Concierge Security Guarding

What is Concierge Security Guarding?

Concierge security guarding is an employee of the location they work such as a hotel, apartment, resort, home, or building. They are workers of the building they guard for the people. This means, they are there to protect not only the building from issues, but also keep residents safe and informed.

Location of Concierge Security Guarding

The role of a concierge guard is different in every place. They can be located in hotels, homes, apartment buildings, corporate buildings, hospitals and resorts for example. Because these locations vary so much the roles of the guards also can change and vary greatly. The best way to know about certain services that will be best for your location, with your ideas and needs in mind, is to contact a trusted security provider and raise your questions and concerns.

Duties of Concierge Security Guarding Based off Location

In a hotel or resort, concierge guards will be welcoming guests, answering initial queries and be a friendly face. These guards are well conversed with people, are extroverts, and know about the logistics of the hotel or resort.

In a residential area, the concierge guard offers personalized services to tenants which helps in forming a close relationship with the people around. The offer security and building access as they are the first point of contact when entering and enforcing rules in the building. In this role, they should also be extroverts. Because a concierge guard mans a building, they also offer security services by making sure there is no suspicious activity and to react when such occurs. Concierge guards can act as the middleman between management and residents as well.

Concierge guards might also handle packages, making sure oversized ones are given to residents and hotel staff as well with a record of time of delivery.

In some cases of personal concierge of a home, the guard might be expected to help drive, run personal errands, or be a secretary

In hospitals, concierge services are becoming more and more popular. Services are similar to hotel concierge, but they can also serve patients and employees.

Training of Concierge Security Guarding

Concierge guards are trained on basic first aid and are able to handle emergency situations as they arise. If there is a fire in the building, they direct guests and residents to secure area and call emergency services for help. They are also able to give first aid to those in need and deescalate situations if an intrusion occurs.


Concierge security guard is a wide and vast area. The areas of concierge security guarding can be adapted to fit the needs of the customer and those who face interaction with this type of guard. This guard is a guard for people and should be a people person who is flexible and gains trust through interactions with people. As this guard’s main goal is to work with others, they are the main face of its location.

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