Titan Security Europe has been supplying high-quality, professional security services throughout the UK and across Europe for over 3 decades. We provide security guards and a full range of security services for the industrial, retail, commerce and leisure sectors. During that time we have built a reputation based on professionalism, integrity and our ability to come up with a tailored security package for just about any occasion.

In this post, we are going to focus on the transportation security services we supply with regard to secure transportation of high-value cargoes, valuable items, and important people.

What is Transport Security?

Our transport security services dovetail seamlessly with the most of the other security services we provide. It general, our transport security services fall into 3 categories:

1. Lorries and Heavy Goods Vehicles

Valuable cargoes are at their most vulnerable when they leave one secure facility and transit via the road network to a delivery destination. Depending on the type of goods in transit, it is not unusual for a large Heavy Goods Vehicle to be carrying a load valued in excess of a million pounds. No wonder then, that they are a tempting prospect for professional criminals.

On a long haul across the UK or the continent of Europe, a lorry will need to stop several times for different reasons. Refuelling, rest breaks, queues for border checks are just some. When a vehicle is at a standstill it is more vulnerable than when it is travelling. Even when travelling, it is not unknown for criminals to use aggressive tactics to stop or slow the vehicle and attempt a hijacking.

At Titan Security we can provide a secure escort in 2 different ways. Either as a high visibility deterrent using a marked security car, or if something a little more discreet best suits the task in hand, an unmarked escort vehicle with plain clothes security personnel on board. We have vehicles available with or without armour.

Our security officers who are accompanying a valuable cargo will all be managed from a central location with constant 2-way communication plus the latest in GPRS technology for tracking and pinpointing their exact location.

We are normally able to escort across borders without issue but in cases where we are unable to cross a border; for example if providing an armed escort, we would arrange for the cargo to be met by in-country personnel on the other side of the border.

2. Secure Courier Transport Service for Cash and Valuable Items

As well as our standard manned security guarding services we are also able to provide secure transportation for cash, sensitive documents and high-value items for the finance and banking industry and a range of commercial enterprises. This might include pre-scheduled cash pickup from ATMs, secure delivery of inter-office documents and person-to-person delivery of jewellery and other valuable items.

We often employ fully-vetted and highly-trained ex military and service personnel for their relevant training and experience. We would also make sure that these services are provided by 2-man teams as a minimum. Our staff are trained to make sure high-value deliveries arrive at the correct destination and that they are handed over to the right person with checked and verified identification.

We are always able to adapt to the situation and the needs of our clients. We can provide armoured security vehicles with uniformed guards as a visible deterrent or plain clothes guards for discreet escorting.

3. Secure Transport for VIPs, Executives and High Profile People

Secure transportation is a vital part of our VIP security service. We have highly trained close protection security personnel and a fleet of secure and armoured vehicles available for escorting and transportation of VIPs. We can provide everything from airport pick-ups and transportation to red carpet and public events, right through to personal round-the-clock secure transportation and security chauffeuring on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

Partnering with Titan Security Europe for Transportation Security

If you are looking for a reliable and highly experienced security company for your secure transportation requirements, then look no further than Titan. Our experience in the industry goes back decades and we have testimonials and references from authorities, international companies and large and small enterprises to back it up.

As an equal opportunities employer, our commitment to the highest levels of training and development for our security personnel is second to none. If you take on Titan Security to do a job large or small, you can rest assured that the job will get done and get done well.

To learn more about what we do and the full range of security services we provide visit our home page now. You can get in touch with one of our security experts using the contact form, or call us direct on +441803 446004. An initial security consultation is free and without further obligation.