Construction sites are often a target for theft, because of the high value of materials and equipment that can be found there. In order to prevent these thefts from happening, it is important that security measures are put in place.  

If you own a construction company or have any other type of business related to building structures, this blog post will provide you with some information on why construction sites are targeted, tips about how to keep your property safe, and discuss the many benefits that come from protecting your construction site with the help from professional security guards.  

Why Protect Construction Sites in the First Place?

  • Construction sites are often targets for theft by those looking to make a quick buck. 
  • Construction sites are often unattended for long periods of time, making it easy to steal items 
  • Thieves will often target construction sites for the valuable equipment, materials, and supplies they contain such as metals, lumber and construction tools.  
  • Construction sites pose many safety hazards. If intruders vandalize, damage, steal or even move equipment from their original positions, there is a significant increase in risk. The construction site will now be unsafe for workers, visitors, and the general public. 
  • Lack of security will lead to higher costs in post-construction clean-up efforts which may include removing graffiti from buildings and repairing damage caused by vandals or thieves.
  • Security is necessary to protect construction site equipment. 
  • Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work. When you’re working on a construction site, it’s important to make sure that your employees are safe at all times.
  • Employees that feel safe and secure are less stressed and therefore less likely to make mistakes on the job. 

How to increase construction security  

As seen above construction sites are often a target for theft, because of the high value of materials and equipment that can be found there. In order to prevent these thefts from happening, it is important that security measures are put in place.  

There are various security measures available that can be used, including fencing, locks on storage areas and gates, 24-hour security patrols with trained dogs or guards, and surveillance systems. Here at Titan Security Europe, we have a variety of methods of protecting constructions sites which you can read about in more detail here

From working in the security sector for more than twenty years, we can confidently say that security guards provide the best benefit to cost ratio when it comes to improving the security of construction sites. 

Security guards not only keep watch on the premises but also discourage crime by being a visible presence in areas where thieves may come to observe the site. In the event that there is a security breach, a trained security guard can quickly act and resolve the situation. The benefit of a security guard is that they act as both prevention and resolution to any security issue a construction site may face. 

Construction Security Guard Benefits

  • When security is present on site, it provides peace of mind for the employees and owners of the company  
  • With increased protection levels at construction sites, construction sites are able to stay open for longer hours  
  • Increased security also makes it easier to catch criminals in the act 
  • The cost of hiring security guards is minimal when compared to the cost of property damage or loss of life 
  • Security guards deter crime from their presence alone and protect workers from injury 
  • Security guards also serve as an extra set of eyes on site so you employees can focus more on their work 
  • Investing in a security guard will help keep employees safe and secure while working at the construction site and allow them to work without any worries or distractions about their safety 
  • Construction sites without security guards are vulnerable to crime, which could lead to shutdowns due to safety concerns 
  • Security guards can also help prevent accidents by monitoring the work site for hazards such as unsafe conditions or equipment malfunctions 

Construction Site Crime is on the Increase 

Economic downturns and job losses frequently result in an increase in a variety of crimes. Due to the covid pandemic, financial troubles generated work stoppages that left sites inert and vacant for long periods of time, the industry has suffered the most. As a result, sites are far more prone to theft and vandalism, and construction crime has swiftly become a big national problem.  

Without deterrents in place, the most proactive building sites are aware that they may be next. That’s why it’s important to have a construction site security plan in place before the project commences. 

How Titan Security Can Protect You

1) On Site Security Guards – Here at Titan Security we employ professional and highly-trained security guards ready to work around the clock to supervise security on construction sites both large and small scale. 

Our personnel can keep an eye on entry points such as gates and barriers to ensure that any access is authorized. It’s important to note that construction sites are also exposed to internal security concerns like theft by those who are authorized to work there. Employees, subcontractors, and cars/trucks can also be checked as they depart by our security guards.

2) Mobile security patrols. In the event that an alarm is activated, our mobile security services are ready to respond instantly. 

In addition to rapid response actions, we can provide security patrols that will monitor a construction site during vulnerable times such as after dark. We can work to a regular schedule or make visits that do not adhere to fixed routine. 

Our security guards do not merely carry out a drive-by inspection. They are trained to leave the vehicle and make a detailed inspection of the site perimeter to inspect for signs of breach, unauthorised access and check for missing items. 

3) Barrier Fencing – Physical site protection is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to safeguard a building site. This is usually accomplished by constructing sufficient barrier fencing around the perimeter. This makes accessing the site and removing items from it difficult.  

In addition, with the use of barriers and fences, all pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be directed to a single point of entrance, which will be continually monitored to ensure that all access is authorized. On a 24-hour basis, a revolving staff of trained security guards can manage entries and exits. 

4) CCTV surveillance systems – Surveillance cameras that can record footage and trigger an alarm are a useful addition to construction site security. These can be monitored internally by static security staff or linked to a central control room. 

A 360-degree view of your facility, 24/7 motion-recording cameras, thermal detection, and powerful analytics are all features of some of the video surveillance systems we use at Titan Security. We often provide mobile security patrols to respond to security alarm triggers.  

Partner With Titan Security Today

Criminals just need one weak link in your site’s security setup to cause trouble. Working with security professionals combined with the use of cutting-edge technology with real-world human expertise will keep your construction site secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any situation. 

The safety of your construction site is important. We take that seriously and want to help you keep it safe for all workers, visitors, passers-by, and the community at large. That’s why we recommend hiring our security guards to increase security onsite. They can provide surveillance or patrol during work hours so everyone stays safe.

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