Security guarding agency services in Europe offering varying types of guarding.

Airport Security Guarding

Airport security services if you are looking on ways and solutions to support in the control of passengers, cargo or related services to airports, are skilled and experienced operatives across Uk and Europe can assist.

Offering first class airport security guarding control mechanisms.

After the events of September 11 2001 the change in airport security has been vast. The very definition of air transport guarding and that of cargo support and access control is ever changing with demands in passenger numbers and threats it can bring. Quickly adapting to that change Titan Security Europe are able to meet growing demand within this market.

Air cargo patrol is an area that we offer comprehensive solutions. Our officers will check contents going onto carriers both public and private charter, as well as dimensions ,shapes and an attention to detail of cargo’s carrier guidelines. Physical manned guarding security guards and dog detection are areas we primarily supply in as well as x-ray detection and screening.

Offering variety of guarding services requires having a broad spectrum of services.

Retail guarding services

Offering Retail guarding solutions across the continent is an area that we are specialist in.

Offering solutions for loss prevention and protection services.

Titan security Europe have been supplying retail security guards across Europe for a number of years. We work across all major city’s in Europe and now are expanding across Americas and middle east as well as Africa. are experience in this sector leads us in supporting large high footfall stores as well as major events and VIP product launches. Understanding requirements that are needed in providing a competent and safe environment for your customers and staff are paramount. Are services are not limited to international business with many independents now looking at guarding to safeguard stock. A customers in-store experience is one that is key to repeat business and retention of customer. Retail guarding is changing with many stores that haven’t changed with times suffering as such some retail offerings are now only online based as such we have worked with major online retailers to in areas of warehouse guarding. Titan Security Europe will secure your businesses environment for trouble free trading through professional security guards. We offer flexible terms both short term and long term for your needs. We understand theft ,fraud and loss prevention working to be pro-active as to suppose re-active is approach we take. Threat assessment and risk analysis play a key part in approach of retail security guarding. We also offer a mobile patrol and key holding and alarm response option to retailers across globe.

Hotel and concierge security guarding solutions

With good service comes customer satisfaction but how do we achieve this through security? An element key to guests one taken often for granted by the customer.

You may own a chain of hotels or be the proprietor of one , understanding your customer will be at forefront of your mind and clientele you wish to attract. Titan Security Europe offer a concierge guarding service and hotel service security

concierge guarding focuses on customer service and not a stand off security service. uniformed to your requirements are officers offer complete peace of mind 24/7 can be your customers first face.

Door supervisor and licensed premises guarding.

licensed security guarding or also known as door supervisors or bouncers are often first face your customer will see. We focus not only on doorman that are competent in dealing with conflict and threat assessment but also that serve as a friendly place to your premises. These officers are also deployed late night in concierge and hotel offerings. We also supply these same officers to high end members clubs and everyday restaurants. Rest assured your guard will be tailored to environment. Ensuring customer and staff safety is are first focus alongside customer experience an a first rate approach to customer satisfaction.

Corporate Guarding services

corporate security guarding is supplied by us to banking sector. A uniformed service which takes elements from above sectors. Corporate security services focuses highly on areas of threat assessment, terrorist training as well as protester and demonstrator awareness. Are officers will regularly implement risk assessments and application of crowd management access control and emergency measures in event of fire. Working in banking sector are team is highly diligent. To see how we can assist you more please contact us via our contact form. We offer security management services in this sector.

The above taken photos were of sites in Sweden were Titan Security Europe operate.