For many years intruder alarms have been used in the private residential as well as commercial and industrial sectors to indicate that there is some sort of security breach when they are triggered.

Alarms come in many forms and have developed over the years, making particular advances as the internet and internet speeds developed exponentially in the last decade or so.

Alarm systems mainly consist of 3 types:

1 Noise emitting alarms

These are the simplest type of alarms. They use sensors mounted on doors and windows to determine when a breach is occurring. They then emit a high-decibel sound to alert anyone in the vicinity that a security breach has taken place. This deters thieves from continuing their attempt to gain entry. 

There are some drawbacks to this type of system. They are often prone to accidental triggering resulting in a false alarm. The second issue is that unless they are connected to some sort of monitoring agency they are considered to be a deterrent only and rely on someone reporting the alarm to the relevant authorities

2. Remotely monitored alarms

A step up from simple noise emitting alarms, more complex early systems could be connected via the telephone line to police services or remote monitoring agencies. Police or security officers could then provide an alarm response, investigate the triggering event and secure premises that had been breached. Central stations became well-trained in responding to an event but the slow speed of the response, the demand on resources and the level of false alarms proved to be cost-prohibitive.

3. Centrally controlled and monitored surveillance systems

High-speed internet combined with rapid advances plus reduction in the cost of video surveillance technology, has made this type of alarm the favoured option in both homes and commercial premises.

Not only can security breaches be recorded, they can be constantly monitored in real time over the internet. They are used by security companies such as Titan Security to link to a central control room and provide a rapid alarm response to a triggering event.

Titan Security alarm response services

Titan Security can provide any level of response to your triggering events. We can tailor our service according to budget and specific requirements.

Monitor and Alert

We can act as the monitoring contact when your alarm is triggered and alert the authorities to respond. This is a cost-effective option and useful for private households or businesses needing a temporary service when homes or premises are left empty for any reason. Combine this with our keyholder service and you enable us to secure your premises against further intrusion should the worst happen. If your system has been installed by another company we can still integrate it into our monitoring services without problem.

Monitor and Respond

The option often used by commerce and industry is our monitoring and rapid response service. We employ dedicated teams of mobile and patrolling security officers in direct and constant contact with our central control. These are ready to deploy at a moments notice to quickly respond to alarm triggers. Effectively you nominate Titan as your alarm response contact and we do the rest.

Single or multiple premises can be covered easily and we have control centres across the UK and around Europe to cover just abut any geographical location

24 Hour Surveillance and Respond

At Titan security we have expert advisors ready to engage with you during the strategic security planning process.  Our technical expertise means that we can supply and install a remotely monitored system to suit any purpose. This is our most intense and therefore most effective intrusion protection measure.

Feeds from your security cameras will be constantly monitored by our control officers. Should we spot something untoward or a sensor is triggered, we can immediately dispatch a security team to your premises to investigate and deal with the issue. Alongside that we will immediately alert the appropriate authorities.

Static Security Alarm Response

For large commercial and industrial premises, the most effective alarm response is with on-premise static security staff. We can cover all possibilities from installing and manning on-site surveillance control rooms through to remote monitoring with alerts that are directed straight through to our static security officers working at your premises.

Why use Titan Security for alarm response?

Our services are flexible and tailored to your needs. Whatever your budget, Titan Security will find the most cost-effective solution for you. Our services are suitable for residential homes, factories, building sites, warehouses and retail outlets.

Our staff are the best in the business. We only employ background checked, highly trained and experienced personnel. We supplement existing training with specialist training in more complex aspects of the security industry and our staff are renowned for their professionalism, reliability and dedication.

Fixed term / temporary contracts are as welcome as long-term and permanent contracts. For something as important as security you need a large, well-established and respected security company. We have been supplying these type of services for decades around the UK and across Europe with references that speak to our quality.