Are you considering setting up a security business? Starting a business of any type is a daunting prospect. This is particularly relevant in the security industry where over the last 2 decades, the security industry regulatory authorities have adopted a much tighter approach and where having the right licenses and accreditation has become obligatory. With … Continued

How to Improve Physical Security in a Company Why is security important for companies? Making an investment in physical security for any company is not just a matter of law but also about protecting vital assets. Without a doubt, the most important assets any company possesses are its staff. The danger of physical harm to … Continued

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How to Keep a Construction Site Secure By its very nature, a construction site inevitably becomes a store for valuable tools, machinery and materials. The larger the site, the more this becomes an issue due to the physical area that needs to be secured and the complexity of guarding it. But in truth, loss by … Continued

For many years intruder alarms have been used in the private residential as well as commercial and industrial sectors to indicate that there is some sort of security breach when they are triggered. Alarms come in many forms and have developed over the years, making particular advances as the internet and internet speeds developed exponentially … Continued

Titan Security Europe has been supplying high-quality, professional security services throughout the UK and across Europe for over 3 decades. We provide security guards and a full range of security services for the industrial, retail, commerce and leisure sectors. During that time we have built a reputation based on professionalism, integrity and our ability to … Continued

Residential Security Guarding At Titan Security Europe we have been supplying top-class security services for over 3 decades. Our name is trusted throughout the UK and across Europe for providing tailored and cost-effective security monitoring and preventative measures to industrial and commercial clients as well as residential security for private residences and large estates. In … Continued

Concierge Security Guarding What is Concierge Security Guarding? Concierge security guarding is an employee of the location they work such as a hotel, apartment, resort, home, or building. They are workers of the building they guard for the people. This means, they are there to protect not only the building from issues, but also keep … Continued

Licensing in Finland for Finnish guarding services. Permit security services can be carried out by any natural or legal person or entity. This is refered to in Finnish law Article 1 (1) or (2) on the law of right to conduct business transactions (122/1919) whom has correctly obtained a license within country to serve security … Continued

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Titan Security Europe provides 24 hour guarding throughout Europe in all many sectors including personal protection, events, building security, schools and universities, private, retail, hospitals and many more. We work closely with our clients to make sure the specifics of each individual contract are met and invest constantly in training of our guards with their professionalism, … Continued

Cnaps French Authority licensing for guarding. The French equivalent to SIA authority in the UK is an internationally recognized accreditation. The security sector in France much like in Uk is dogged with high turnover of staff and in some parts low skilled workers. Difficulty to recruit within this sector of the security industry in France … Continued

Security guarding agency services in Europe offering varying types of guarding. Airport Security Guarding Airport security services if you are looking on ways and solutions to support in the control of passengers, cargo or related services to airports, are skilled and experienced operatives across Uk and Europe can assist. Offering first class airport security guarding … Continued

Night surveillance Night surveillance is one of the specialties of a global versatile security company.  Titan Security Europe a Uk and European based security company can help. Companies, yards, goods or buildings, you can trust us with all kinds of valuable properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because every security guard has … Continued

As a professional security service based in Uk and Europe , we are available to both private and commercial customers for security tasks .  Our activities include individual security measures and services as well as advice on the appropriate security concept for a company, organization or event. Certified security service for your security needs. Efficient and proactive … Continued

From party to fair, from film set to park, from main station to company premises. Professional private security companies like that of Titan Security Europe  are needed everywhere globally. Our experienced teams can be hired for security guarding in office buildings and production facilities as well as for the protection of private property and the protection … Continued

Professional security in Services for events and department stores Event security and professional guarding security services are no coincidence! Through decades of experience, we analyze, plan and implement the security-relevant measures professionally for major events and smaller events. The personal protection for stars, as well as persons from politics and economy is ensured discretely and motivated … Continued

Whether your on a business trip or a well deserved vacation abroad or at home. To avoid having to sleep in car or even staying up all night many will take advantage of the convenience of a hotel. With lobbies some having stores and also restaurants on site they are now part of high traffic … Continued

What is Static Security? Static Security Overview of Static Security Static Security is a general term which covers a wide range of security services. It involves services on access points, guarding of equipment or valuables, loss prevention, crowd control, and event security. While the word static means to stay in one place and not move, … Continued

Concierge Guarding that is Service customer facing led. Titan Security Europe have been operating in the Luxury concierge security market for some time. We supply to Local governments worldwide with Concierge services as well as front of house reception services for businesses and Hotels. A smart professional approach by our guards and polite manor with … Continued

What is Static Security? When thinking of the need for manned guarding often people will refer to this as static guarding. Unlike title it is anything but static. Static guarding will often be security guarding at building sites or sites that have some level of requirement for a physical security presence. Other examples of a … Continued

Trained and Sia Accredited Security Guards for for all Industrys Security Guard there requirements and Training and Certification Titan Security Europe provides only the very best, high-level development and knowledge to our security guards. This includes variety of interactive role play, type tests, various scenario discussions, presentations, and accurate  training videos. We won’t just hire … Continued

It is no secret in retail that the biggest losses are caused by human activity – whether from shoplifting or internal theft. At Titan Security we provide extensive retail loss prevention services to help companies reduce their asset lost. Today though we wanted to share with you a complete guide of all the solutions available … Continued

Security Guards in Leeds, United Kingdom. 7 thing to look for when hiring a security company in Leeds Qualified security services is not something that every security firm offers. Well, they will publicize themselves as being ‘experienced’ although they will be correct by definition. But just because they have uniformed guards and paying salaries does … Continued

What we do and how we do it in Security industry About Titan Security Europe With more than 30 years of experience in the security industry, we are proud to indicate that Titan Security Europe is the number one provider of security services in the South West. However, our coverage does not end there. We … Continued

Security and safety for the lives and properties in your establishment Things a Security company in Wales can do Whether you own a small business set up or a big-time business firm or even a private property in Wales, there is the need to have a Security Company Wales provide Security and safety for the … Continued

Construction and Retail in Paisley. How to identify a reputable security company in Paisley Given the number of homes, houses, buildings, offices, businesses, and properties in paisley, there is an increase in the number of establishments that require a form of protection, safety, and security. Businesses and property owners now need a reliable and reputable … Continued

Security Guarding and benefits of this in Glasgow, Scotland Merits of hiring a security company in Glasgow Several times, homeowners, property owners, businesses and companies in Glasgow are faced with the one security issue, threat or the other, some may ignore it, while others might take laws into their own hands by relying only on … Continued

Titan Security Europe operating as a Cardiff Security Agency. Titan Security Europe in Cardiff. Titan security Europe is a security company in Cardiff with a tremendous reputation. It is a trusted security company that provides services throughout the entire United Kingdom just like any other respected security company in Cardiff. It has been in operation … Continued

East Kilbride Security Company Security Company East Kilbride offers security services throughout the UK. We work closely with the police to provide cost-effective crime prevention measures, using the latest technologies to monitor patrols and any other activities throughout the United Kingdom. The use of real-time security patrol system software enables us to allocate and supervise … Continued

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