CCTV and Alarm Systems versus Security Guards

Security companies Swindon

Security companies in Swindon provide security both in the form of cameras for surveillance and security guards for the protection of assets, properties and establishments. Some of the companies may focus on only the installation of CCTV while some involves only the use of security guards and still yet others involves the use of the two.

Irrespective of the ones used from the above, there is still a question being asked of which is better to use between CCTV and alarm systems or security guards.

CCTV and Alarm Systems

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit Television and its history extends to the 1942 when it was first installed by a company called Siemens AG to observe the launch of V-2 rockets.

Many years and several technological upgrade later, the surveillance cameras are being used in majority of buildings and establishments to provide protection and alert the right people about intruders. The closed-circuit TV is also being installed in cities to enable the government security agencies to track criminal elements and apprehend them.

The history of the alarm system also stretches back to the 19th century when it was invented by a man called Augustus Russell Pope. Many years later, the alarm system has been upgraded also and used for many purposes, especially in the security business.

Surveillance cameras and alarm systems and their installations are now part of the services rendered by security companies and they are very useful in preventing theft in homes, offices and establishments. They are also useful in preventing thieves from making out items from shopping centres without paying for them.

Apart from prevention of theft, surveillance cameras can also be used to prevent threats like sexual harassment or to catch employees who are slacking in their duties or who are doing things that are against the company’s policies.

Finally, the things compiled from the surveillance cameras can be used to pile up evidences against wrongdoers.

The alarm systems also help to prevent theft by notifying the right people who can then take action.However, one disadvantage of the surveillance cameras and the alarm systems is that they can be hacked and disabled by criminal elements but you can trust security companies in Swindon to see to this challenge.

Security Guards

While surveillance cameras and alarm systems can be hacked easily, it is not so easy to do the same to security guards who can in fact think for themselves and make decisions. This is why security companies in Swindon take this part of security serious

Humans have been used as security for time immemorial and they will continue to be used. Security guards are used for patrols and inspections of buildings and one thing is that they can be inserted into places and do more than surveillance cameras can ever do.

Since majority of threats come from humans themselves, security guards are able to think like their fellow humans and think about how a place can be targeted and then they use that same thought to stop the actions of those people.

Titan Security Europe

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