Armoured and unarmoured vehicle security transport across Europe and Uk.

Titan Security Europe provide vehicle transport throughout Europe. These services can be applied to product launches, and regular transportation of goods. Such security services in armoured and unarmoured transport can be applied to high risk cargos. Such cargos and loads may be subject to criminal activity. This activity can be hijacking of transport with intention of theft of cargo or damage. These risks can be mitigated or eradicated through use of armoured or unarmed transport services. We provide these services across Europe and United Kingdom on regular basis. We provide business to business support through route planning, GPRS and managed guarding. The guarding support will involve the following either discreetly or visibly through a country or across borders. Please be aware armoured support is country pending, this applies to border. Where this is applicable, we can provide split route protection providing armoured support in countries permitting followed by link to bordering country were a second unarmoured team will provide support for second part of route. With a twenty-four-hour control room and support across multi country we are in strong position to assist you. We can also provide delivered support through use of courier two-man teams.

Transportation guarding is often supplied with individuals having high level of military or close protection experience. Understanding of local country is key to providing complete security. Bilingual staff of route including A to B country understanding are key. If you meet this criterion, we wish to hear from you.

Titan Security Europe are equal opportunities employer, to understand more about what we do and how we can provide your company or business with security transport solutions visit our home page now.

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