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If you stay in hotels regularly, you’ve likely encountered a concierge before. These are the front of house staff who man a reception desk and help with directions, restaurant recommendations, and anything else you might need during your stay. What you might not know is that in many cases, concierges are also highly trained security guards with full responsibility for guest security in hotels. We call this hotel concierge security guarding

Hotel concierges are the go-to people for hotel guests. They are responsible for many guest requirements, including giving directions, making recommendations, managing valet parking, luggage storage, room service, local tours, etc.

Every concierge has their own black book of contacts to meet the varying needs of their guests. If you need a table at a top restaurant, tickets to the theatre or VIP entry into a local nightclub, the concierge is the person to talk to.

Here at Titan Security, we believe that this front-facing role provides the perfect opportunity to develop an additional responsibility for overseeing hotel security procedures that works perfectly alongside other concierge duties.

Integrating security into the hotel concierge role

When you combine the reassurance of security over-watch provided by an expert security guard with the customer service orientation of a concierge, the result is the ultimate professional that immediately becomes a key member of your staff team.

A hotel concierge is expected to be knowledgeable about hotel security standards and hotel security protocols. They must be able to spot potential security threats and take necessary measures to prevent them from occurring. The concierge becomes the first line of defence against crime in hotels and plays a vital role in implementing hotel security measures aimed at keeping staff and guests safe.

Alongside managing all aspects of guest security in hotels they might also coordinate a general emergency response; dealing with medical emergencies, fire evacuations, terrorist threats and any other incidents that crop up. It’s an incredibly responsible position by any standards.

Here at Titan Security Europe we have been responsible for developing this hybrid role. With our security guard training already recognised as among the best in Europe, introducing concierge modules to produce the ultimate professional for duties in UK hotels and across Europe has been a natural progression.

Our concierge security personnel are trained to deal with all sorts of emergencies. In addition to being a physical presence, they act as eyes and ears for the hotel; liaising with hotel staff teams and alerting them to any suspicious activity. While concierge security guards are not armed, they are still a formidable force. Their training and experience give them the tools they need to diffuse tense situations and protect guests from harm.

Summarising the Role of the Hotel Concierge Security Guard

With such a complex and varied role it is plain to see that the job requires a special person. Here is a summary of some important aspects of the work broken down into concierge and security functions.

Guest welcoming and assistanceID Checking
Managing mail, luggage and deliveries.Hand wand security scanning
Admin, night desk and reception dutiesSecurity CCTV monitoring
Managing guest/customer complaints.Emergency Response to a range of incidents
Liaison with staff teamsManaging security patrols and security checks
Car parking and valet service oversightManagement of key-card and access systems
Arranging transport and excursionsLiaising with statutory services

Understanding the Hotel Concierge Security Guard Role

As a hotel guest, you may not give much thought to the concierge security guards who staff the concierge reception desk. But these professionals play an important role in keeping guests and their belongings safe.

Concierge security guards work in shifts that vary depending on the hotel’s needs. The typical shift is eight hours long, but it can be longer if overtime working is needed to perform the duties. Concierge and security are a 24/7 concern that requires a permanent shift rotation for day and night cover.

As well as providing the advice and assistance that enhances the guest experience, they are in charge of coordinating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for guests and employees. They are expected to be knowledgeable about all the security protocols relevant to the hotel. They must be able to spot potential security threats and take necessary measures to prevent them from occurring.

The Benefits of Contracting Out Hotel Security

Our personnel are contracted out meaning that ultimately they work for us. This provides several advantages for our clients.

  • We undertake all recruitment, background checking and high-level training
  • An appointed liaison officer will work with the hotel to understand site-specific needs and prepare induction and training modules related to hotel protocols and procedures
  • We schedule, support and supervise concierge security services so that our clients can be reassured that highly trained and reliable personnel are on site at all times
  • Hotel supervisory and management resources can be directed to other important areas of running a successful hotel
  • Many of our clients report increased levels of hotel security along with lower costs than self-managed security

.Here’s a look at the main qualities they need to provide a helpful and yet secure environment for everyone at the hotel.

Three Qualities of a Top Hotel Concierge Security Guard

1. High-Level Communication

Hotel concierge security is a key component of hotel security. Hotel concierges are often the first people that guests see when they arrive at the hotel. That’s why it is important for them to be friendly and welcoming so that guests feel welcome and comfortable.

They also need to be vigilant about who is coming in and out of the building, especially if they are carrying luggage or packages. Responsibilities might include checking identification, conducting baggage checks and metal detector scans. By doing so, any potential threats or unauthorised persons are prevented from entering the hotel.

This requires the type of interpersonal and communication skills that stop these necessary security checks from making visitors and guest feel like their privacy and personal space has been invaded. A combination of friendliness and authority is a difficult balance to find.

2. Calm Under Pressure

Security is one of the most important roles of a hotel concierge. They are responsible for keeping an eye on suspicious activity and keeping guests safe. But in some cases, the security concierge may also be called upon to give first aid, conduct emergency evacuations and funnel communications as a primary liaison between the hotel and the statutory services.

Hotel concierge security guards may also be responsible for maintaining order on the premises by enforcing rules and regulations. Dealing with unruly or abusive visitors and guests requires self-restraint and the ability to resolve tense situations before they escalate.

A security concierge needs to be confident, calm and authoritative under pressure. Dealing with all types of situations that may arise quickly and efficiently is a result of effective training combined with a level-headed personality.

3. Digital Literacy

Manning CCTV monitoring stations, running digital switchboards, writing reports and keeping digital records are important aspects of hotel security and concierge duties. The concierge security guard needs to be able to hand over night duty to daytime staff with clear and concise reporting.

Hotel security procedure reviews may well be based on literate, well-presented reports produced by a security concierge. Our recruitment and training processes ensure that our personnel have the skills that prepare them to integrate into your hotel with the minimum of site-specific training.

The 4 Main Hotel Security Issues

1. Theft by Guests

Every good hotel understands the importance of providing a range of guest amenities in the hotel rooms to make their stay comfortable and memorable. The importance of positive guest reviews on review sites like TripAdvisor are immeasurable and hotels that do not provide these type of amenities are sure to get noticed.

Items like slippers, towels and bathrobes are basic items that are often provided in guest rooms and yet replacing them is a significant ongoing expense if they are stolen. Some people might look on this as collecting a souvenir rather than committing a crime.

Many hotels have reported a worrying increase in the theft of more expensive items like televisions, artwork and ornaments from public areas.

2. Theft By Employees

A hotel is a fast moving environment with staff teams assigned to different aspects of keeping things running. From the chamber staff through to porters and catering teams, many opportunities and temptations are likely to occur.

Whether it’s helping themselves to a little “treat” from supplies or the very serious issue of staff stealing from guests, once you have a thief embedded in your staff teams it’s a problem that can only escalate the longer it goes undiscovered.

3. Theft by Unauthorised Entry

Keeping a check on who is entering a hotel is a difficult task. It’s something made even more difficult if the hotel has venues like bars and restaurants that are open to the general public. Having the right layout and monitoring systems combined with a nominated person to check that anyone entering the hotel is authorised to do so becomes increasingly important for overall security.

How to do this adequately is an age-old problem faced by hotels across the globe. Strictly controlled entry systems both within the main entrances and as they relate to key and key-card control is something that is normally orchestrated by the concierge security guard as part of their responsibility for hotel security measures.

CCTV monitoring both inside and outside the building helps with early intervention. It is not unknown for criminals to climb the outside of the building to gain access through open balcony doors.

4. Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour covers a lot of ground. From verbal and physical abuse and drunkenness through to sexual assault, hotels are not immune.

When confronted with the fact that over 1,100 reviews cited sexual assault, TripAdvisor spokesman Brian Hoyt said “One incident is horrible — 1,100 is horrific. Since then TripAdvisor have introduced a flagging policy that allows searchers to flag and filter establishments where a reviewer has reported a sexual assault.

A hotel strives to be a relaxed and welcoming place so when a drunk or angry person makes a scene, responding quickly and effectively helps minimise the negative effects and damage to the reputation.

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