Security guards and Personal guarding for residential security. Recently we were asked by the Sun newspaper to highlight work we do in providing personal security to individuals. This can include vip security and personal protection for their families at their homes. From handling security to and from work to having a presence every night of security guard at your home address is possible, and can be cost effective way of securing both assets and loved ones. Personal security guards uniformed and plain clothed can be deployed to deter criminals. These gangs or individuals may target you due to the possessions or possible public eye you may be in. Examples of this can be when in media your holiday snaps are taken or an incident while away could occur, This flags to criminals whom know you are not at your home residents and target your home.

This can be very distressing we place an officer at your home to make clear that property is manned and acts as a clear deterrent. While were often told that CCTV will deter this, however all too often this poses no issues to criminals who chose to actively disable or just disregard this due to effective time it takes to respond or be viewed in many instances. At Titan Security Europe we provide manned guarding services to host of VIPs both at home but also for events sometimes on instruction of individual and other times from a sponsor.

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