Titan Security is a leading private security contractor with decades of experience providing construction site security services across the UK and throughout Europe. We protect house-building sites, road and rail construction projects and industrial developments from the threat posed by organised crime gangs, vandals and opportunist criminals.

From the use of technology for remote monitoring and rapid response, to highly trained security guards or the installation of physical security measures, we work with developers and building contractors to implement the most effective construction security strategies that limit the loss and inconvenience caused by criminal activity in the construction industry.

Titan Security Europe can become the first line of defence on your development with highly visible security staff, mobile patrols and remote monitoring; preventing theft, trespass and vandalism to minimise financial loss and disruption of progress.

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    The importance of construction site security

    Times are tough in this post-pandemic world making construction sites vulnerable to people turning to crime who view them as easy targets. As a result the construction industry across Europe and in the UK has been experiencing a crime wave. Theft of materials, machinery and tools has escalated reently resulting in huge financial losses, time delays and general inconvenience.

    Construction site security is more crucial than ever before. Is it time to tighten your site security arrangements?

    Our Construction Security Services

    Construction Site Security Risk Assessments

    Do you have a site security plan specific to your project? Our fully trained security auditors can analyse your construction site and recommend the appropriate and most cost-effective security measures to eliminate many of the main security risks. Construction site security risk assessments identify the key dangers to your site including theft, vandalism and safety issues

    Key Holding and Alarm Response

    Working alongside our security monitoring services we can provide mobile response teams that react to suspicious events and alarm triggers. Our rapid reaction services aim to intervene much quicker than the statutory services. We can provide key holding services to provide easy access to your site outside of working hours should an emergency arise.

    CCTV & Remote Monitoring

    Remote monitoring provides a lower-cost alternative to onsite security guards. CCTV can provide real-time monitoring of a construction site and help deter theft or vandalism. Our central monitoring services mean that there is always a trained professional looking out for suspicious acvtivity on your building site and standing by to alert the authorities or dispatch one of our own emergency response teams.

    Mobile Security Patrols

    Titan Security mobile patrols carry out regular high-visibility visits to your construction site. We make a detailed inspection of the perimeter to ensure that it has not been compromised. Working to centrally monitored patrol patterns, real-time reporting allows us to introduce flexibility into the schedule, change routes and respond at speed to issues as they occur.

    Static Guards & Access Control

    Funnelling all entry and exit to and from the site to a single point is important to ensure all access is authorised. From implementing ID card-based access control systems monitored by static security guards through to fence, barrier and gate installation, we provide a complete access control service that ensures that people only gain entry to the premises if they are authorised. This deters crime and helps ensure safety standards are met.

    Physical Security Measures

    After conducting a security audit of your construction site we might identify physical measures that will enhance security. Recommendations might include prominent signage, fences, barriers and gates, secure storage containers, floodlighting and alarm or monitoring system upgrades. Titan Security is pleased to be in the best position to contract for physical security installation alongside our security guard services

    Security guard services throughout Europe and the UK.

    We work with clients of all sizes, providing tailored solutions to meet your security needs. Contact us today for a free assessment and quotation.

    The statistics

    A 2020 survey conducted by the CIOB entitled Crime in the Construction Industry found that 92% of construction companies have been directly affected by crime with 21% reporting that their sites are targeted on a weekly basis. Theft and vandalism in the UK construction industry totalled 800 million pounds with the most common reported incidents involving theft of tools and construction materials.

    Increased demand for second-hand and black market tools and machinery has made the construction industry even more attractive to thieves—resulting in a 50% increase in this type of crime last year. Things are not expected to improve anytime soon. In fact, many experts are predicting that things will get worse.

    Titan Construction Security Benefits

    1. Providing a cost-effective and tailored security response that meets the specific needs of your construction project

    2. Inventory management of your onsite assets and machinery

    3. Ensuring that anyone accessing your site is informed and conscious of their own security responsibilities

    4. Access control that verifies that anyone present on your construction site is authorised to be there.

    5. Providing the levels of perimeter security that meet your statutory responsibilities to prevent access by trespassers and ensure site safety for all users

    6. Minimising and preventing loss and inconvenience caused when criminals successfully steal tools, machinery and materials from your building site

    7. Meeting requirements of insurance coverage

    Our Construction Security Team

    When you need an honest and reliable security company to provide construction security services, you can trust Titan Security to deliver. With experience that ranges from major road-building projects to running site security at major industrial developments across Europe, we provide the skills and experience you would expect from a leading international security provider.

    Our security guards are all SIA-approved, card-carrying members of the organisation, ensuring you have highly trained staff for your construction site.

    At Titan, we always work diligently to supply you with the high-value and high-impact security services you need at the best value.

    Call Titan Security Europe now for a free quote or to book a security audit and assessment. Use the Contact Form at the top of the page, email us or call and speak to an expert on+44(0)1803 446004. An initial chat costs nothing, is without obligation but may well save you money, stress and worry.

    Related Services

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    Keyholding and alarm response

    Mobile patrols

    Building Site Security Case Studies

    City Construction Site Security Breach

    A construction site for a large development in a city suffered major losses after a theft during the night when the site was left unattended. A representative of the company that suffered the losses reached out to us for help. 

    The site was occupied enough throughout the day with workers so the representative was not concerned with security throughout the day. Their main concern was the security of the site when left unoccupied overnight, especially considering the recent theft.

    We placed static guards on the site overnight and also suggested the setting up of CCTV to be monitored by our 24/7 control room. Between these two measures, there were no further problems on the site, and we hope to work with the same company again in the future. 

    Alarm installation and remote monitoring

    After construction work was temporarily shut down on a site, the company in charge of the construction grew concerned about the security of the site while it was left vacant for so long. 

    After deciding that an ongoing presence for a vacant building site that was attended most of the day was not the best option Instead, we offered our alarm response services and arranged the installation of an alarm on the site, connected to our control room. In the event that the alarm was tripped, one of our guards would be sent straight to the site to check on it and deal with any issues.

    Once construction was back up and running with the site, the client decided to keep the alarm service going for any time the property was left vacant. We are still working with the client today.