Titan Security Europe provides a full range of cross-border transport security services throughout the UK and across Europe. We provide an end-to-end service guarding high value cargoes from departure through to safe arrival at the destination. We have the highly trained security personnel, the escort vehicles and the high-tech tracking facilities to maintain 24 hour surveillance and protection, ensuring that your delivery reaches the destination safely and on time.

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Transport Security

High Value Cargoes

We work closely with our clients to undertake risk assessment and analysis to identify potential security threats and prepare strategic plans to mitigate them.

We can assist with route and journey planning to make sure that points at which the transport might be parked up are pinpointed and adequate pre-planned security measures are in place

When the transport is en-route, we can provide a range of anti-hijack measures. We can utilise armed or unarmed on board security guard escorting, escort vehicles either covert umarked or indentifiable and marked. We can also track with GPRS technology and manage the whole journey through a central control room.

Summary of Services

  • End to end security planning from departure site to destination Preparing Site Security Plans
  • End to End journey and route planning
  • En-route escorting
  • Covert Vehicle Tracking
  • Independent Advice on CCTV & Access Control
  • Lone Worker Evaluation & Remedy
  • Preparation of Load Audit for Liaison with Local Enforcement Agencies
  • Anti Hijack & Load Diversion Training

Additional Transport Security Services

VIP Transport

Titan Security also provide secure VIP transportation. Dovetailing with our Close Protection and Bodyguarding Services we provide a complete range of security chauffeur services. From single airport pickup and transportation through to medium and longer-term contracts, we can supply highly trained drivers, and comfortable armoured vehicles.

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transport security escort

Our Transport Security Services Team

At Titan Security, our security guards are first and foremost fully trained and accredited security staff licensed by the SIA for frontline security duties. Our close protection and transport security personnel receive additional job-specific training. We often employ ex-military or service personnel with years of relevant training and experience already under their belt.

We will always work with you to develop the correct levels of security for your transport needs and handpick the best personnel and teams to carry out the task in hand

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with any aspect of transport security. We are available via email, by telephone at +441803 446004, or through our contact form at the top of the page.

Our Transportation Security Services

Red Carpet Security

We are able to provide secure transportation as an integral part 0f our red carpet close protection services. We can arrange for a luxury vehicle and fully accredited security guard protection for pickup from airports, hotels or alternative locations alongside transportation to and full accompaniment during live Red Carpet Events.

Remote Monitoring

We are able to use the latest technology to remotely monitor and track high-value cargoes. We can pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle at any given point in time. We also use the latest in communications technology to provide a constant channel of communication between our control centre and the security escort personnel

Security Manned Guarding

As part of our Transport Security Services, we can supply security personnel for manned guarding of high-value consignments at the warehouse before loading, on board the vehicle during transit, and at the delivery site when the goods have arrived at their destination

Case Studies Transport Security

security guarding car hire site

Car Hire Company

Titan Security was approached by a national car hire company that had purchased multiple sites across the UK. We were contracted to provide manned guarding and security cover while the sites were being prepared for incoming tenants. High-value vehicles, tools, and equipment were unmanned and vulnerable for a period of time until our client and … Continued

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end to end transport security

Convoy of High-Value Goods

It is no secret that a 44 tonne Heavy Goods Vehicle can carry a serious amount of cargo. And when those goods are high-value, it is quite possible for the value of a single cargo to be in excess of millions of pounds. And this was the case when an international haulier commissioned Titan Security … Continued

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global car event

Global Car Brand Event Security

The motor industry takes every opportunity to showcase its latest models, futuristic concept cars, and a whole range of high-value motoring accessories to an enthusiastic public who flock to these events. Held in huge arenas across the world they attract thousands of visitors every day. They also require a special kind of security to keep … Continued

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