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    Benefits of Titan Warehouse Security

    24/7 Protection

    Warehouse sites are often secluded and vulnerable to criminal activity. Our security deterrents minimise these risks to keep you warehouse secure at all times.

    Peace of Mind

    Our teams look after your site and ensure that it is protected at all times and are able to provide rapid responses to incidents.

    Risk Reduction

    Our security teams are effective in reducing all risks including crime, theft, trespass and vandalism helping you protect your assets.

    Our Warehouse Security Guard Services

    CCTV Monitoring

    Our CCTV operators provide constant vigilance for your warehouse and can monitor and control cameras as well as providing instant response to security threats or incidents. CCTV monitoring can be provided on-site or off-site from our control room.

    Key Holding and Alarm Response

    Our key holding and alarm response services ensure you have a rapid response at all times to your property. From providing out of hours access to responding quickly to alarms or incidents our teams are available all year round to monitor your business.

    Mobile Patrols

    Our mobile patrols are perfect for large warehouses where total coverage can help prevent ingress and criminal acts. Our teams will identify key areas that need protection, patrol routes and we use real time reporting to track patrols.

    Remote Monitoring

    Our remote monitoring services provide a cost effective solution that allows for rapid response to issues as well as providing 24/7 coverage of your business without the need for on-site security personnel at all times.

    Security Guard

    Our security guard teams provide a highly visible deterrent that can provide full cover protection for your warehouse 24/7/365. Our security guard teams are all fully licensed and provide a full service that can cover CCTV, alarm response and mobile patrols.

    Security Risk Assessments

    At Titan we can provide free security risk assessments to help you identify the key areas needed for coverage and to ensure our teams and services will provide an effective deterrent for your property.

    Working with Titan Security Europe

    At Titan we work closely with you to identify the best security solutions available for your business. Our dedicated teams will work diligently to provide a top rate service that meets your security needs at a competitive price.

    All of our security personnel are fully licensed by the SIA and provided additional training where appropriate to ensure that they can meet and exceed your expectations. We provide uniformed and non-uniformed security guards for warehouses throughout the UK and Europe and all our staff will provide a courteous and effective on-site deterrent for your business.

    Contact us now to discuss your warehouse security needs, to request a free quote or a risk assessment. One of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We are available via email, by telephone at +441803 446004 or through our contact form at the top of the page.

    Our Work

    Banking Firm London

    The client, having identified a need for security, having previously not had any was based in access-controlled offices. Due to several incidents where persons in the shared office building had let non-authorised personnel in, the client felt the time had come to have a physical presence which would work as a deterrent. We advised that placing guards at the entrance to the building and developing the concierge role to encompass a signing in book was essential. We also introduced wanding whereby persons coming in building were checked for potential weapons or objects that could be used to cause harm. This type of practise is optional and some clients we work with prefer this not to happen however in government concierges we have supplied this is often mandatory. The guard has joined the team and works in tandem with reception staff for access control, providing a first point of contact for the bank’s staff and customers alike whilst keeping the site secure. Since the introduction no incidents have been reported at site and the customer has praised our guard. For further details on our services in the UK and globally in providing concierge security contact us now.


    We were approached by a client on behalf of Barclays bank to provide security guards at vulnerable banks and cash points. The officers were placed nationwide. The security officers remit included having security guards both in branch and based in their cars at cash points. Hours included both days and nights. Some of these locations were remote this is where are 24hr control room and gprs solved issues the client previously had with another company of guards not attending. This contract was during peak times in trade and acted as a deterrent to would be thieves and scammers.

    Britannia Ferries

    Working alongside Britannia Ferries out of Plymouth, Titan Security Europe provided uniformed guarding to passengers boarding and disembarking on the ferry service between Roscoff and Plymouth. The role involved ensuring both the safety of passengers going on to boat, with random searches, and customer service in directing passengers, as well as ensuring tickets were present. For those passengers coming off it was same process in reverse. The contract was during peak trading of summer time. This involved over five security guards with our on-site supervisor also supervising deployment alongside Britannia staff.