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    Why choose Titan Estate Security Guards?

    Asset Protection

    Estate security guards provide a visible and highly effective deterrent that is designed to prevent damage and theft from your property. We have extensive experience providing mobile patrols and static security for large estates and small private residences and provide full-service monitoring and rapid response.

    Personal Protection

    Our teams are trained to monitor points of ingress and provide full access control. We can provide teams to unobtrusively provide personal protection for you and your family as well as any visitors to your home. Our teams can monitor CCTV, provide door and gate security as well as providing mobile patrols to identify and trespassers.

    24/7 Protection

    Our estate security teams can provide 24/7 protection to your property. Rotating teams are able to cover all aspects of security to give you piece of mind. Typically, our teams will provide CCTV monitoring, key holding and alarm response, access control, mobile patrols and travel security.

    Our Private Estate Security Services

    Access Control

    Our security teams provide access control to ensure only authorised persons can enter your property. This entails gate and door control and also careful monitoring of visitors including ancillary staff, trades people and any visitors who may cause security concerns.

    CCTV Monitoring

    Our CCTV monitoring ensures total visibility of all access points and key areas that need to be protected. CCTV monitoring is usually provided by teams who can alternate between monitoring, patrolling and other security duties to ensure concentration is maintained.

    Key Holding and Alarm Response

    Our teams can provide rapid alarm response day or night to ensure that your property is always adequately protected. They can ensure your safety during any incident and provide rapid containment and response to any event that triggers your alarm system.

    Mobile Patrols

    For larger estates, we provide mobile patrols, monitored in real time using our route software. We will identify all points of access to your property and ensure adequate security coverage is maintained at all times. Mobile patrols provide an effective and highly visible deterrent.

    Security Guards

    Our security guards are fully trained and accredited, and are often ex-military personnel with a background in security. Our security guard solution are tailored to your exact requirements and location to ensure a holistic security service that adequately protects your property and person.

    Our Estate Security Services Team

    Our estate security teams are all highly trained to national and international standards. Our teams comprise ex-military and private security guards who are fully trained in estate security solutions. At Titan we will work closely with you to develop a full spectrum security strategy for your property, identifying and securing all potential points of access to minimise the risks to your property and person.

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    Our Work

    Luscombe Estate Security

    Luscombe Estate nestled in the heart of Devon is a place of outstanding natural beauty. We were approached by a premium agent because the Estate Managers had been experiencing problems of uninvited intruders entering the grounds of the estate without prior permission.

    After liaising with all concerned and carrying out a security audit of the Estate, its buildings, and its grounds. It was decided that the best approach was to appoint Titan as a Keyholder to allow our security officers to provide a rapid response to any security issues. We also began a schedule of high-visibility mobile patrols in a marked security vehicle to act as a deterrent to this unwanted activity.

    Updates from the Estate and the people living there proved that they felt reassured by the input from Titan Security and that over the next few months the issue of unwanted intruders was eliminated We are pleased to say we now work as a preferred contractor for this large premium agent.

    Oldway Mansion Estate Security

    Titan Security Europe has been working in South Devon for many years. We have been engaged to provide private estate security for many of the historical buildings and estates scattered around the countryside.

    One such building is Oldway Mansion in Torbay. With the building containing some high-value items and its extensive grounds opening to visitors on a regular basis,  it was felt that an unobtrusive security presence was needed during visiting times. Titan Security provided a static security guard for occasions when the mansion was open to visitors as well as mobile patrols on a regular basis to maintain a security watch and act as a visible deterrent to anyone considering unauthorised access.

    Private Estate Security

    We were commissioned to supply a mobile security guard patrol system to deter poaching on a large private estate in Devon. The owner of the property contacted us after several incidents had occurred that had raised security concerns.

    After conducting a full risk assessment, we were able to develop a full mobile patrol schedule that covered key risk areas on the property. Our security measures were successful in deterring poachers and reassuring the owners of the Estate