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All our security guards are fully licensed and we cover all aspects of security guard services including retail, hospitality, construction,

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    Sectors we cover

    As a full service security guard provider we work in every sector nationally and internationally providing our services.
    We cover all sectors but the most common sectors include:

    Construction Security

    Through mobile patrols and manned security offices we are able to prevent asset loss and trespassing at construction sites, helping to improve security and safety throughout the construction process.

    Event Security

    From music festivals to private functions, from product launches to weddings our event security guard team are here to ensure your event goes off without incident.

    Vacant Property Security

    Designed to prevent vandalism and squatting our vacant property security guard services provide manned monitoring of your vacant property.


    From concierge security staff to doormen we provide a full range of hospitality sector security services. With options for uniformed security, hospitality security guards make for an ideal customer liaison and security solution.

    Private Premises

    From empty properties and flats to private homes and farms we provide private premise security guards and security guard patrols. 24/7 365 private premise security solutions are available to provide you with total peace of mind.


    We provide a wide range of security guard services to the retail sector for companies looking to reduce asset loss. Our security guards provide a professional front of store experience to your customers.

    Warehouse Security

    Security guards and patrols help reduce crime around business parks and warehouse properties. With 24/7 security patrols available we can provide a cost effective security service for your premises.

    Rural Security

    From mobile patrols to reduce theft and poaching to manned security stations our rural security team can help keep your property secure.

    Our Security Guard Services

    Our security services include:

    Real Time Patrol Monitoring

    Our state of the art security guard patrol system software allows us to provide a real time monitoring of security staff and your premises, whilst keeping our team up to date with patrol routes and providing a quick response in the event of an incident.

    Security Risk Assessments

    Titan Security Europe will carry out a full free risk assessment of your site prior to starting work. This ensures we identify all security risks, optimal patrol routes where necessary and can reduce the risk to your premises and business assets.

    Short and Long Term Contracts

    From short term site cover to on-going security guard contracts at Titan we are able to provide tailored security solutions that meet your business needs.

    Single or Multi-Premise

    From single site security to multi-store, multi-location business solutions we are able to provide dedicated security guard teams for your business needs.

    Static Security and Mobile Patrols

    We offer full manned security services and security patrols for all types of commercial and private premises including retail, construction sites, domestic properties and the hospitality sector.

    Uniformed Licensed Security Guards

    All our security staff are fully trained and licensed to ensure we meet the highest quality standards of the industry. All our staff are supplied with uniforms to aid identification and provide a clean, professional image for your business.

    We offer security guard services throughout the UK and Europe and are happy to work with all clients of all sizes to provide tailored, fully customised solutions to meet your business security needs.

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    Our Work

    Banking Firm London

    The client, having identified a need for security, having previously not had any was based in access-controlled offices. Due to several incidents where persons in the shared office building had let non-authorised personnel in, the client felt the time had come to have a physical presence which would work as a deterrent. We advised that placing guards at the entrance to the building and developing the concierge role to encompass a signing in book was essential. We also introduced wanding whereby persons coming in building were checked for potential weapons or objects that could be used to cause harm. This type of practise is optional and some clients we work with prefer this not to happen however in government concierges we have supplied this is often mandatory. The guard has joined the team and works in tandem with reception staff for access control, providing a first point of contact for the bank’s staff and customers alike whilst keeping the site secure. Since the introduction no incidents have been reported at site and the customer has praised our guard. For further details on our services in the UK and globally in providing concierge security contact us now.


    We were approached by a client on behalf of Barclays bank to provide security guards at vulnerable banks and cash points. The officers were placed nationwide. The security officers remit included having security guards both in branch and based in their cars at cash points. Hours included both days and nights. Some of these locations were remote this is where are 24hr control room and gprs solved issues the client previously had with another company of guards not attending. This contract was during peak times in trade and acted as a deterrent to would be thieves and scammers.

    Britannia Ferries

    Working alongside Britannia Ferries out of Plymouth, Titan Security Europe provided uniformed guarding to passengers boarding and disembarking on the ferry service between Roscoff and Plymouth. The role involved ensuring both the safety of passengers going on to boat, with random searches, and customer service in directing passengers, as well as ensuring tickets were present. For those passengers coming off it was same process in reverse. The contract was during peak trading of summer time. This involved over five security guards with our on-site supervisor also supervising deployment alongside Britannia staff.

    Different Security Licenses & Qualifications

    A security guard’s role can vary depending on the type of security required and may involve certain license requirements. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom and France, a security guard has to be qualified in order to work at a large business or organization and hold a license that is recognized on a national level. This qualification is different for each country: in the UK it is called an SIA (Security Industry Authority) certificate and in Canada, it’s known as OSA (Overseas Security Association) certification.

    There may also be other qualifications required by law depending on the country, such as driver licenses and first aid training courses, that must be taken before applying for this type of job. In addition, a common requirement is that one must be over the age of 18 and speak the local language. However, not all countries have a standard recognized license or certificate required to work as a security guard.

    Titan Security provides security services and security guards throughout Europe. Regardless of which country we work in, we make sure our guards hold the required qualifications and legal training necessary to operate effectively and professionally. For example, in the UK all our security guards hold the SIA license and in France, all our guards have the ‘carte professionnelle’ issued by CNAPS. We also make sure that all of our employees receive the necessary training before they are allowed to work on-site. Our training includes topics like customer service, ethics, and diversity awareness.

    To see the requirements and licenses required to work as a security guard in different countries throughout Europe read below.

    UK Security Guard Qualifications

    In order to work as a security guard in the  UK, one must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

    To obtain the license one must first attend a security guard course by an approved training provider, which is three days long. It consists of three parts; working in the private security industry, security guarding and lastly conflict management. On the final day of the course there are 3 multiple choice exams. Once you have successfully passed the 3 multiple choice exams you can complete the licence application on the SIA website.

    What about the Door Supervisor license? – The SIA Security Guard Licence is comparable to the SIA Door Supervisor Licence, however, the key distinction is where you may work and what licensable activities you can do. You can’t operate in licensed establishments where alcohol is served if you have a Security Guard License (SIA). On the other hand due to the addition of a physical intervention section to the Door Supervisor Course you are not restricted in this way and this can provide you with more job options. The process for obtaining the Door Supervisor License is similar to the SIA license with the need to pass a multiple-choice exam after completing the course. Consider acquiring both licenses to offer yourself the greatest opportunity in your profession and stand out amongst other looking for employment in the security sector. So, while a Door Supervisor License gives you more possibilities for where you may take your security career, a Security Guard License is still an excellent option if you know what employment opportunities it provides.

    All our security guards working in the UK hold one or both of the above SIA licenses.

    Ireland Security Guard Qualifications

    In Ireland if you work as a  Security Guard or a door supervisor then you need to hold a PSA licence.

    To obtain the PSA license an aspiring security guard must complete one of the QQI level courses (Guarding Skills QQI Level 4 Minor Award 4N1118 or Door Security Procedures QQI Level 4 Minor Award 4N1114.) The fee for this licence is €90 for the 3 year licence.  When you have received your licence you will be placed on The PSA register of Employee Licence Holders and are now legally qualified to work as a security guard in Ireland.

    Since 1st September 2018 applicants applying to the PSA for a licence must have obtained the prescribed training from a PSA approved Training Provider.

    The QQI Level 4 course equips students with the skills, information, and theory needed to operate as a security guard in a store or patrolling factories, construction sites, and other locations. It’s also the minimum requirement for cash-in-transit workers.

    100 hours of learning are required for QQI level 4 courses. 30 hours of direct interaction between the trainer and the student are included in this total.

    All our security guards operating in Ireland hold the PSA licence.

    Germany Security Qualifications

    The private security industry in Germany like in other EU/EEA countries is subject to authorisation.

    In order to get a security guard license, candidates must show proof to a chamber of commerce that they have finished an 80-hour training course on the relevant legal requirements for the practice of the job. In addition, guard responsibilities may only be assigned to those in dependent employment who have completed a 40-hour training course. Applicants for specific security tasks, such as those in the public realm, must provide proof of passing a competence exam.

    The certificate of competence is required for specific operations in public or places with public access (buses, trains, shopping malls, city patrols), protection against shoplifters, and guards in the entry area of clubs/bars.

    All our guards in Germany have completed the certificate of competence and come with years of experience.

    France Security Guard Licence

    To work as a security guard in France, you must have a ‘carte professionnelle’ which is the French equivalent to the SIA license in the UK. Anyone seeking to work as a security guard must demonstrate professional aptitude and possess a professional card issued by the Local Accreditation and Control Commission (CNAC) established within the National Council of Private Security Activities (CNAPS).

    The issuance of the license requires completing vocational training from a training center authorized by the CNAPS. Professional certifications that allow an individual to work as a security guard in France are regularly updated.

    We make sure our security guards in France are all fully qualified and all hold the ‘carte professionnalle’.

    Hungary Security Guard Requirements

    From the European countries, Hungary requires the most amount of basic training hours in order to work as a security guard with a minimum of 320 hours. The training must be provided by specialised training institutions licensed by the Ministry of the Interior

    Unlike other countries in Europe it is mandatory for security guards to complete refresher training every 5 years. The training is provided by an educational institution of the Chamber of Bodyguards, Property Protection and Private Detectives.

    We make sure all our guards in Hungary are fully qualified. Due to the mandatory training every 5 years, rest assured our guards are up to date with the latest security measures.

    Slovenia Security Licence

    In Slovenia it is mandatory by law that all security guards complete a training programme with a minimum number of hours (102 hours). Similar to Hungary there is also mandatory refresher training which is provided by specialised institutions licensed by the Ministry of the Interior. Upon successfully completion of basic training, private security guards are issued with a certificate of competence. The training can either be self-financed or financed through a company.

    We make sure all our guards in Slovenia are fully qualified. Due to the mandatory training every 5 years, rest assured our guards are up to date with the latest security measures.

    Norway Security Guard Requirements

    In order to perform the profession and use the professional title of security guard in Norway an individual needs to meet certain minimum requirements from the laws and regulations in Norway. Which includes the following:

    • A certificate of good conduct is required in able to work as a Security Guard in Norway.
    • Security guard training in Norway is extensive, and in most cases, compensation measures will be imposed on EEA nationals. The compensation measure will consist of completing the parts of the Norwegian security guard education and training. This primarily concerns law, ethics, HSE and rules and regulations that specifically regulate how the security guard profession is practised in Norway.

    All our guards in Norway have completed the above training and are fully qualified to operate as private security guards.

    Sweden Licence Requirements

    In order to work as a security guard in Sweden, one must first be approved by a county administrative board (länsstyrelse) for employment at an authorised security company then complete the basic security guard training (väktargrundutbildning) at an authorised training company. Lastly, they should have knowledge of Swedish traditions and a firm grasp of the Swedish language.

    We only work with security guards who have completed the above requirements to ensure professional service at all times.

    Different Requirements Throughout Europe

    From above we can see that different countries in Europe have different rules and requirements for an individual to work as a security guard. We can also see a varying level of required training. Private security agents must complete training before being permitted to work in virtually all European countries. The training might last anywhere from  90 hours to several hundred. The longest training requirements are found in  Hungary (320 to 430 hours), Sweden (301 hours), Spain (180 hours), Latvia (160 hours), and Romania (90-360 hours). Slovakia, France, and the United Kingdom have the smallest training requirements, ranging from 32 to 90 hours. 

    In some countries training is provided through state intervention, while in others by private training providers that have been certified. 

    We only work with fully qualified security guards

    As a security company, we take your safety and security very seriously and we know how important it is to provide peace of mind for your business and your employees. That’s why we take the time to select only qualified individuals to work as our security guards

    We operate in 25 countries throughout Europe so you can be sure that no matter where you are—whether it’s England or Hungary—our guards have all been fully qualified and trained to provide excellent service. This means they will always know how to handle dangerous situations with care for their own safety as well as yours. If you need professional protection services today, contact us here at Titan Security Europe.