Titan Security are a leading security company with one of our areas of specialisation being vacant property protection. By protecting valuable assets from theft, vandalism and squatting our manned and remote security services are able to provide you with peace of mind and protection.

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Vacant Property Risks


From building materials to contents vacant properties are a prime target for theft as they are often recognisably empty for extended periods of time. With theft potentially resulting in thousands of pounds of real losses security is essential.


Empty buildings are a prime target for trespass and vandalism with vandalism costing property owners hundreds of millions of pounds per year. Security guards are the most effective way of preventing trespass and vandalism and surpass CCTV in effectiveness.


Some 20,000 people squat unoccupied buildings across the UK each year and this number continues to grow. As well as potential damage to the property squatting also results in legal difficulties including squatters rights, eviction proceedings and devaluation of the property.

Our Vacant Property Security Services

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are useful on larger vacant properties or for country homes where a larger area needs to be covered. Our specialist patrol monitoring software and real time control room updating facilities ensure that mobile patrols can cover wide areas whilst providing vigilant protection to your property. Mobile patrols will work from a single control room on the property providing a clear presence that deters trespass.

Remote Monitoring

For low risk properties remote monitoring will often be enough to deter trespass and criminal activity. CCTV systems monitored from a central or in property control room greatly deter trespass and allow for an instant response should any problem arise. We can provide you with fully trained remote monitoring security staff to reduce vacant property risks.

Security Guards

For medium to high risk vacant properties our security guard services can offer 24-hour year-round protection with two or more security guards, or teams, providing full protection to the building from a single manned location within the property, or grounds. Vacant property security guards can closely monitor your premises, respond quickly to trespass, attempted theft or vandalism and completely neuter the threat of squatting.

Security Risk Assessments

To ensure we provide the best possible service that has the highest impact in deterring threats we carry out full security risk assessments on your vacant property. These risk assessments will identify potential points of entry, optimal security roots and optimal placement for CCTV, signage and other deterrents.

Our Security Services Team

At Titan Security we pride ourselves on providing only fully trained and qualified staff to meet your security needs. All our teams are SIA compliant with all training certificates fully checked and updated. We provide uniformed and non-uniformed vacant property security teams depending on individual client’s requirements.

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We were approached by a client on behalf of Barclays bank to provide security guards at vulnerable banks and cash points. The officers were placed nationwide. The security officers remit included having security guards both in branch and based in their cars at cash points. Hours included both days and nights. Some of these locations … Continued

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Britannia Ferrys

Working alongside Britannia Ferrys out of Plymouth, Titan Security Europe provided uniformed guarding to passengers boarding and disembarking on the ferry service between Roscoff and Plymouth. The role involved ensuring both the safety of passengers going on to boat, with random searches, and customer service in directing passengers, as well as ensuring tickets were present. … Continued

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