A registered company or business supplier for which supplies security guarding services will sign up to Väktarskolan’s guardian basic training part 1
(VU 1).

Individuals looking to get involved in business of guarding and working for a company will be required to complete a level 1 which is foundation degree and can be done via an approved test center and prior interview.

The upper secondary school form GY11 means that upper secondary schools can now
train guardians within the children’s and leisure program. More and more
high schools are taking the chance. ensureing the quality by
conducting the entire Guardian basic training and arranging internships
in the member companies. Examined guardians from upper secondary schools
are sought after and usually receive work immediately after the training.

A learning center will conduct required training working alongside the provider. The training works in tandem and provides applicant with training on communication and detailed understanding of security techniques as well as use of basic surveillance techniques.

Upon approval via , The Swedish Armed Forces, the Swedish Employment Service, the Social Insurance Office or a so-called TSL company have the opportunity to establish cooperation through an agreement with provider. If these account for your training costs, you can gain access to the Guardian Basic Training with this support.

A security guard acts as a first line defender providing a safe and secure environment either to public or from a health and safety point of view upon a site. A security guard or officer must be employed by a company or organisation within security industry in Sweden. Customers can come from variety of areas such as private individuals to organisations , governments or companies.

To provide security guarding and surveillance to such sites as gatehouses , reception or crime scene guarding.

So what does it take to be a security guard or officer?

in order to provide guarding services there is a legal and suitability requirement for which must be met. This regulatory requirement as an employee or security company owner for which employs is regulated requirement to meet PMFS 2017: 10FAP 573-1 chapter 4 §1-4 and can be found on following link.

To briefly summary these are that you are over legal age of 18 years old. You must be law abiding as well as drug free. You will also have been a resident by this have lived in Sweden for a minimum of five years. As part of this requirement you will be tested on and required to be able to speak fluent Swedish unaided and also be able to perform written Swedish. These requirements play a key part in Swedish guarding and differ slightly to the danish version were English is also applicable. further requirements within the application are that upper secondary education has been completed. If this has not been completed you will be given chance to take a adult education course. This course will also enable operative to not only become an officer but can also allow for working in Airport sector for guarding. It will also cover transportation , residential , personal body-guarding and guard dog control.

Please be aware you ideally will have a driving license as often is the case that site work can be remote you must also be happy on working on your own initiative. Certainly working for Titan security Europe does not mean your first language needs to be English with our office speaking many languages however it is preferential at Titan security Europe.

Private individuals whom wish to apply for this do so at there own cost total cost of this is typically 10,000 SEK inclusive of VAT. If company agrees it is possible for this to be paid for will cover full education.

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