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With more than 300,000 shoplifting crimes recorded each year and over £ 800 million in goods reported missing each year, retail security and theft prevention are critical to your business’s success.

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    Titan Retail Security Benefits

    The benefits of our retail security services include:

    Peace of mind

    Having dedicated personnel able to respond quickly to security issues reassures staff and customers that they are working or shopping in a safe environment.

    Loss Prevention

    A visible security presence within your store is significantly more effective than CCTV which only records criminal events rather than preventing them.

    Customer Service

    Retail security guards act as the first point of contact for your customers and can act as greeters in addition to their roles in preventing theft and monitoring store safety.

    Handling Crime

    Our security personnel are trained in the correct ways to minimise potential thefts but also in liaising with police and other agencies.

    Why Choose Titan for your Retail Security?

    Our retail security guards operate in all sectors, including food, wholesale, C&C, clothing, leisure, and luxury retail. Our core focus is on providing front-of-house manned security guards to retail businesses looking to decrease asset loss. However, we also provide a range of tailored services, including CCTV monitoring, patrol services, and night staff. We work directly for retail outlets large and small, as well as providing indirect and ad hoc security staff to cover emergencies.

    All our security personnel are fully trained, uniformed, and vetted with the required SIA qualifications for the UK. Security staff are fully insured with public liability insurance that covers the retail market.

    At Titan, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, utilising the latest technological innovations in the security sector, as well as offering support and additional training for your retail security staff. Our internal software and training help ensure your security staff provides a professional service that minimises store losses. We can also provide security staff with mobile cameras for gathering evidence in the event of disputes.

    Tailored Retail Security Programs

    Working extensively in luxury and high-end retail, we are able to implement tailored security programmes for your business. Whether you need guards in suits or uniforms, specialist meet and greet services, personal security staff for luxury retail, or bespoke security solutions encompassing day and night staff, specialist equipment, and monitoring, Titan Security can provide the full package or tailor a cost-effective solution to suit your needs.

    We have worked closely with many high-end retailers to provide multi-site solutions featuring static security guards, branded and non-branded security vehicles, and specialist monitoring and patrol analysis.

    Our bespoke retail security solutions are designed to give you, your staff and your customers full peace of mind wherever they shop. Call Titan Security Europe now for a free quotation and find out how we can offer you more. +441803 446004 or email here to make an inquiry about our retail security solutions.

    Retail Security Case Studies

    High-end clothing store chain

    A leading international high-end clothing store approached us to provide retail security for one of their stores in the UK. They were experiencing security issues and also had concerns for the safety of their staff.

    We visited the site in question to carry out a security assessment and talk with the store managers to decide how many guards they would need and where to place them in order to give them the most efficient protection we could offer. Through our observations and conversations, we advised on three guards for this particular store: one at the door, one at the back of the store on the ground floor, and one stationed on the top floor.

    Our security was so successful and well-received that the chain asked us to cover more of their stores. We now cover multiple stores in the UK as well as in Ireland and several European locations, including the Netherlands and France.

    For each store, we adapted our services and guards to fit their specific requirements, as there were some sites that needed more guards than others, and each store had its own approach to issues such as uniforms, with some requesting their guards in full suits, whereas others asked for them to be more casual. For each specific requirement, we made sure our guards conformed to the exact needs of the store. We now successfully maintain an ever-expanding and positive, ongoing relationship with this client.

    Retail Security for Multiple Stores

    We were approached by a client on behalf of a major maintenance firm that provided services for multiple stores across multiple sectors for security purposes. The client requested that guards be stationed in stores overnight when maintenance, cleaning, or window dressing was taking place overnight.

    The stores ranged from major phone companies to high-end clothing stores, and we were asked to cover this wide variety with our retail security guards. At the request of the client, we have been regularly providing static guards for overnight duties, and have been able to provide guards at as little as an hour’s notice should the client need emergency cover.

    The client is delighted with the service we provide, and we have developed a fantastic working relationship. We now guard sites across the UK and Europe, and we are expecting to guard even more moving forward.

    Retail Security CCTV Monitoring

    A UK clothing brand reached out to us over shoplifting concerns that they had after a number of incidents in one store that had led to a loss of a good deal of stock.

    We offered to place our retail security guards on-site, but the client requested something a little less overt as they did not want to take a confrontational approach in the event that it might deter some potential customers.

    Eventually, we settled on a CCTV monitoring solution. With the CCTV feed going to our central control room, we could provide instant alerts on a 24/7 basis as an addition to referring to footage to gather evidence after a theft had occurred.

    We were then able to alert the store manager to suspicious activity as well as warn if known offenders were present in the store. The store manager would then be aware, and able to pass information to shop floor staff to increase vigilance.

    With this, we helped the store to reduce shoplifting and other security concerns.

    Retail Security Guard Services throughout Europe and the UK.

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