At Titan we always work diligently to supply you with the exact requirements your site merits to provide the highest levels of security for your site at the best cost value.

    Call Titan Security Europe now for a free quotation and find out how we offer more. +44(0)1803 446004 or email. Additional information can be found on our home page by clicking here. We also supply our construction site security services throughout Europe and internationally.

    Our Work

    Banking Firm London

    The client, having identified a need for security, having previously not had any was based in access-controlled offices. Due to several incidents where persons in the shared office building had let non-authorised personnel in, the client felt the time had come to have a physical presence which would work as a deterrent. We advised that placing guards at the entrance to the building and developing the concierge role to encompass a signing in book was essential. We also introduced wanding whereby persons coming in building were checked for potential weapons or objects that could be used to cause harm. This type of practise is optional and some clients we work with prefer this not to happen however in government concierges we have supplied this is often mandatory. The guard has joined the team and works in tandem with reception staff for access control, providing a first point of contact for the bank’s staff and customers alike whilst keeping the site secure. Since the introduction no incidents have been reported at site and the customer has praised our guard. For further details on our services in the UK and globally in providing concierge security contact us now.


    We were approached by a client on behalf of Barclays bank to provide security guards at vulnerable banks and cash points. The officers were placed nationwide. The security officers remit included having security guards both in branch and based in their cars at cash points. Hours included both days and nights. Some of these locations were remote this is where are 24hr control room and gprs solved issues the client previously had with another company of guards not attending. This contract was during peak times in trade and acted as a deterrent to would be thieves and scammers.

    Britannia Ferries

    Working alongside Britannia Ferries out of Plymouth, Titan Security Europe provided uniformed guarding to passengers boarding and disembarking on the ferry service between Roscoff and Plymouth. The role involved ensuring both the safety of passengers going on to boat, with random searches, and customer service in directing passengers, as well as ensuring tickets were present. For those passengers coming off it was same process in reverse. The contract was during peak trading of summer time. This involved over five security guards with our on-site supervisor also supervising deployment alongside Britannia staff.