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Titan Security offers extensive national and international security expertise in Edinburgh. Security in Scotland deserves an experienced company supplying the best personnel. We cover a lot of ground with specialist divisions for private and corporate security. We can supply static and mobile personnel in or out of uniform. Our Corporate Security and VIP Protection services are the best in the business.

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    Reliable security company providing guards in Edinburgh.

    Why choose Titan Security Europe?

    As the capital of Scotland and the largest financial centre outside of London, we can tailor flexible corporate security services, event management and VIP protection to the big arts and entertainment culture for which Edinburgh is so famous. Our teams of highly qualified, licensed and accredited personnel can operate efficiently and effectively in any situation. We work with you to develop security strategies monitored and controlled centrally.

    Our Security Services in Edinburgh

    We can offer:

    Edinburgh Security Guards

    A security guard on your site will watch out for any strange and abnormal activities or people and will usually be the first to detect a fire or any other industrial emergency. Your guard will be trained how to react in a crisis. They will also be your eyes and ears for any other incidents and activity that may not be a danger or security risk, but may provide you with important information in terms of monitoring staff and customers.

    Edinburgh Industrial Security

    With engineering and industrial centres across the city we can provide the complete package to secure your industrial premises and your staff. Static security, night patrols and remote monitoring via CCTV are just some aspects to our service. We can also manage building access, monitor car park security and control access to parking facilities. Our staff are highly trained, reliable and reassuringly competent. Security can be a sensitive issue and we approach it in that way.

    Edinburgh Personal Protection

    Celebrities, performance artists and high profile business executives have all benefited form the peace of mind that comes when an experienced close protection specialist watches over them. We provide secure executive transport, body guarding and risk assessment. Our personnel are often ex-military and all are highly trained in personal protection techniques. Tailoring our service, we can provide round the clock protection or occasional secure escorting for red carpet events and public engagements.

    Edinburgh Event Security

    With a plethora of festivals, performances and major events, our Event Security section in Edinburgh is always kept busy. We can provide risk assessments, strategic planning, ticket based access control and crowd monitoring. We even offer a setup and take-down service and traffic / parking management. Confidentiality, reliability and discretion is at the heart of our staff training programme. Our teams are fully vetted, experienced and with extensive specialist event security training

    Edinburgh Estate Security

    Remote homes and larger estates need a reliable team to keep them secure. We can provide access monitoring, 24 hour protection when you go on vacation and rapid emergency alarm response services. We will discuss what it is you need and how we can tailor our services to meet your requirements. We draw on a large pool of qualified and experienced staff who have been rigorously checked and proven reliable.

    Edinburgh Corporate Security

    Across the financial and industrial sectors, when asked to develop Corporate Security strategies, Titan brings a wealth of experience and a network of contacts throughout Edinburgh, Scotland and Europe. Our service is highly confidential and discrete. Our corporate security staff are specialists. We can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and draw on decades of experience to identify and neutralise threats from wherever they originate; inside or outside of the organisation.

    Working with Titan

    We work with our clients from the outset to identify and meet security needs no matter how simple or complex. Titan Security has vast experience of drawing up, deploying and monitoring effective and relevant security programmes. Our staff are top-quality and often come from a military or service backgrounds. Reliability and customer care are the core ethics of our security service