From party to fair, from film set to park, from main station to company premises.

Professional private security companies like that of Titan Security Europe  are needed everywhere globally. Our experienced teams can be hired for security guarding in office buildings and production facilities as well as for the protection of private property and the protection of events.

 As a specialist for guarding patrolling, security services and security services throughout Uk and Europe, our company is your reliable partner for security tasks of all kinds in Europe.

Our service promise: You can reach us in case of need also at very short notice – around the clock, 7 days a week. Because your safety is our job.

our safety is our job!

So that you, your customers, employees or family in all respects, feel safe and their possessions well protected are, we are working day and night use . From object protection for public, private or business real estate via security for shops to event protection our fields of applicationare diverse. Titan Security Europe not only attaches great importance to highly trained security staff . Each security force also undergoes a personality test . This is how we ensure that our customers are well looked after.

Our service:Around the clock for your safety in action.

24/7 reachable

Free service hotline

Only the best trained security personnel

Fixed contact for all matters

Tailored security concept

Get professional security – around the clock!

Security and Security Services / Security Services / Security Uk

Our services:

Property protection Uk and Europe.

Construction site surveillance Uk and Europe.

Construction site security Uk and Europe.

Object Guard Uk and Europe.

Hotel Security Uk and Europe.

Security Uk and Europe.

Security Management Uk and Europe.

Night porter Uk and Europe.

Night Auditor Uk and Europe.

Personal Security Uk and Europe.

Security Service Uk and Europe.

Escort Uk and Europe.

Hotel Security Uk and Europe.

Residential security Uk and Europe.

Security service provider Uk and Europe.

Department store detective Uk and Europe.

Event Security Uk and Europe.

Reception Services Uk and Europe.

Security Services Uk and Europe.

Residential Security service Uk and Europe.

Doorman Uk and Europe.

Bodyguards Uk and Europe.

City patrol Uk and Europe.

Hotel Guard Uk and Europe.

Event Protection Uk and Europe.

Event security Uk and Europe.

Locking services Uk and Europe.

Security for shops Uk and Europe.

Guard service Uk and Europe.

Shop detective Uk and Europe.

Security patrols Uk and Europe.

Video monitoring Uk and Europe.

Parking Guard Uk and Europe.

Plant protection guarding Uk and Europe.

static Guard Uk and Europe.

Film Set Watching Uk and Europe.

Show Security Uk and Europe.

Guarding of outdoor facilities Uk and Europe.

Parking space monitoring Uk and Europe.

Traffic and parking service Uk and Europe.

Family and Home Security guarding Uk and Europe.

Security and security company Uk and Europe.

An important area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for our security forces is property protection. From the professional car park guarding over the hospital guarding and site security up to the hotel guarding the range of our fields of application extends. A special of our security service is the modern film set watch. In addition, we are your reliable partner for professional retail security and sophisticated event protection. Reception services such as access control and porter services are also part of our security and security portfolio. The event security is also one of the core tasks of our security company. We reliably secure individual events, parties and sports events of all kinds – whether in a public, business or private setting.

All security orders are implemented by our security company with well-trained staff. The security specialists of Titan Security Europe all have a professional education and high level / degree of security knowledge and experience.

Your partner for the show security in the Uk and Europe.

The Titan Security Service is your contact for a top-class show security provider in Uk or Europe. From protection for an outside shooting of film over the security in film studios up to the protection of regularly occurring shows our range of services in the film set guarding and show security ranges.

Show safety is a combination of personal and guards – and thus a very special challenge for a security service. Our security forces always have an eye on all the important points when it comes to guarding film sets in Uk and Europe and can be used flexibly – to match your shooting schedules.

Our security forces close your security gaps

Because security systems and surveillance cameras can not really close real security holes as passive security measures physical guarding, the sense of security they provide is often deceptive. It is therefore indispensable, in addition to passive systems, to use professional security personnel made of flesh and blood for the protection of persons and possessions.

Titans European Security Service protects you, your belongings and all that you care about, with experienced specialists against all kinds of dangers. Whether for protection against burglary, vandalism, shoplifting or annoyance: We are your partner for all types of modern security services in Uk and European major citys of Paris, Berlin,Amsterdam,Brussels,Madrid, Lisbon,Krakow plus many more.

Affordable and competent: our security strengths for your safety in real world.

From reception service to patrol service, from club security to trade fair Marine security, from hospital security to retail security: By commissioning our security service in Uk or European city, you not only make use of the diverse experience of our specialists and consultants. Thanks to our efficient deployment planning, we can offer you all services as a security and security service at very reasonable prices.

Just contact us to learn more about our comprehensive offerings as a security service in Uk or Europe. If required, we are always available by phone or email.