In this post, we are taking a look at a very important front of house hybrid security role that we have developed for our customers. Concierge Security Guards provide our clients with the best of both worlds. A highly trained security guard with additional training in the essential front of house customer assistance duties performed by a normal concierge.

The term concierge embraces many different aspects of a very important role. They can be found in hotels, office and residential buildings, in business and retail centres and in public buildings like town halls. The responsibilities adapt according to the environment but in every case, attaching extra responsibilities for security is a serious enhancement of responsibilities.

Security Specialist

Concierge Security Guards supplied by Titan Security are first and foremost security specialists licensed by the UK Security Industry Association (SIA). This means that the officer has received a full package of training and satisfied assessors that they are of the right character and level of qualification to perform customer-facing full contact security duties. One added fundamental requirement for an SIA badge-holder is that they are trained first aider. 

Customer Service

The Security Concierge role is a high-visibility front-facing role. One of the main security concierge duties is to be circulating among visitors, patrons, and employees not just to protect property and preserve order but to offer customer assistance as well. To customers and clients, the security aspects may not always be apparent as this would normally be a plainclothes role. In many circumstances, there are certainly some advantages to taking the role out of uniform not least of which is that the security concierge is likely to be seen as more approachable.

So let’s take a closer look at the additional functions that taking on a Titan Security Concierge Security Guard can bring to the table.


1. Security

  • General Security: Monitoring premises to prevent safety hazards, deter any sort of theft or violence, and deal swiftly with infractions of the rules of an establishment as they arise. The Concierge is often assigned the responsibility of monitoring CCTV feeds and security alarms.
  • Security Screening: To effectively carry out the security functions of the role the Concierge Security Guard must be a model of tact and diplomacy. Security screening of visitors and guests might include hand-wanding for detection of weapons and other dangerous objects or physical pat-downs of guests searching for anything hidden on the person. It might also include searching guest baggage and personal contents. Being able to carry out these duties calmly and without causing offence or upset is a particular skill that only comes with experience and training.
  • Keyholding: The concierge is often the key-holder, particularly in residential buildings, This makes screening for unauthorised entry much easier. Monitoring and authorising entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons in commercial premises maintain the security and safety of the premises and helps guard against opportunistic theft.

2. Emergency Situations

If an emergency crops up it is reassuring to have a person in place that knows exactly how to manage it, what to do and who to contact. A concierge is often the nominated point of contact for the emergency services and will be responsible for coordinating the emergency response.

Our concierge security guards are trained to respond to emergencies and to liaise with all statutory services to resolve such emergencies. Our staff have been confronted and successfully dealt with every type of emergency:

  • Fires
  • Evacuations
  • Chemical Spills
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Bomb Threats and Explosions
  • Public Disturbances
  • Alarm Triggers

3. Customer Service

A top-flight concierge will have the equivalent of a black book of contacts. Whatever the customer needs the concierge will provide. Whether it is a limousine or a taxi, tickets to the theatre or a table at the finest restaurants and nightclubs in the area, a good concierge will be a mine of information.

They have the interpersonal communication skills and the networks to open doors that few others can. The word no is not in their vocabulary. Our concierge security staff will improve your guest or visitor experience while maintaining oversight of your security at the same time.


  • Maintain oversight of the security of the premises and liaise with other security personnel and statutory law enforcement.
  • Manage entry and exit to the premises to prevent unauthorised access. May include security screening and searches.
  • Answer telephone calls to take messages, answer questions, and provide information during out of hours when the main switchboard could be closed.
  • Keep records and write reports of daily activities and in particular irregularities and emergencies that have been dealt with. Logging actions taken and the outcomes.
  • Provide high-level customer service following the established standards and expectations of the establishment.


So just what is it that makes this role such an important part of both the security of an establishment as well as the customer experience? Here at Titan Security Europe, we believe it is down to exceptional recruitment practices, high levels of training and the calibre of the person appointed to the role.

These are the main attributes we look for when appointing a candidate to the position of Concierge Security Guard:

  • Excellent Communication Skills: Our personnel are appointed after a rigorous vetting and screening process. One of the key things we are looking for is a person who communicates well under all circumstances. Whether it is providing advice and assistance to visitors and guests, coordinating an emergency response or dealing with anti-social or criminal behaviour our staff are required to demonstrate an ability to work with others and interact appropriately. Our concierge security guards adapt their approach according to the circumstances; open and friendly when needed but able to switch to firm and authoritative as the situation dictates. Communication is not just about what is said, it is also about body language and demeanour and this is all part of the training that our staff receive.
  • Calm Under Pressure: The ability to think clearly and take the right actions during periods of high stress or crisis is always going to achieve the best outcomes. Our staff remain alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. This gives them the advantage of being able to react quickly and intervene at an early stage to deal with a drama before it becomes a crisis.
  • Non-Judgemental: Our teams are taught how to recognise and put aside preconceived notions or moral prejudices to treat everyone fairly and with empathy and respect. Everybody deserves equal consideration regardless of race, religion, colour, nationality, gender, or gender identity.
  • Digital Literacy: Our concierges have the computer skills and digital literacy to run CCTV monitoring systems, internal switchboard systems and keep computerised records, as well as settle into the requirements of computerised administration systems with the minimum of site-specific training. Their reports will be well written, clear, and focused on the essential details that matter; highlighting the issues that may affect the management of your premises in the knowledge that your managers and supervisors may make decisions based on them.


Providing concierge security for hotels is one of our most frequently requested services. With hotels all across Europe benefiting from our professional input, we are one of the leading European security companies. Our reputation has been built on over three decades in the business. Successful partnerships have been built based on the fact that we understand the sensitive balance between customer assistance and maintaining security.


Concierge security guards in residential buildings offer a dual role in providing a helpful front of house experience alongside the security. From CCTV monitoring and security patrols to accepting packages and deliveries and providing a key holding service to residents, our concierge security staff are a stable and reassuring presence in the foyers of apartment blocks and residential gated communities in the UK and right across Europe.


Large office buildings housing multiple companies often form a management committee to take care of the main decisions regarding the running of the building. Contracting out the security functions to a company like Titan Security is often seen as the most straightforward way of managing the security interests of a diverse range of companies within a single building.

A combined security and concierge specialist is a great way of taking oversight of the front of house needs in an office building. Screening to permit authorised entry is much less intimidating when a concierge security guard can also provide advice and guidance for getting around the building as well as practical assistance as needed.


If you are considering taking on a security contractor for any aspect of your security you will naturally want to appoint the best. What can Titan Security offer that makes us stand out from the crowd?

  1. Over 3 decades operating in key areas across Europe and throughout the UK
  2. Fully vetted, background checked and highly trained security personnel
  3. Free consultations and assessments to provide bespoke security services targetted to your needs
  4. Proven reliability and professionalism backed by an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients
  5. The backup and resources you would expect from an international security contractor

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