As a professional security service based in Uk and Europe , we are available to both private and commercial customers for security tasks . 

Our activities include individual security measures and services as well as advice on the appropriate security concept for a company, organization or event.

Certified security service for your security needs.

Efficient and proactive project management and the highest demands on the professional planning and implementation of all security tasks: The Titan Security Service does not only stand by its name – but can also substantiate this various accreditation’s here in UK and Europe proves our consistently high standards of work as a security service.

The importance of certified security

The certification of our security work and individual processes ensures for our customers that all our services and consultations are always at the highest level. Within the framework of quality assurance, specific process sequences, competences and communication channels have been defined, which form the basis of their daily work for all security forces of our security company. Of course, we use internal control mechanisms to continuously monitor the application and implementation of these requirements in all projects, thus ensuring the consistently high quality of our security services these are latest cloud based application services.

An important element of modern quality management and a prerequisite for the permanent fulfillment of all certification requirements is the constant work on optimizing processes and workflows. Therefore, all our security officer and guard staff are required to identify potential for improvement in addition to the implementation of existing quality standards. In this way, the Titan Security Service ensures that security processes are optimized exactly where it matters: in daily security work. Instead of administration-oriented efficiency optimization, our improvements focus on the quality of our work for our customers.

We are available 24/7. Either via our service hotline or alternatively via the contact form . For inquiries you can always send us an  e-mail . We answer them immediately. For questions or concerns you can of course also use our contact form.

Our security and security services:

Titan Security Europes security Service is your trusted partner in property protection, event protection, site security and many more. 

The quality of our work is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. When it comes to security we do not allow negligence. Therefore, every customer receives a fixed contact person for all matters that can be reached around the clock.

Proximity to the customer provides the basis for successful cooperation. 

Our security guards and officers security team, is regularly involved in training and education. This ensures that every employee is optimally prepared for use in the security service.

Your safety is our concern!

Our service:

  • Around the clock for your safety in action.
  • 24/7 reachable
  • service hotline
  • Only the best trained security personnel
  • Fixed contact for all matters
  • Tailored security concept

Get professional security – around the clock!

As a security service in action throughout Uk and Europe.

As a security company, we cover all fields in which companies, institutions and organizations, organizers and private individuals need a security service. 

This starts with the plant and property protection or the object support. We secure office buildings just as professionally as production and warehouse locations throughout Uk and Europe working with global and independent operators.

Another important field of application is event protection . 

Our experienced officers ensure that events of all kinds are carried out safely. Of course, a polite appearance as well as the adaptation to the claim of the event in the outfit of the security staff is self-evident. In general, reliability , punctuality and unconditional loyalty to our customers are very important to Golden Eye Security.

A professional security service is also indispensable on construction sites today . Above all, the guarding of the site outside working hours is important to prevent theft and vandalism. Here we provide security through security checkpoints and access controls. Access control is also the focus of our deployment as a reception service . 

As a service or admission control we make sure that you have full control over the passenger and freight traffic on your premises at all times.

A professional service, we offer our customers as a city ​​patrol , close protection , bodyguardDoorman , in the parking space monitoring or the parking security but of course in the hotel security concierge.

Titan Security not only attaches great importance to highly trained security staff .

 Each security force also undergoes a personality test . This is how we ensure that our customers are well looked after.

Closing security gaps with Security Services

The use of a security service is recommended in all areas. Because the reliable security services of our security company help to close security gaps. This includes expectable conflict situations – for example, when alcoholic visitors try to cause issues at a festival. But even the unexpected is well prepared with the expert support of our security forces. 

In addition, the presence of a guard on many occasions alone helps to deter troublemakers or thieves. This is especially true when it comes to times of the day when there is neither work nor public traffic: parking lots, construction sites or production halls are preferred destinations for troublemakers at night and on weekends. A visual presence will act as a deterrent.

Areas and Fields of application of our security service for private clients and Residential guarding.

In the private environment our security service company is preferred as security for buildings and estates as well as for events booked. Especially people with comprehensive possessions appreciate it when they need not worry about protecting their property from unauthorized access. And for larger celebrations, inaugurations, etc., our event protection team ensures that all guests can party safely and undisturbed and enjoy the evening at all times. Emerging disputes that are not uncommon on such occasions, settle our experienced security guards and officers able to bring calm.

The Background information on the competence of our security forces

In order to work as a security guard, a officer or a bodyguard for our security service, applicants must bring with them extensive expertise and undergo a rigorous selection process. We pay attention to the professional training and many experience in safety work as well as so-called soft factors. Above all, this includes the social competence of the security forces – their ability to react calmly and calmly even in tense and stressful situations, and to handle people of all temperaments politely and confidently. Knowledge of modern de-escalation tactics is as much a part of the skill set of our security guards as an open, friendly demeanor.

The Special fields of object surveillance: from hospital security to hotel security

Our employees are used in numerous special fields of modern property protection. In addition to the plant protection and company guarding, this also includes hotel security, hospital and hospital guarding and car park monitoring. In all these activities, we focus on the individual needs of our clients in our security work, provide round-the-clock protection and security, close security gaps and always give your guests, visitors, customers or patients a completely secure feeling.

Special field of event security: stand surveillance at trade fairs and exhibitions

A particularly frequently used field of application in the matter of event protection by our security service is the stand surveillance at trade fairs. During the fair’s hustle and bustle, we ensure safety at the exhibition stand – and outside opening hours, ensuring that the valuable exhibits and equipment in the stand are protected against theft and industrial espionage. If required, we also like to develop an individual security concept for your event security.

fields of application

Property and plant protection

highly motivated, alert, reliable

  • Patrols and patrols on the premises or in the building
  • Consulting and development of a security concept
  • Access control to the company premises / company building
  • Defense against vandalism
  • Defense against burglaries
  • fire watch
  • Company security
  • guard duty
  • Create badges
  • reception service

Site surveillance:

inexpensive, trained, flexible

  • Guard tours / patrols
  • Entrance checks at the construction site entrances
  • Attendance checks on the premises
  • closing service
  • patrol duty
  • fire watch

Event Security:

de-escalating, professional, flexible

  • Risk assessment and security planning
  • admission control
  • Securing the stage area
  • Hedging backstage area
  • Checks over the area
  • Information for audience questions for orientation in the event location
  • Securing escape routes and emergency exits
  • cash service
  • Security
  • Use of de-escalation techniques against uninvited guests
  • Control of emergency exits

Reception services:

reliable, competent, reasonably priced

  • Risk assessment and security planning
  • friendly welcome of the visitors
  • Information service for orientation on the premises or in the building
  • Verification of vehicles and deliveries
  • security check
  • Use of our folders as Doorman / bouncer
  • access control
  • Creation of ID cards

City patrol:

competent, well-trained, de-escalating

  • parks
  • courts
  • inner cities
  • residential
  • schools
  • playgrounds
  • Parking lots and houses
  • Shopping centers
  • Railway stations and airports
  • pedestrian areas
  • schools
  • sports facilities
  • banks
  • social hotspots
  • city-near forest areas
  • Bathing and swimming pools
  • Campgrounds
  • transport

Store detective:

trained, reliable, flexible

  • Doorman / entrance control
  • Enforcement of the house right
  • Monitoring of customer traffic in the sales area
  • Intervention in attempted theft
  • Courses over parking lots and underground garages
  • Notification to the authorities
  • Safety and protection for the customers
  • mystery shopping
  • video-supported monitoring


polite, uniformed, discreet

  • clubs
  • Rave and techno parties
  • concerts
  • discotheques
  • Shopping centers
  • Retail stores
  • supermarkets
  • Retail security
  • incoming inspection
  • access control

Officers and Security Guards:

trained, competent, polite

  • Event Protection / Event Security
  • reception services
  • Doorman
  • Parking guard
  • Hotel security
  • Security for stores
  • receptions
  • concerts
  • measure up
  • Galas and awards
  • Performances of all kinds
  • meetings
  • conferences
  • inauguration celebrations
  • Sports Events
  • Private celebrations
  • Club parties
  • city ​​festivals
  • Football stadium
  • rallies

Parking Security:

reliable, inexpensive, de-escalating

  • Guard for the park area
  • Information to legitimate users of the site (eg business customers)
  • Check parked vehicles for legitimate parking
  • Control of sufficient fee payment
  • Documentation of violations
  • Commissioning of towing services
  • Deterrence of thieves and troublemakers

Hotel Security:

discreet, polite, reliable, inexpensive

  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Creation of an individual security concept
  • Security in the hotel
  • Guard and patrol services in the outdoor area
  • reception services
  • closing services
  • Video monitoring
  • online-based guard monitoring
  • Access and access controls
  • Parking space monitoring and monitoring
  • Fire protection and fire station
  • Handling of alarm systems
  • event Security
  • Site surveillance
  • Cooperation with police and public order

Fire Watch:

dutiful, reliable, qualified

  • Monitoring of flammable work (eg welding)
  • Monitoring of compliance with operational requirements for fire protection
  • Monitoring compliance with legal requirements for fire protection
  • Fire watch after fires
  • Checking the fire protection equipment in the building
  • Fire safety guards at events

Film set watch and show security:

vigilant, discreet, reliable, inexpensive, flexible

  • Access security to the location
  • Protecting actors, presenters and VIPs on the set
  • Protection of technical equipment for production
  • Protection against unauthorized access to the set
  • Securing Outdoor Shots On Location
  • Protection of indoor sets and filming
  • Transport and chauffeur services

Smarttask – Our partner for object and construction site surveillance

We offer our customers security and security services throughout United Kingdom and the European area. Our security staff are deployed in: all major citys,

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