How to Improve Physical Security in a Company

Why is security important for companies?

Making an investment in physical security for any company is not just a matter of law but also about protecting vital assets. Without a doubt, the most important assets any company possesses are its staff.

The danger of physical harm to staff from illegal activity or intruders is in some cases pretty remote. But for shop workers, staff in the hospitality industry and others in direct contact with the public, the danger is ever-present.

Additionally, laws relating to storage and protection of personal data require companies to protect digital and physical copies of personal data at all times. Gaining unauthorised access to your building opens up the possibility of infecting IT systems with malware or stealing physical or digitised personal information.

Secondary but also very important is the protection of material assets: stock, machinery business equipment and the like. Theft is not only a costly experience but also a matter of great inconvenience.

At Titan Security we are often contracted to conduct a full security audit and implement measures to protect a range of companies. Here are 5 considerations.

1 access control

Controlling access can be a simple matter of replacing a lock for a high-security version in a small business with a single entry point. In larger premises with multiple points of entry the task becomes more complex

ID Verification

Ensuring that only authorised personnel can access a building can often boil down to a technological solution. Coded door locks, ID card controlled entry systems and where advanced measures are needed, fingerprint or retina scanners can all play an important role. At Titan we have the technical expertise and would be more than willing to discuss your security issues with no initial charges.

Concierge Services

In companies where human input is essential for high-quality customer service such as hotels, large office environments and apartment buildings, our Concierge Security Service has evolved to provide the perfect solution. We have developed a hybrid role that combines the traditional welcoming front-of-house with that of the uniformed security guard. In this way access to the building can be monitored at all times and yet at the same time business image and levels of customer service are enhanced.

2 surveillance

A combination of surveillance and clear signage indicating its presence not only serves as an effective visible deterrent but can also record evidence of criminal activity that can be reviewed later. Larger companies with a bigger budget may opt for continuously monitored surveillance systems whereby staff in an on-site or even a remote control room can trigger an immediate alarm response (internal link to my alarm response article?)

3 static uniformed guards

Round-the-clock surveillance using uniformed guards from a professional security firm like ours is the ultimate in physical security and visible deterrent. We use highly trained and experienced personnel often drawn from people with a military or service background. The role can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

Responsibilities often include perimeter patrols, CCTV monitoring, car park supervision, and patrolling of internal spaces and communal areas. Building contents are safer and staff are secure in the knowledge that their security is being taken care of.

In some cases, a group of smaller businesses might club together to engage our services on a cost-sharing basis. Whatever the budget, our flexible approach means that we can design a tailored package to suit.

4 mobile patrolling

Companies with multiple premises and groups of businesses clubbing together benefit from monitoring by our mobile security patrols. This can be a cost effective solution targetted at times of day when buildings are empty and vulnerable.

We can operate to a centrally controlled, pre-planned timetable or visit on a less predictable schedule. Our patrolling normally involves leaving the vehicle and closely inspecting premises for signs of a security breach.

We also have mobile patrols standing by to react with speed and precision to alerts from monitoring stations and control rooms when an alarm response incident has been triggered or something suspicious has been picked up by surveillance cameras.

5 developing a security culture

Nurturing a security culture within the workplace is one of the most effective things any company can do to protect physical security. Putting training in place that encourages staff to consider security at all times produces tangible benefits. All of those extra pairs of eyes watching out for and reporting suspicious activity, checking locked doors and becoming aware of good security practices can be very valuable

Working with Titan to Improve Physical Security

Titan Security has extensive experience of designing flexible and cost-effective physical security packages for businesses across the UK. If you are looking for a company with decades of experience in the field, a highly trained, experienced and motivated team of staff and the technical expertise to tackle even the most complex issues, we would be delighted to hear from you. Temporary and short-term contracts are welcome as are longer-term and permanent projects that involve our services from strategic planning right through to the implementation stages