What is Static Security?

When thinking of the need for manned guarding often people will refer to this as static guarding. Unlike title it is anything but static. Static guarding will often be security guarding at building sites or sites that have some level of requirement for a physical security presence. Other examples of a static guard can be concierge security were a physical customer facing reception type security might be required. Other examples can relate to corporate security guarding and hospitality guarding. Titan Security Europe have supplied such guarding to hotels in forms of reception services as a meet and greet guard, as well as securing hotels at nights.  Static Security services can be applied also to many other types of requirements. Are Static security guards and there approach to guarding will involve securing the site in most effective and safest way. Such examples of this can be use of technology like a guard patrol system or QR scanners to monitor patrols of the static security guard. These patrols measure time it takes from one point to another and can be done with real time software to monitor guard’s movement round a site. This is often used for static site security such as fixed guard houses were a compound has a requirement to be secured. Titan Security Europe has also used this type security hardware on warehouses. This will support your lone worker policy and assists our control room with ensuring guard is visiting required points round the site.

Are control room operates a hourly check call services for all our static security guarding this backed up by our dedicated account managers. All are security officers are local to area that they are guarding. Are static Security guards are uniformed and often have military or Police experience. We provide these services worldwide as such confirm to all local requirements. Most recently We have completed Hilton Hotel project in Scotland with our construction guard team this site operated for several month and now takes pride of place in the city.

 As well as Developments in Scotland we have also been busy on a redevelopment in Amsterdam in Netherlands for an independent operator. The requirements of the guard were different due to the location in Amsterdam , as such the frequency of the patrols that the guard was required to conduct were increased. A Risk assessment was made taking into account how the footfall and location of this hotel could affect safety of site.

To summarise the role of static security guard or officer is anything but static in a construction type role. The ability to have a physical presence acts as deterrent and adds value to safety of site with a first point of contact always on hand. Often our static security guards will also be asked to be first point of contact for the site. While vetting visitors coming in and protecting the clients assets.

We have taken on numerus projects from Army basis to Amazon Warehouses and Overseas critical infrastructure. Titan Security Europe can provide Short to Long term Static security guarding across globe.

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