Residential Security Guarding

At Titan Security Europe we have been supplying top-class security services for over 3 decades. Our name is trusted throughout the UK and across Europe for providing tailored and cost-effective security monitoring and preventative measures to industrial and commercial clients as well as residential security for private residences and large estates. In this post, we are focusing on our residential security services.

What is Residential Security?

When we talk about residential security, we also include large estates, farms, and vacant holiday properties in private ownership. Residential security is often about protecting people, their families and their properties from unwanted attention. In some ways this can be a lot more personal than when we provide security for industry and commerce, which is why we approach it with the utmost attention to detail.

Duties and requirements range in intensity from simple physical measures such as installing high-security locks, alarm monitoring and response services, drive-by mobile security checks and even maintaining an intensive round-the-clock on-site security guard presence. Whatever the situation needs, at Titan, we have the resources to accommodate it. We are very much customer-focused and prepared to tailor our security services to achieve maximum impact at the best value for money.

Modern technology is also important to residential security and if an audit of vulnerabilities points to it, we have the resources and expertise to supply and install technology-based intruder prevention systems to work instead of, or alongside manned guarding. This may be a centrally monitored alarm or CCTV system with rapid alarm response, an automated gate or barrier system, or even complex app-based GPS tagging and tracking.

From High-Security Locks to 24 Hour Guarding. Residential Security Takes Many Forms

Who Needs Residential Security?

In this modern world, ordinary homeowners and private citizens are victims of burglary, theft and personal assault every single day. That it is not to say that everybody needs to engage a security contractor although some might choose to.

Luxury homes and wealthy or influential individuals that represent high-value targets are most likely to be targetted by professional thieves, have their homes invaded or become kidnap victims.

Other targets that criminals find very attractive are larger more remote houses and estates and homes like holiday homes or second properties that are left empty for long periods of time.

Titan Security Europe Residential Security Services

Security Auditing: At Titan Security, everything starts with a security audit. We have the expertise to take an objective look at a situation, identify threats and weaknesses, and come up with innovative solutions. We offer services tailored to individual circumstances and work closely with our clients to find not only the best solutions but also the most cost-effective.

Physical Adaptation of Buildings and Perimeters: There are many occasions when we have been consulted after an incident has taken place. Often we might suggest physical adaptations such as anti-intruder perimeter fences and gates, raising the height of walls and introducing anti-climb measures, sensor-controlled lighting and alarm systems, and installation of high-security locks on windows and doors.

An investment into preventative measures like these can not only act as a strong visual deterrent but also make life much more difficult for someone considering unauthorised entry. As a result, the overall security profile is considerably improved. Titan can supply and arrange installation of all types of physical residential security measures.

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Intruder Alarm and CCTV Monitoring Systems: These security measures make sense in just about any situation. But they become even more important if buildings are left empty. This might be for shorter periods like holidays, or perhaps if the property is only used as a second or holiday home they might be left for weeks or months at a time.

As well as arranging the very latest in intruder detection systems, at Titan Security we are also able to centrally monitor them and either alert the authorities or deploy one of our own rapid response mobile security patrols when an alarm has been triggered.

Mobile Patrolling: Our mobile patrolling officers are seasoned security professionals who know how to inspect premises and perimeters for signs of intrusion. They provide a high visibility deterrent whilst patrolling perimeters and carrying out visual checks. We can arrange patrols on either a rostered or an ad-hoc basis. Security Officers will investigate and report any irregularities and stay on-site to secure the premises when they are vulnerable.

Our mobile patrols also stand by to react to alerts from our control room when an alarm has been triggered or investigate suspicious activity picked up on CCTV.

Static Guards and Revolving Security Teams for 24 Hour Manned Guarding: We have the resources and the skilled personnel to implement even the most intense security cover. This might be uniformed or plain clothes. Whatever suits the situation. Our personnel can perform a range of duties:

  • Manning gates and barriers
  • Patrolling perimeters
  • Foot patrol on large estates
  • Checking doors and windows
  • Controlling access and checking credentials
  • Secure transportation

Titan Security Europe – Professional Security Guards

Our security personnel all hold the UK SIA license which means they have received the highest level of training to carry out their duties. When we operate in Europe, all of our personnel are trained and accredited to the highest international standards and licensed to operate in the country they are working in.

We often employ ex-military and service personnel who have many years of related training and experience. We also provide specialist in-house training to make sure that our security officers are more than able to carry out the task at hand, uphold our company values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, and most importantly, provide the highest quality services to our clients.

Why Choose Titan for Residential Security?

If you are considering Titan Security for your residential security needs, you are considering a highly respected company with years of experience in the supply of international security services.

Use the contact details on this site to book a free residential security consultation today. Initial discussions are without charge and without obligation. We are confident that you will very quickly realise that contacting us was the best decision to make.