Highly trained & uniformed security guards in Iceland

Titan Security Europe supply professional security services throughout Iceland and right across Europe. We can supply uniformed security guards in Reykjavík, marine security in Hafnarfjörður and mobile security patrols right across Iceland. Our dedicated team are experts in producing strategic local security plans to protect property, personnel and valuable goods.

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    Reliable security company providing guards in Iceland.

    Why choose Titan Security Europe in Iceland?

    We are experts at providing individuals and large or small enterprises with flexible and cost-effective security packages. We can integrate uniformed guards, mobile patrols and VIP close protection services with your existing provision or develop a total security plan from the ground up. Our staff are the best in the business. Fully vetted and highly trained, our personnel are accredited and licensed to work anywhere in Europe.

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    Our Security Services in Iceland

    We can offer:

    Iceland Security Guards

    Uniformed Security Guards are a highly effective visible deterrent in shops, offices, warehouses and retail stores. Our Security Guards are trained to anticipate and mitigate issues before they occur and to deal with difficult situations with tact and diplomacy, If you need a professional security presence to protect your premises and employees or to manage security at outdoor events, shows and public gatherings, look no further than Titan.

    Marine Security Services In Iceland

    With its large number of sea ports and container terminals, our Marine Security Guards are in great demand in Iceland. Whether in a container terminal in Helguvik or the marina in Hafnarfjordur, private and commercial seagoing vessels are vulnerable to criminals. We cover every aspect of marine security including marina access control, mobile patrols in ports and harbours and static onboard guards for luxury yachts and container ships. We often employ highly trained ex-service personnel with military and marine backgrounds.

    Concierge/Security Services in Iceland

    The tourism and hospitality industry in Reykjavík and across Iceland can benefit from our concierge front of house services. Combining front of house duties with a security role has been successful throughout Europe. Our concierge/security staff are trained to provide a reassuring welcome for authorised staff or residents as well as access control and a deterrent to unauthorised access. Monitoring communal areas, providing key-holder services and checking credentials are all part of the service

    Mobile Security Patrolling in Iceland

    Our centrally controlled and managed mobile security patrols can undertake routine checking as well as provide a rapid response to alarm triggering events. Ideal for companies with multiple premises, mobile patrolling is a cost-effective way to deter criminal activity, alert the authorities and react to and contain security breaches. Our Patrol Officers are veterans of the security industry often drawn from a military background. They know what to look out for and how to respond when intruders have been detected.

    Iceland Building Site Security

    Protecting valuable tools, materials and machinery on a building site often requires a static security presence. Our security guards can man gates and barriers, check credentials, patrol perimeters and keep a watchful eye on a building site. We are sometimes required to remotely monitor CCTV camera feeds and respond when an alarm has been triggered. Whatever the approach to protecting your building site, we can provide a tailored security package and supply professional staff to keep you covered

    Corporate Security Services in Iceland

    Large corporations and smaller enterprises alike are vulnerable to security threats. Theft from inside or outside of the organisation can be not only costly but very inconvenient. We work within existing systems to audit corporate security procedures identify potential weaknesses and produce mitigating strategies. Our staff have received substantial additional training to operate effectively in the complex and ever-changing corporate world. Contact us to see how Titan Security can become your corporate security partner

    Titan Security Europe – Integrated Security Services

    At Titan we pride ourselves on being able to work across borders to seamlessly integrate with existing security provision, liaise with appropriate authorities and provide truly international security services. Our brand of UK security expertise is easily adapted to work within local regulations and guidelines in Iceland.

    We provide tailored and specialised security services to private individuals and a diverse range of small, medium and large businesses. Use the contact details and methods available throughout this site to get in touch with us and discuss your security needs with no obligation to proceed.