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If you are thinking of setting up a security company for guarding, security guards or related security services. There are some key points you will need to meet.

You will need to start off this journey by reading the Guardianship act thoroughly and to the letter. The act applies to title for both individuals and if you wish to do this on a commercial level. Details of this initial act can be found here. This document has been put together from ministry of justice and public security in Norway

The purpose of this law is to

a)safeguard the legal security of those who come into contact with watchmen,
b)ensure good quality of security services,
c)facilitate the effective public control of the business, and
d)prevent watch activities which, because of their military or other security nature, are incompatible with watch activities under this Act, or otherwise are illegal or in violation of international law.

There is 22 sections to cover this will entail Penalty’s , Entry by force and Regulations but to name a few.

Leading on from this you will also need to cover Guard Operations and Regulations diligently. Further information on this can be found via Guard business regulations act.

In particular there is section on strict conduct requirements for that of business owner , as well as senior manager any shareholders or board member’s to that of company. This can also be found under section 4 of the watchdogs regulations on security companies in Norway. This will cover points such as Assessment of satisfactory behavior and requirement of guard duty.

Once you have read and understood the need to meet points raised in Guardianship , you will then need to establish a company. To do this you will need to go to business register or also known as the unit register before approval is accepted.

So when thinking of starting a business key points need to be considered.

Plan your establishment, the choice of the organisational form or sector you wish to operate in as well as name selection of the business. Ask your self how you are going to finance your startup organisation. You will then need to registrar and on how to do this please read above. then on type of company for example ltd (AS) then pitfalls that can be avoided in early years of business.

Then on to last part of setting up your agency will be submitting a application permit to deliver security services this will need to be submitted to police.

This application form is not on line and is written by the dictorate of the police services. The district were you wish to operate will be were this form must be submitted and stated were you will operate. Your head office will be required to be on this form.

This Form can be found here

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