Professional Security Guards in Portugal

Titan Security Europe has extensive experience of operating in Portugal and throughout Europe. We are a leading security company, providing professional security guards and security services to businesses, homeowners, store owners and event coordinators. We have a wide range of experience in the industry, ensuring that your property, business, clients and visitors are protected at all times.

Our guards are experienced professionals who can offer solutions for any security need you may have. We can provide bi-lingual speakers to liaise with you and develop services tailored to your specific security issues. If you need uniformed security guards in Portugal we are more than up to the task. Our tailored-made security services fit the specific needs of our customers.

We know how important it is to have peace of mind when working or living in an area where there are potential risks involved, which is why we offer 24-hour protection from professional security guards who can monitor and patrol premises at all hours. Our team members receive ongoing training on property surveying techniques and crime prevention strategies so they’re always up to date with relevant knowledge. To find out if Titan Security could provide your home or business with a sense of safety and relief, give us a call today or simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

Reliable security & professional guards in Portugal

Why choose Titan Security in Portugal?

Security and safety are a significant concern for many in Portugal. Lately, as Portugal becomes a more famous tourist destination, there has been an increase in the number of break-ins, robberies, and other crimes. This is why many are looking for a complete range of security solutions to ensure their homes, businesses, or events are safe. Security is a serious matter, but the security industry has not always been known for its professionalism.

We at Titan Security Europe are committed to providing our clients with the best services possible. Our team has decades of experience in security and knows how to keep people safe from intruders. With a wide variety of high-impact solutions available, you can rest easy knowing that your home or business will be guarded by professionals who know what they’re doing.

We provide a range of security services to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for retail security, residential property guarding, event security, concierge security and corporate protection in Portugal, we offer a 100% client-focused approach where we guarantee your safety by putting you first above all else!


Our security guards are fully licensed and we cover all aspects of security guard services. Including retail, hospitality, construction, private residence, close protection, and more.

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    Our Security Services in Portugal

    We can offer:

    Professional Security Guards

    At Titan Security, our guards in Portugal, offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet the varying needs for security. Our guards and officers are trained by some of the best in their field with expertise that spans over twenty years! Whether you’re looking into implementing a 24-hour system at your business or just want someone around during late-night hours – we make sure our guards conduct themselves in a professional manner while being client-oriented from start to finish!

    Portugal Event Security

    We at Titan Security understand that for any event, whether it be a large music festival or small community gathering in Portugual, there needs to be security measures in place. We can provide the highest level of protection and guarantee your team will have no problems with their arrangements thus ensuring an easy running of events. We are always dedicated to making sure every detail is taken care of before going ahead so we make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

    Retail Security in Portugal

    If you are looking for a security company in Portugal to protect your retail store, look no further. We have years of experience providing high end retailers and we know how to make sure that their customers feel safe from theft threats. Our uniformed staff act both as an visual deterrent towards potential thieves while also being reassurance for shoppers who enter the premises every day. So if you’re interested in hiring our services, contact us today!

    Portugal Residential Security

    With over 20 years of experience providing premium residential security services throughout Portugal and Europe, Titan Security is the go-to contractor for all aspects of security in the residential sector. Our home security solutions are tailored to your needs and include manned guarding, mobile security patrols, and CCTV services. We also offer protection services for vacant properties.

    Portugal Construction Security

    Construction sites are prime targets for criminals who may look to steal machinery or vandalize tools, so you should make sure your site is kept secure 24/7 with our security officers acting as highly visible deterrents against any would be trespassers! The Titan Security team has provided effective solutions for many construction sites throughout Europe, protecting both personnel and equipment on-site from harm or damage.

    Portugal Concierge Security

    Our concierge security guards are licensed as standard and will provide you with the highest levels of training in both customer service, as well as security protection. They present themselves in a professional manner while greeting any visitors who enter the premises in a friendly way; they offer complete solutions for all those looking for both an efficient front-of-house experience and someone who can provide the necessary security protection.

    Security guard services throughout Europe and the UK.

    We work with clients of all sizes, providing tailored solutions to meet your security needs. Contact us today for a free assessment and quotation.

    What to look for in a security company?

    There are several things to look for when choosing a security company. You want someone who can provide you with the best possible protection of course, but also somebody reliable and trustworthy. At Titan Security we have all these attributes making us stand out from other companies in our field. Our friendly team will ensure that your assets are safe at all times while they are on duty.

    As a leading supplier of high-level security services across Portugal and throughout Europe for many years, we understand that security is a personal and important decision. That’s why every project begins with us actively listening to you and understanding what your concerns are about the safety of yourself or others in your home, business, school or community from intruders. We then work with you to plan an effective response and solution tailored specifically for those needs. Titan Security has got you covered.

    Our Work

    Britannia Ferries

    Britannia Ferries contacted Titan Security Europe to improve their security out of Plymouth. We provided uniformed guarding to passengers boarding and disembarking on the ferry service. It was important for this role to provide safety, and also customer service. We ensured the safety of passengers going on to boat with random searches. We provided customer service as well by ensuring tickets were present and directing passengers. For those passengers coming off it was same process in reverse. The contract was during peak trading of summer time. A team of five guards with our on-site supervisor also supervising deployment alongside Britannia staff.


    We were approached by a client on behalf of Barclays bank to provide guards at vulnerable banks and cash points. The officers were placed nationwide. The security officers were deployed both in branch and based in their cars at cash points. Hours included both days and nights. Some of these locations were in remote areas, which provides logistical issues.
    The client had engaged other agencies and encountered issues were guards had stopped attending. This is where our 24 hour control room and GPS solutions were implemented to resolve these issues. This contract was during peak times in trade and acted as a deterrent to would be thieves and scammers.

    Banking Firm London

    Having no security in place, our client identified a need for greater security. Although they were based in access-controlled offices, unauthorised personnel had gained entry. Several incidents involving people from the shared office building letting in non-authorised personnel. The client felt the time had come to have a physical presence to act as a deterrent.

    We advised that placing guards at the entrance to the building developing a concierge role. Monitoring who enters and leaves was important, so a signing in book was essential. We introduced wanding whereby persons were checked upon entry for potential weapons or harmful objects. This type of practise is optional and some clients we work with prefer this not to happen. In government concierges however, this is often mandatory.

    The guard has joined the team and works in tandem with reception staff for access control. They provide a first point of contact for the bank’s staff and customers alike whilst keeping the site secure. Since the introduction no incidents have been reported at site and the customer has praised our guard. For further details on our services in the UK and globally contact us now.

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    When it comes down to creating an effective solution, our team of experienced professionals know how best to get the job done – no matter where you are in Europe. We are happy to offer advice over the phone if this is something that would put your mind at ease before committing to one particular option.

    Our team of professional security guards is at your service, no matter where you are in Europe. We can help protect and secure any location with Titan Security’s reliable services. For more information on our company and the solutions we offer, please contact us today.

    If you’re interested in having a chat about what Titan Security has to offer or would like some advice before committing to one particular option for securing your property, give us a call – we’ll be happy to talk through all of your options with you over the phone!