Titan Security is the company of choice when it comes to event safety and security anywhere in the UK and Europe. From major political conferences through to live music and art events, our highly trained, professional security guards will ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. We provide a full range of event security solutions, including event set-up, VIP and guest security, and post-event security. We provide event security services throughout the UK and Europe.

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    Why choose Titan Event Security Services?

    Access Control

    Our event security teams provide efficient, friendly access control to your event. From checking invitations and guest lists to monitoring for suspicious behaviour or prohibited items our teams are there to provide a professional service that reassures all guests to your event.

    Guest Security

    Our teams ensure that all your guests remain safe at all times. They will respond quickly and effectively to any incidents and can also provide close VIP security for guests if required. We monitor all access points to your event, provide regular patrols and clear communications.

    Asset Security

    Our teams can be on hand to help during event set-up and take-down to ensure your assets are protected. This is particularly useful during product launches and similar events, but we also provide security planning and monitoring advice at this stage to ensure access points are identified and monitored.

    Our Event Security Services

    Festival Security

    We provide festival security teams throughout the UK and Europe and provide door supervisors, security guards, mobile patrols and close protection security to festivals where large security teams are required.

    Live Event Security

    From indoor to outdoor live events we cover all aspects of live event security including door supervision, crowd management, VIP protection and site set up, take down and monitoring and can provide door supervisors, mobile patrols and close protection services.

    Product Launch Event

    We provide event security services for product launches to ensure your launch goes off without a hitch and can provide close protection for VIP’s, security guards, door supervisors and event risk planning.

    Red Carpet Event Security

    Our red carpet event security teams provide VIP protection and crowd control to ensure a smooth event where your guests and the public are fully protected.

    Private Event Security

    We provide private event security with uniformed and non-uniformed security personnel who can provide total coverage of your premises and event to ensure asset and personal protection.

    Event Security Case Studies

    Protecting the First Minister of Scotland  

    On the 25th of October, 2021, Scotland’s First Minster – Nicola Sturgeon, delivered a keynote speech ahead of the COP26 conference, at the University of Strathclyde. Our goal was to ensure the event ran smoothly, that all security measures were in place to prevent any security breach and to prepare security procedures in the event of any security disturbance.  
    What We Did 

    To ensure the event ran smoothly and safely we carried out two key steps.  
    Step 1 – Access Control  
    Access control was performed by our security guards, in order to verify the credentials of those entering the stage area. In addition, they conducted bag inspections for all attendees, and looked for anything inappropriate that could enter the venue. Alcohol, narcotics, guns, explosives, and anything else that may be deemed a security danger fell under this category. 
    Step 2 – Perimeter Control 

    We assigned our security guards around key areas during the presentation. They were there to ensure the safety of the speaker and the audience members in case of an emergency, and to make sure that any person going on stage was in fact a keynote speaker. In addition, our security guards were familiar with fire regulations and knew how to evacuate individuals from the venue quickly if needed. They also kept an eye on attendees for any signs of suspicious behaviour that may lead them to intervene before anything happens.  


    Titan Security has maintained a security presence during the Glastonbury festival for many years. This is a challenging and varied security role, and at times we have supplied teams of more than 20 security guards to manage security at Glastonbury. Our role at festivals includes access control, crowd monitoring, and the general safety of visitors, performers, and staff on the site.

    Titan is a leading event security provider across Somerset, and festival season is always particularly busy. Our guards are centrally managed by a 24-hour control room, and 24-hour coverage is maintained through our advanced rostering software systems.

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    River Dart Event

    Based in Totnes, Devon, the River Dart swimming event has grown in size over the years and now attracts more than 1500 swimmers. The 10km swimming event starts in Totnes and finishes in Dartmouth.

    When the organisers realised that they needed to upgrade event security, they asked us to provide Security Officers in Totnes to man the site and to ensure both swimmers and spectators were directed to the correct location. We assigned a team of SIA accredited, uniformed officers to manage security at this event which proceeds without a hitch on an annual basis.

    Art Exhibition Europe

    A client approached us regarding the opening of an art exhibition in a particularly well-known gallery. There was a set guest list of attendees, and due to the traction this event received, the client was concerned about potential security breaches, mainly from uninvited media or others who would want to cause a disturbance.

    The best approach for a situation such as this was to station our guards at the doors of the gallery, and in each room of the gallery. The guards at the doors would check identifications against the guest list, ensuring that at the first level of security, only authorized personnel would have access to the event.

    The guards throughout the gallery, on the other hand, would be the ones to keep an eye on the attendees themselves throughout the event. They would act on any disturbances and even escort guests out if there was a threat to the art or the other attendees. This level of security ensured that there would be no issues during the event, even from those in attendance.

    The event went without a hitch thanks to the presence of our guards ensuring that only invited attendees accessed the venue and that they themselves would cause no disturbances within. Our client was happy with the services.

    UK Garage Nation

    In 2017, UK Garage Nation contacted us to supply security to a sell-out event at the o2 in Bristol with over 2000 people in attendance. Our security duties at the event included access control, drug and alcohol searches, and crowd monitoring and control. We were approached as their current supplier was unable to fulfil the requirement of the event organiser and there was a risk that the event would be shut down by the council if adequate security was not in place. We contacted the local council to supply evidence of previous run events by Titan security Europe and to demonstrate the high level of insurance we have. The event was a huge success!