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    Why choose Titan Bodyguard Services?

    24/7 Protection

    Our teams can offer you 24/7 protection at any location. Through transit and travel, to event security to home security our rotating teams can be available 24/7 to keep you and your family safe. We offer single man close protection and full service teams who will minimise disruption whilst maximising your safety.

    Expert Security Planning

    Our teams are fully trained in security planning. Our teams provide route planning during travel, access identification and control at events, escape route planning and will fully develop a security plan based on your requirements and your locations. Plans are continually reviewed and adapted to make sure security is maintained.

    Highly Trained Personnel

    Our bodyguards are primarily ex-military personnel with additional training in close protection. We use fully accredited personnel to ensure the highest standards of personal security are met at all times. Our team will be available to work with you 24/7 whilst ensuring a smooth security service is delivered.

    Our Close Protection Services

    Event and Red Carpet Security

    We regularly provide event close protection security and often provide dedicated teams directly to event planners as well as individual guests. Our event and red carpet close protection service allows for careful monitoring of crowds, crowd control and provide access and monitoring of events themselves to ensure complete VIP protection.

    Security Guard

    We provide security guards and bodyguards on and on-going or ad hoc basis to help you ensure your safety. Whether you need at home live in security, mobile teams or corporate security for VIP’s we are able to provide international and multi-lingual teams across Europe. Our security guards can provide every aspect of close protection from access control to mobile patrols and static security.

    Travel and Transit Close Protection

    We regularly provide travel and transit security services to corporate and private clients traveling in Europe and outside Europe to high-risk countries. Our teams will cover route planning, alternative route planning, pick-ups, and drop-offs and keep you secure at all times during transit. From short private trips to extended business placements, our teams are available to help you..

    Our Bodyguard Teams

    Our bodyguard teams are experienced at working internationally and the majority are ex-military personnel trained in close protection services. We will work with you closely to ensure your close protection provides exceptional levels of security with the minimum of disruption to your arrangements. Contact us today to find out how our team can help provide you with close protection and bodyguard services.