This blog post will talk about a recent close protection job Titan Security Europe has carried out for Sky Sports.

The Client

Titan Security Europe was recently approached by a client representing Sky Sports. A documentary was to be filmed in Liverpool, starring former footballers turned Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, and former boxer Tony Bellew.

We were approached specifically for our close protection services, as there were concerns over the safety of these men throughout the filming of the documentary.

Close protection involves a team of guards assigned to an individual or group of individuals to protect their person specifically. In most cases, these individuals are high-profile – either celebrities such as these specific clients, or politicians or dignitaries, or persons otherwise in the public eye. It covers a wide range from transport security, to crowd control, to one-on-one bodyguard protection and more.

The Client’s Needs

Each individual client in need of close protection will often need services tailoring to their specific needs. At Titan, we pride ourselves on the adaptability of our close protection services to ensure that our clients receive the service that is perfect for them and their needs.

In the case of these clients, we spoke with the clients prior to and on the day of the job to ensure we were matching their needs perfectly.

The concerns of the client included:

  • The public exposure of the celebrities
  • The filming taking place across multiple locations
  • Security in transport between locations
  • Large crowds at locations
  • Crowds at places of accommodation

At the request of the client, the guards we provided were dressed casually, so that they could protect the celebrities without drawing attention to a security presence.

Our Strategy

Our guards were present with the celebrities for the entire day of filming, from travel to and from various locations, to filming, to travel back. They kept close to the celebrities, but at enough of a distance to not be seen as an obvious guarding presence, and also remained behind the camera of the filming process at all times.

  • The guards kept a constant watch on the celebrities and the surrounding area to keep an eye out for any potential threats or security concerns.
  • Of course, the filming of such a documentary had already gained some public interest, especially with the names present in the city, so members of the public were present at the time of filming, and could present as potential threats.
  • As part of their job, our guards initiated crowd control during moments of filming and in transporting the celebrities to vehicles for travel in order to keep them safe.

Everything, from the dress of the guards to the actions they took, was at the specific request of the client. The entire day ran very smoothly, with no altercations or concerns thanks to the services carried out by our guards. The client was extremely happy with the service we gave, and we hope to work together again in the future.

If you need close protection security services, talk to us at Titan. Our trained and professional guards will help in perfect conjunction with your needs and budget. All initial consultations and quotes are free.