Some studies suggest that in certain circumstances, one security dog teamed with a trained security guard who is also a dog handler is just as effective as three individual security guards.

On many occasions, we have deployed our highly trained and experienced teams of security guard dogs, and dog handlers as either the most effective solution to a particular security concern, or in some cases, the least expensive option for our clients.

In any initial security audit, we will always work with our clients to produce a strategic security solution that works best for the circumstances. If providing canine security is the optimum solution, we have the resources, the personnel, and the highly-trained security dogs to carry out the task at hand.

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    Benefits of Guard Dogs in Security Services

    Superior Sensory Capabilities:

    A security dog has highly developed senses. With a sense of smell thought to be up to 10,000 times as powerful as that of a human, far superior night and mobility vision capabilities, and hearing that is estimated to be 4 times more sensitive than ours, a dog is superbly equipped for guarding duties.

    Visual and Audible Deterrent:

    The fact that a dog presents a possible physical threat to a potential intruder, plus the fact that a dog will give off a very loud audible warning in the form of barking, is a highly effective deterrent to prevent criminals from even attempting to gain access to land or premises where a guard dog is present.

    Situations Suited for Use of Guard Dogs


    We use guard dogs with specialist training as detector dogs. This may be to detect the presence of drugs, explosives, or any other form of security threat depending on the situation

    Night time Security:

    Our security dogs with their enhanced senses are particularly useful at night. Unusual noises or movements are detected quickly and the security guard alerted. Our security dogs are intelligent and reliable enough to evaluate situations and proceed to the warning stage almost immediately

    Patrolling in crowded or high-crime areas:

    In crowded situations that might prove to be inflammatory with the potential to escalate, the added calming influence of a security dog is often an important control factor

    Large sites:

    Where the full perimeter needs to be covered and a security dog is the most efficient way to do it. A dog can cover a lot of ground in a short time and with its enhanced senses, is able to detect potential intruders from a distance and respond quickly

    Private Estates:

    Our dog patrols guard private property against, unwanted attention from potential intruders. They provide a very effective visual and audible deterrent to anyone considering entry. The likelihood is that a criminal will move on and seek an easier target.

    Our Dog Handler & Security Services Team

    At Titan Security, all of our security staff are first and foremost, fully accredited and licensed by the SIA to carry out frontline security duties. Our dog handlers receive additional training to gain accreditation to NASDU Level 2 General Purpose Dog Handler as a minimum. Many of our staff come from a military or service background where they have received extensive and relevant training and experience

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    Our Work

    Car Hire Company

    Titan Security was approached by a national car hire company that had purchased multiple sites across the UK. We were contracted to provide manned guarding and security cover while the sites were being prepared for incoming tenants.

    High-value vehicles, tools, and equipment were unmanned and vulnerable for a period of time until our client and their tenants were able to introduce full teams of staff. The presence of Titan Security to watch over these sites meant that potential criminals were deterred and no loss, theft, or vandalism was experienced.

    Convoy of High-Value Goods

    It is no secret that a 44 tonne Heavy Goods Vehicle can carry a serious amount of cargo. And when those goods are high-value, it is quite possible for the value of a single cargo to be in excess of millions of pounds.

    And this was the case when an international haulier commissioned Titan Security to provide transport security for a convoy of high-value goods. Our brief was to safeguard the loading of the vehicles at the warehouse, provide an escort to the convoy on route to the destination and then oversee the unloading of the cargo into secure premises.

    Initially, Titan security guards were present at the loading site to provide a security presence with oversight of the loading process.

    Our security teams were then deployed in a series of discrete unmarked vehicles, centrally managed and monitored from our own control room. We used GPRS position tracking and the latest in state-of-the-art communications technology to monitor the convoy at all times. The multi-million-pound cargo was delivered safely to the destination without incident, where it was unloaded into secure storage under the constant attention of our security personnel.

    Global Car Brand Event Security

    The motor industry takes every opportunity to showcase its latest models, futuristic concept cars, and a whole range of high-value motoring accessories to an enthusiastic public who flock to these events. Held in huge arenas across the world they attract thousands of visitors every day. They also require a special kind of security to keep these multi-million pound displays safe and secure.

    Titan Security was entrusted with providing security to a series of global car events in some major cities around the world.

    We supplied teams of highly trained security personnel to provide access control and monitoring duties. Our brief was first to make sure that unauthorised visitors were refused entry, while authorised visitors were kept safe and observed any access restrictions in place. Secondly, we made sure the cars on display were kept safe and secure and at the end of the event, left the arena in the same condition they entered it in.

    Our teams of security guards were in place around the clock to maintain a vigilant watch over the vehicles both during the day when the arenas were crowded, and also at night after the crowds had gone home.