Licensing in Finland for Finnish guarding services.

Permit security services can be carried out by any natural or legal person or entity. This is refered to in Finnish law Article 1 (1) or (2) on the law of right to conduct business transactions (122/1919) whom has correctly obtained a license within country to serve security sector.

In accordance to the assignment agreement , law enforcement duties for gainful employment. These may only be carried out by legal persons refered to in Article 1 (1) or (2) of the law on the right to conduct such business activity. You would therefore have to have a business license thereafter. law enforcement duties referred to therein may be exercised without the permission of the security industry at a general meeting or a public meeting. The security protection activities involving the approval of security tasks which are subject to approval may be carried out by a legal person referred to in Article 1 (1) or (2) of the Law on the right to conduct a business, who has obtained a security business license for security operations.

The security industry License in Finland

Introduced in 2017 of January 1st there is now one single license covering sectors of law enforcement and security activity services. This license enables holder whom holds it to carry out provision of licensed activities through out country or flagged shipping of Finland. Permission is only granted via a Police Board they may also attach conditions to license or certain restrictions for which they have power too. This makes for a well regulated industry.

Transitional provisions of the new Private Security Act (1085/2015)

Any persons that are in receipts of a security guard license at time of the new act (private security act 1085-2015) has the option within time period of six months by notice to police board must declare that it intends to continue operations if this is done so within allotted time period the police board will issue the permit free of any charge.

Prior to act (private security act 1085/2015) a person/s deemed approved to act, as persons considered responsible for guarding of the after-mentioned security firm may continue service as guardian. This will enable the holder of security business license to operate in above cases without notification. In this exception you are not required to complete training referred to in article 77 (1) (2) (TVEAT in Full).

Any person/s upon entry into force of the private securities services act (1085/2015) may therefore carry out unauthorized enforcement or licensed protection security activities.This is based upon two years of the acts entry upon or into force. This would be based upon a filling be no later then 31/12/2018. Similar to schemes in Uk the operative or guard could continue to perform duties while this matter was in resolution.

Prior to grant of set license the security guard can only perform basic clearance duties.These require his or her approval to be employed by a person/s whose validation is then valid. In this instance the case, or the liability of the security protection operator shall be governed by Article 105 (1) (5) of the new Private Security Act (breach of security). Either an application for that of a security business license within security industry in Finland or that of Notice of continuation of set business license may be made to the Police E-service This electronic service must be supported with valid ID, Further information and details can be found under tax administration.

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