Uk as a population has seen year on year increases as such the need for housing and commercial development has boomed. Industrial areas in UK were often seen as commuting hub, rapid growth in logistics and industrial warehouses has seen now enviable growth in this market vs traditional Retail. Through this growth there is a need to secure premises ,Are Security team’s have been operating in Uk and Europe for several years. Many of our security’s guards have military experience as well as existing knowledge of logistical warehouse security guarding.  

Good Security Equals Freedom

Security guards in United Kingdom and Europe

Freedom means the ability to do whatever you want without fear or having rest of mind knowing that things are going to be fine no matter what. To enjoy this type of freedom, there is a need to have good security.

Look at the illustration of a person who has worked hard all his entire life to get to the great position he is. He decided to build or purchase a nice building where he could keep all his valuables. Unfortunately, he has no good security, and one day, all his valuables were stolen.

There goes his freedom. No matter what he does, he will always be afraid to put valuables in the building because he will always have the thought that the valuables could be stolen again.

To enjoy freedom, it is imperative to hire security guards whose services will allow you to enjoy the freedom you deserve. To enjoy freedom, it is advisable to hire the services of a security guard.

A typical security guard in UK or Europe will help you guard the doors into your buildings and prevent unauthorized entry, thereby ensuring your freedom to do whatever you want without worries.

Do you have a construction site and you are afraid of someone planning to destroy things at the site? Enjoy the freedom of having to worry less by hiring the services of a security guard.

Do you have a home where precious things are kept and perhaps you are not always around and you want to have peace of mind wherever you are? Hiring a Residential security guard will help you achieve that. With the security guard, your house will be safe from burglars and you can return home anytime knowing that your things are safe.

The same is applicable to a vacant property. A kind of property like that is always a target of scam artists and is also a source of worry to the owner. Hiring a security guard will ensure that your property is safe until you are ready to use it for anything you want.

The security guard is also capable of protecting a lone worker who works for you. Perhaps the worker is someone who is charge of a very sensitive project and needs to be protected at all cost. You can be rest assured that such a worker will be given the highest priority of protection.

With all the skills of the typical security guard, you can be able to save costs and you would not have to worry about replacing expensive things that have been stolen or repairing things that have been damaged.

Instead of spending so much on repairs or replacement, you can simply use the funds to carry out other important projects or purchase other valuable things for yourself or your loved ones.

A typical security guard or officer is trained on how to respond in any type of crisis. The guard is also trained to report strange activities and is also the first to detect a fire risks.

1. Great Communication

Security guards deal with people every day. A great security guard is one who can communicate effectively with people and get them to do what he wants. Different people have different characteristics and knowing the right words to say and the right time to say them can be the difference between a successful interaction and a failed one. The security guard need to be able to answer questions posed by people.

2. Versatility

A great security guard is one who also able to multitask and do many different things. Being able to multitask is a wonderful gift. The guard should also be able to do his or her job effectively irrespective of the environment.

3. Respectful

A good security guard is one who is respectful to the employers, employees and the clients of the company where he or she is protecting, irrespective of their ages or ranks. Being respectful also helps in making communication flow seamlessly.

4. Looks the Part

A good security is also one who looks the part of a security officer. He must be dressed sharply as to command the respect of people, especially people with a mind to commit a crime.

The way one is dressed is the way one will be addressed. A good security guard is supposed to be dressed in such a way that people will be convinced that he or she is capable of protecting them.

5. Honest

It is very hard to find people who are honest in today’s world. However, this attribute is peculiar to good security guards. They are unshakable in their loyalty to the company that has hired them and they have no chance of being corrupted.

6. Updated

security guards are also updated on the newest practices of safety. Criminals and troublemakers are always planning more sophisticated ways to commit crimes and security guards need to be privy to these plans in order to protect people from them.

They are also conversant with technological advances in security systems and know how to utilize them against criminals.

7. Time Conscious

A security guard who is late to his or her post will be certain to lose the job if a crime or damage was committed while not at the post. A good security must always be at his or her post before anyone else and be ready to provide protection when needed.

8. Observant

A good security is also supposed to be very observant of anything happening in his her surroundings. This is so that they will be able to sight troublemakers or things out of place, especially in a situation where there are no surveillance or cameras involved.

Many security guards with these wonderful characteristics are available from Titan Security Europe.


It is difficult to build something but it is very easy to tear down what has been painstakingly built. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to have security to protect. Getting a security company that is very good at protection services can be very costly but the price is always worth it.

A lot of people may shy away from securing the services of a great security company because of the cost and decide that their companies do not need security. However, there are many reasons why your company might need security. They are as follows:

1. Protection Against Theft

Theft is one of the crimes that is very rampant in today’s world. A lot of people are always trying to getting things the easy way instead of working legally to get that thing. When something of great value has been stolen, it could lead to depression and sadness and if it is something needed to boost the productivity of the company, it could cause a lot of hardships and problems.

The theft can be either internal or external, that is carried out by employees or an outsider. Whichever of the two made the theft, the results are the same. To prevent the consequences of the theft, it is advisable to get security.

With adequate security, thieves will not bother themselves to burgle your company or take away things when they know that they might get caught.

2. Added Prestige

A security company that has a sound security systems in place, whether that of computers or humans, has a great prestige. In a company like that, clients and customers feel safe whenever they are in the vicinity of the company. And they would always be happy to return. Compare this to a company or business where a thief grabs and escapes with a customer’s valuables within the company.

Apart from the safety that the customers feel, there is also the feelings of the employees. When employees feel safe where they work, they are encouraged to perform better and this boosts the productivity of the company.

3. Aiding of Investigations

If your company is the type that has security cameras and systems installed, they can be crucial in aiding police and security agents’ investigations. The security systems of many companies have been instrumental in the catching of many criminals.

The security systems or cameras can also help to retrieve things lost by customers especially if the company is a very big place.

4. To Detect Weapons and People With Bad Intentions

Having security in place in your company can help to detect people with alternative plans before they can carry out their plans. It can also detect weapons and that way, the safety of the people in the company can be guaranteed.

5. Insurance Protection

Having security in place can also help to prevent extra costs of property insurance based on premiums.

Titan Security Europe is a security company that can ensure the security of your company. The security company has everything required of a great and effective security solution.


Securing a company can come in the form of computers and humans and while both can be easily compromised, it is harder to compromise human guards compared to computers. In any case, it is better to secure the services of a security company whose security systems and security guards cannot be hacked. To get the best security guard in involves doing researches to know the best security company from which to hire them.

To safeguard a company, a security guard plays a very important role. This is because of the many important tasks that they do to protect the company from both hostile internal and external forces.

Irrespective of the sector that your company belongs to, you are going to need security guards to safeguard your company. The job description of a security guard, especially one who works in a company is numerous. Some of them include:

1. Monitoring of Surveillance Equipment

Security guards protecting a company man the surveillance equipment- all the cameras that shows people in a particular place. It also shows all the actions of the people. That way, they will be able to notice people whose behaviour is strange or who look out of place and report to the proper people.

2. Property Patrol

A security guard also patrols the company that they have been assigned. Depending on the type of company, they patrol may be done in shifts and it could cover the entire company or just the most important parts. The purpose of the patrol is to prevent people who would love to get unlawful access into the company.

3. Building and Equipment Inspection

Company buildings need to be checked frequently for harmful objects or things out of place that could harm people. The same is also applicable to valuable equipment.

4. Entry Permission

The job of a security officer is also to allow entry into the company of people who have the right to be there and who has met all the requirements needed to be allowed entry into the company. They also make sure that people who have not met the requirements gain no entrance into the company.

5. Maintain Decorum

There are times when people, either employees, visitors or clients are engaged in a scuffle. It is the job of the security guard to maintain decorum by breaking up a fight and sanctioning the people involved

6. Report Making

Security guards also make reports of their activities and things that happened under their watches. The report is important in getting a sense of events and how the guards should react if the same thing should happen. They also make reports on people who have violated company policies and rules.

7. Gift and Items Inspection

To prevent harm against the employer and employees, the security guards also use sophisticated equipment to check out the items to be given to people in the company and make sure that the contents don not contain things that could cause harm.

8. Inspection for risk factors

The security guards’ job is also to make sure there is no equipment that could cause harm to the user and also check for faulty objects that could be a risk to the occupants of the company.

Differences between Expert and Amateurish Security Guards

The safety of a valuable property can depends on the type of security that is being provided for that valuable property. The type of security can be expert or amateurish. It is very obvious that one of these two will provide adequate security while the other will not.

To hire the services of a security guard, one must be able to tell the differences between an expert security guard and an amateurish guard.

1. Experience

Experience means you have seen it all and have done it all. Experience is one of the differences between an expert security guard and an amateur security guard. A security guard who is just starting to be a guard is an amateur because he or she is still learning the ropes.

As a result, when faced with a circumstance that he or she has not faced before, there is no experience to react to the circumstance, which could lead to massive problems. A security guard however, knows how to react in whatever crisis he faces. He or she can use the experience they have to solve problems.

2. Approachable

An expert security guard is also approachable compared to an amateur. Amateurish security guards believe that they are always right and they do not take to correction. They do not want to be seen as weak and they get angry easily when being told what to do by other people.

An expert security guard, however, understands that no one is above mistake and they easily accept a mistake when corrected and make sure that such a mistake never repeats itself.

3. Follow Through

Amateurish security guards stop their protection work when they think their job is done but an expert security guard continues the protection until they are told it is done. A lot of valuables have been saved by expert security guards who took their jobs very seriously.

4. Consistency

Amateurish security guards are the type that performs well in their duties one day and then do the opposite another day. An expert security guard on the other hand is consistent every day. The standard of their protection works for each day remains the same if not increases.

5. Bravery

Being a good security guard requires courage and bravery. While amateurish security guards flee at the first sign of trouble, expert security guards on the other hand make sure that they do the job they have been paid for honourably and bravely.

Expert security guards are not afraid to face people with bad intentions and stop them from getting access to the buildings or the properties that they have been trained and paid to protect. They are always ready and unafraid to put down people who have the tendency to cause problems.

6. Responsibility

An amateur security guard is one who will never accept responsibility when things go wrong but is always willing to accept it when things happen the way they should. All expert security guards on the other hand are not afraid to accept the responsibilities of their actions.

There is no other place to get a capable and experienced security guard other than Titan Security

Hiring a company that deals with security services may require checking out all the services that they render and find out the one you need. Some security companies provide a single or particular type of security service but the best security companies are the one that offer a wide range of security services. The services include:

1. Construction Sites and Buildings

The best security services involve providing protection for construction sites by prevent against damages, arson and other hazards. Also, expensive and valuable equipment being used in the construction site needs requires safeguarding to prevent extra costs or insurance problems. Titan Security Europe provides this type of security services across Europe.

2. Storage Sites and Shopping Centre Security Guards

Providing guards and security systems for the protection of items in storage sites and shopping centre. There could be guards who are in charge of surveillance systems that are capable of picking out people with bad intentions or people who have committed a theft in the shopping centre.

The security guards are also capable to breaking up a fight between customers and stop it from escalating by handing over the troublemakers to the police or kicking them out of the premises to prevent them from causing harm to other people.

3. Concert Arenas, Clubs and Pubs Door Supervisors

These are places of relaxation and entertainment where people who sometimes visit there may not be there to relax or be entertained but instead are there to cause problems. The best security services include security guards who could act as supervisors of entry into places like these and prevent unauthorized or dangerous people from causing problems.

4. Gate House Premises and Office/Front House Guards

Houses and office premises also require security, both computerized and security guards. The computerized security can be in the form of alarm systems that notifies the owner, the security guards or even the police of an intruder. When they have been warned, they will be able to take the required action to apprehend the intruder into the house or office. The best security services also offer this type of protection.

5. Oil and Gas Production Facilities.

These facilities definitely require security apparatus and this is because of the sensitive and expensive equipment and products in the facilities. The security guards help to secure the assets of the facilities from the exploration processes to transportation of products.

6. Manufacturing sites

Just like the Oil and Gas facilities, security guards are also essential to sites where manufacturing of goods and products are being done. They are useful in securing the equipment being used and also providing protection for people who work in the sites.

They are responsible for checking out the vehicles that come into and go out of the site premises and making sure that they have been authorized to come in or leave.

Other services provided by the best security services include offshore sites and ground drilling site security guards, gate house keepers, mobile security control, test facilities and test centers, etc.

Titan Security Europe provides all these security services. Which makes the company the best that anyone can count on to provide all encompassing security.

Building Security Resilience

security services require resilience. The level of resilience of a building greatly depends on the level of security provided in that building. That level can determine the formidability of a building. On that note, there are two ways of improving the security of a company. security services improve security with the use of computerized security and the use of security guards.

One or both of these can be used to build up the resilience of a building. Whichever one is being used, it is imperative that the level of security must be higher than what burglars are used to.


The use of computerized security has bolstered security services, this can be in the form of alarm systems, motion sensors, or fingerprints and palm prints.

A building that is fitted with alarm systems makes it easy to track the progress of intruders into the building. The loud noise that alarm makes is capable of making a would-be building invader from getting access into the building and making away with valuable things.

Additionally, if the alarm system is connected to a nearby police station, the police officers can react quickly by visiting the building and catching a criminal who is trying to get into the building. The alarm system is particularly useful when one is not always at home.

Motion sensors also provide security against burglars. Most motion sensors are directly connected to the alarm system such that when the motion sensors sense the intruder, the alarm is automatically sounded.

However, to prevent false alarm, it is better to purchase the newly-made and updated motion sensors.


When considering security services, the security personnel also has to be deliberated upon. If the level of the security guards is high, the resilience of the building that they guard is also elevated. Security guards help to patrol a building and this discourages burglars from trying to get access into the building.

With security guards, it is not easy for arsonists or any other troublemaker from causing problems to the building.

A security guard whose level is high is one who has been highly trained and who has enough experience to perform his or duties adequately. The guard is also one who is loyal, honest and is always ready to tackle security hazards and making sure that people do not get hurt.

Before going for any security services that deals with the protection of buildings, one needs to be sure that hiring the services of that security company will enhance the resilience of the building.

There are so many benefits that one enjoys when the level of resilience of a building is high enough. Those benefits include:

a. The protection of valuables in the building

b. Prevention of crime: With a high building resilience, burglars and thieves will think thrice before trying to get unauthorized access into the building.

c. People whose buildings have high security resilience also have peace of mind and they do not have to worry about any problems.

d. The high level of the resilience of a building also means that they owner would not have to pay a high amount of insurance, thereby reducing expenditure costs.

How to Be Security Conscious

Being security conscious can be referred to being in a state to notice discrepancies in the situation of things in the environment. It means being able to notice people who are behaving strangely. Being security conscious can be the difference between being in safety and being in danger. The attribute is peculiar to security guards. As a matter of fact, the best security guards are the most security conscious and this is because they have been highly trained to spot danger and dangerous people very quickly.

A security agency is targeted at providing the best protection through security consciousness

There are several ways of being security conscious and the knowledge could be very important for anyone irrespective of age or gender. It is all about being safe.

1. Record Keeping

A lot of people may not know this but many secrets had been gotten form the inability to keep record of information effectively. Imagine a company that stores the records of transactions, revenues and expenditures, names and addresses of employees, and other sensitive information that should not get into the wrong hands. If all these information are not being kept securely and just left anywhere, it may fall into the hands of the wrong people who may exploit it and use it to do evil deeds.

Being security conscious means knowing that sensitive information should be guarded jealously, which is why you should consider a security agency.

2. Keeping Secrets

Another way of being security conscious is by keeping secrets. Once information is being let out by the keeper, it is no longer a secret. Sharing information to the wrong person may backfire and cause a lot of problems later. Margaret Atwood once said, “The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there is isn’t one.” This simply means that in order not to spill secrets to the wrong people, no matter how close they may be to you, it is better to pretend that there is no secret to keep in the first place.

Truth be told, it takes a special kind of person to keep secret jealously. This is why it is absolutely important that before hiring the services of a security agency, it is advisable to make sure that the guards being hired are the type that can effectively keep secrets.

3. Be Unpredictable

When smart criminals are about to commit a crime, what they do is study their target, especially if it is a human being. They check out the routine of such person and try to see if there is any lapse in the person’s security and if the person involved is someone who does things by habit, they are able to check the habits of that person and look for an opening through which they can attack such person.

This is also applicable to a security guard that patrols a building. If the guard is a creature of habit, the criminals look for a gap through which they can use to get access to them building.

One way to foil the plans of such criminals is to be totally unpredictable. Do things at random to confuse and discourage such people.

agency security

Security is the key to freedom and development which is why you need the best security agency. You can find a wide range of security agencies , however, Titan Security Europe offers security at its peak

Without a doubt a leading security company that offers security services of any kind. The services provided are extensive and covers a range of valuables from properties to establishments. Of all the security agency , Titan Security Europe is different from the rest in many aspects. This exceptional security agency is:

1. Technologically Sound

The security agency makes use of technology to perform its activities. This is especially noticeable in the clean cut, wonderful website that lists all the services they provide to clients. The company also makes use of technology for security purposes. For example, the company uses technology to track the progress of patrols in order to monitor and super use them.

There is also the use of state of the art alarm system that helps to provide protection against intrusion by unauthorized people.

2. Range of Services

Titan Security Europe also provides security in many aspects depending on what the clients want. The company provides security for buildings like house and office premises, gatehouse, security guards for establishments and also inspection of buildings.

3. Customer Care Service

Titan Security Europe also offers a 24 hour customer care service in order to help people get in touch for one reason or the other either through phone or through email. The company values and takes its clients seriously which is why it does all its best to make sure that clients are satisfied with the services being provided.

4. Quality of Security Guards

The security guards from the company are those who have the required skills and who had been highly trained to behave and act respectfully towards clients and everyone related to the client.

The company provides permanent and temporary staffing recruitment solutions and make sure that all requirement needs are met and that the people being recruited have quality skills and have been fully better before being assigned to sensitive security duties.

5. Experience

The security company has over 30 years’ experience in the security industry which means that they know everything they need to know about providing protection for buildings and properties.

The fact that the company is still in business and still going strong is as a result of the effectiveness of their services and the apparent satisfaction of the clients whose interests and resources they have been protecting for a long time.

All the above mentioned makes the security agency stand out among all the other security agencies .

CCTV and Alarm Systems versus Security Guards

Security companies provide security both in the form of cameras for surveillance and security guards for the protection of assets, properties and establishments. Some of the companies may focus on only the installation of CCTV while some involves only the use of security guards and still yet others involves the use of the two.

Irrespective of the ones used from the above, there is still a question being asked of which is better to use between CCTV and alarm systems or security guards.

CCTV and Alarm Systems

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit Television and its history extends to the 1942 when it was first installed by a company called Siemens AG to observe the launch of V-2 rockets.

Many years and several technological upgrade later, the surveillance cameras are being used in majority of buildings and establishments to provide protection and alert the right people about intruders. The closed-circuit TV is also being installed in cities to enable the government security agencies to track criminal elements and apprehend them.

The history of the alarm system also stretches back to the 19th century when it was invented by a man called Augustus Russell Pope. Many years later, the alarm system has been upgraded also and used for many purposes, especially in the security business.

Surveillance cameras and alarm systems and their installations are now part of the services rendered by security companies and they are very useful in preventing theft in homes, offices and establishments. They are also useful in preventing thieves from making out items from shopping centres without paying for them.

Apart from prevention of theft, surveillance cameras can also be used to prevent threats like sexual harassment or to catch employees who are slacking in their duties or who are doing things that are against the company’s policies.

Finally, the things compiled from the surveillance cameras can be used to pile up evidences against wrongdoers.

The alarm systems also help to prevent theft by notifying the right people who can then take action. However, one disadvantage of the surveillance cameras and the alarm systems is that they can be hacked and disabled by criminal elements but you can trust security company to see to this challenge.

Security Guards

While surveillance cameras and alarm systems can be hacked easily, it is not so easy to do the same to security guards who can in fact think for themselves and make decisions. This is why security companies take this part of security serious.

Humans have been used as security for time immemorial and they will continue to be used. Security guards are used for patrols and inspections of buildings and one thing is that they can be inserted into places and do more than surveillance cameras can ever do.

Since majority of threats come from humans themselves, security guards are able to think like their fellow humans and think about how a place can be targeted and then they use that same thought to stop the actions of those people.

Among all security companies , Titan Security Europe is a security company that can provide complete services of CCTV, alarm systems and impeccable security guards who cannot be compromised.

Security Companies and Clients

Every business needs a customer or client to whom they provide their services. For any business to flourish, they must be a deep relationship between that business and the people to whom its services are provided. When clients see how committed a business is to them, they are willing to show their loyalty to the business by staying on as client.

Showing deeper commitment to services mean going the extra mile to make sure that the clients are satisfied and although nothing is perfect, they make sure that clients enjoy near perfection and have no cause to complain much.

Without a doubt, for a business to succeed, there must be a great relationship between the business and the clients they serve. Since security companies are also businesses, it is not a surprise that they too have a deep relationship with their clients. However, with security companies, it is more than just protection.

Great security companies do all their possible best to go the extra mile for their clients when it comes to security. There are several things or considerations that make customers stick to particular security companies.

1. Customer Care Service

Companies with customer care service are usually more favoured than companies who don’t. This is because of the so many advantages of customer service.

a. Reference purpose

When people are able to make complaints about something that is not right or suggestions about something that they think would be beneficial, and the company does something about it, the customers will not wait to refer the company to other people.

That way, the company gets extra customers.

b. Customer loyalty

With great customer service, customers feel valued and special and they have the feeling that the company had their best interests at heart. When they enjoy the customer care service, they are encouraged to continue using the company’s services knowing that they are covered.

c. Competitive advantage

A security company that has customer care service is more appreciated than the company which doesn’t have one. Because of this fact, there is no chance for much competition over the services provided.

2. Consistency

security companies that provide services with great consistency is another reason why clients stick to some security companies. Consistency means that the services provided is not one that works one day and then not work on another day.

When it comes to security, consistency is like gold. This is because whenever there are lapses, criminals may exploit the lapses and use chance to wreak havoc and cause do much trouble.

However when the security services are working day in, day out, there is no chance for criminal elements to use any opportunity to cause problems.

One security company whose clients are very loyal to, is Titan Security Europe. This is because the security agency has a wonderful customer care service that gives clients the opportunities to talk about the services that they are getting.

One thing though is that clients rarely have any cause to complain as services provided by the company works seamlessly and without problems.

As a Security company, we have provided Security services for many years from warehousing to well known Retail outlets and Shops in the Convenience sector. As a manned guarding company we have been asked to cover sites under construction, to more sensitive and private estate sites. We are use to dealing with Vip guests and high end products and Aero and auto motive industry industry. Are Security Services are known throughout as one of the larger recruiters in the industry this is supported by amount of sites we cover. Opportunist theft and crime does not sleep, Titan Security Europe can protect your assets and secure your business. give us a call on +441803 446004 for further support.

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