Static Security and Your Crime Prevention Strategy

Standing and static security guards form a valuable and effective part of the crime prevention and security strategy for many businesses large and small. Since there are so many choices, it’s not easy to find the right static security guard for your needs.

Many businesses wisely decide to take the route of handing over their static security provisions to a professional security company like Titan Security. We carefully choose highly trained men and women to provide our static security services. Many of them are former military or police officers, so they know what they need to do to help protect your business, assets, and property.

When you hire an agency to handle your static security requirements, you’ll gain access to their experience, knowledge, and qualified personnel, who can serve your company well by safeguarding your people and assets.

In this blog post from Titan, we are going to discuss:

  • What is static security?
  • The benefits of static security guards
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Typical environments that suit static security guarding
  • Static guarding services supplied by Titan and why they are highly regarded throughout the UK and Europe

What is static security?

“Static security” is a broad term used in the fields of safety and crime prevention. It is often defined as a combination of “prevention” and “protection.” Different from mobile patrolling and rapid response security services, static security guards are on the scene constantly, either during designated hours or around the clock, ready to respond immediately to any situation that may arise.

When we refer to static security guards, we are not necessarily talking about stationary guards who remain in one spot throughout their duty (although in certain circumstances to be discussed further on, this may be true).

Static guards are normally responsible for patrolling premises and monitoring activity within them, so in that context, they are mobile but only within a designated area. They report any unusual activity or occurrences to their supervisors or company representatives and may also act as first responders should an emergency or security breach happen that requires their attention.

7 ways a static security guard can benefit a business

The use of static security guards has increased over the past few years due to their affordability and effectiveness in preventing crime.

Increasingly businesses and organisations are seeing static security as a value-added service and investing in static security teams. A business needs solid protection at all times, whether open or closed, day or night. The static security model has been demonstrated to be cost-effective as a loss prevention strategy.

Static security guards offer an invaluable service in preventing crime, cutting crime-related costs and disruption, reducing insurance premiums and making staff and customers feel safe and reassured around your premises.

Here are some of the main ways that they can benefit a business.

1. Visible Deterrent

The visual deterrence that static security provides is its main benefit. By adding a static guard to your physical security measures, you can deter burglars and other criminals, especially if they know how to get around alarms and cameras

2. Cost Savings

Static guarding is a cost-effective security boost that reduces the likelihood of businesses losing a small fortune in the aftermath of a major crime. They also help prevent the slow drain to a business’s bottom line when petty theft by staff and customers can be the cause of smaller but more constant losses.

While acting as a deterrent in this way they help you to avoid costly repairs, limit asset losses, boost your business brand and maintain a good reputation within the community.

3. Access Control

One of the main benefits of static guarding is that it can provide added security at all times. A static guard will monitor and check for unauthorised access in a busy environment where many people are coming and going. By checking authorisation and logging entry and exit, the guard becomes the single point of contact, knowing who is in your building and why they are there at all times.

4. Crime Prevention

Well-trained and experienced static guards know what to look out for when it comes to suspicious behaviour. Over time, they develop what might be considered a sixth sense. In reality, they become good at reading body language and facial expressions. In high-risk publicly accessible locations where theft or damage is likely, it means you have someone on site who could spot suspicious activity and prevent it from developing into an actual crime.

5. Customer Service and Reassurance

Static security guards provide customers with peace of mind when they visit your premises by offering them the reassurance of an additional layer of protection from crime and anti-social behaviour. Staff will also consider them a reassuring presence knowing that they are keeping the workplace safe at all times.

Static security guards are also an effective customer service asset. As the first point of contact for visitors and staff, they provide a reassuring welcome plus advice and guidance for people seeking directions or information.

6. Responding to Emergencies

Security guards receive training in responding to all sorts of emergencies. They will be able to assist in emergency situations such as rapid response in case of fire alarm, liaising with the statutory authorities and using their training in first aid and CPR whenever accidents or medical emergencies crop up on-site.

A professional security guard will assume a central role in the event of an emergency. This means that if there is ever an incident, accident or medical emergency, they will be able to respond immediately and ensure that everything is under control before calling for backup if necessary.

7. Reducing Environmental Impact

Alongside security inspections of windows, doors and emergency exits, your security guard will save on costs and reduce your environmental impact simply by making sure that doors and windows are closed and lights turned off in empty rooms and offices; meaning that your energy costs for heating and cooling are not being vented straight outside.

Static security guard services throughout Europe and the UK.

“Never let your guard down with crime prevention, and make sure you have a proactive and preventative plan in place when it comes to your business. Static security provides valuable support in ensuring that your employees, assets, and property stay safe.”

Matthew Watson – Titan Security

The static security guard role

Static security guards are sometimes referred to as “fixed post” or “fixed patrol.” They are most effective at preventing crime when placed in high-traffic areas where there is easy visibility from a distance and where they are easily visible. Guards can also be stationed in areas where unauthorised access or criminal activity is most likely to occur, such as entrances, exits, elevators, and stairwells.

With such a wide-ranging scope of duties, it is clear that a static guard should be a highly trained professional. They might find that during an average day on duty they are called on for:

  • Directing traffic
  • Manning barrier and gates
  • Monitoring the premises for suspicious activity
  • Patrolling the grounds of the property
  • Checking visitor identification and making baggage checks
  • Escorting visitors or employees into secured areas of the building
  • Assisting customers in need of guidance or directions
  • Keeping records and making reports of any incidents that occur during duty
  • Monitoring CCTV feeds

Static security guarding sectors

Make no mistake, a static security guard will provide a considerable boost to your security measures in just about any situation. Here are some of the key sectors where static security is considered an important factor:

Construction site security

Static guards can be used during the construction process to protect the materials and equipment on site. They can also be used during and after construction has been completed to prevent theft and vandalism. A vandal with a spray can and a few minutes on an empty building site can do a lot of damage and cost your business a small fortune.

Static guards will also protect valuable equipment and materials during construction projects during times when the site would otherwise be left unoccupied,

Find out more about construction site security

Hotel and leisure industry security

Hotels have several different types of static guards that may be needed for different situations. These include doormen that perform a meet-and-greet role, combined concierge and security staff that act as front desk agents, and uniformed security guards that patrol the premises and the grounds.

Read more about concierge security services

Within the leisure industry, the classic doorman or woman is another form of static guard. Today with higher standards right across the industry, they are highly trained individuals with the interpersonal skills that enable them to control access to premises, deal with incidents that occur and keep customers and staff safe by employing tact and diplomacy rather than moving straight to force and restraint.

Retail shop/shopping centre security

The retail industry employs static guards in many different capacities depending on the type of store being staffed. Alongside burglary and shoplifting, theft by staff is a key area of concern. Statistics show that theft by staff may even be the largest source of stock slippage.

Static security guards are ideal for retail shops or shopping centres where there is a high footfall of customers. This includes supermarkets, department stores, clothing stores, jewellery stores and more! From personnel in plain clothes to fully unformed guards and mystery shoppers, there are many opportunities to use static guards to boost retail security and monitor staff behaviour.

Go to our retail security service page for more details

Banking and the finance industry

Large sums of cash are always a tempting target. In most cases, this will not be an opportunist crime but a highly planned operation by organised criminal gangs. Static guards will cover doorways and entrances as well as keep a watch over tills and ATMs. They will supervise the movement of cash from tills to secure storage or armoured vehicle pickup points and patrol all points of entry looking for suspicious behaviour.

Industry and commerce

In a busy factory or warehouse, goods enter and leave the premises frequently. Often in a layered security approach, the first line is to know who is entering and leaving at all times. Static guards are used alongside perimeter security to man barriers and gates checking that all movement in and out is authorised.

When entry and exit cannot be funnelled through a checkpoint, static security might be put in place internally in reception areas, warehouse loading bays, and key entrance points.

What to look for in a static security guarding company

A well-established companyAt Titan Security, we have been providing static security to businesses, governments and private individuals for more than 3 decades
Provable experience in your sectorWe work across all sectors and have provided security for political conferences, government embassies, industry, commerce and the retail sector. Get in touch to learn more about specific projects or browse our service pages and read the case studies there.
Highly trained and reliable workforceAt Titan, we place a lot of emphasis on recruiting and training the right personnel for the job. We often use our contacts to recruit ex-military and service personnel backing up their substantial experience with job-specific training.

We use rostering, monitoring software, and central control rooms to ensure that your security cover is always in place and backed up whenever necessary.
High levels of communicationWe provide free security audits and maintain consistent communication with our clients. Tailoring our services to meet your needs, you will never pay for unwanted extras and never be left in the dark about what we are doing and why we are doing it

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