What is COP26 all about? 

COP26, otherwise known as the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, is a conference where delegates from around the world come together to discuss ways they can uphold their responsibilities under The Paris Agreement—an international commitment among 195 countries aimed at slowing global warming by reducing greenhouse gases. 

This year, the COP 26 conference will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, between 31st of October and the 12 of November. During this time, delegates from around the world will meet to discuss how they can uphold their responsibilities under the Paris Agreement. 

Important guests from around the world 

Participants are expected to include heads of state from around the world as well as other high-level government officials, business leaders, scientists, civil society representatives, indigenous peoples’ organizations and others. With such an important event filled with VIP’s from around the world including presidents and prime ministers, it is of vital importance that security measures are in place 24/7, not just for the event itself but also including security for the guests who will be staying in the nearby hotels surrounding the conference. 

How we ensure hotel security 

With over 20 years of experience in providing security solutions and security guards for hotels throughout the UK and Europe, we at Titan Security were more than prepared to take on the challenge of providing our security services for the guests, including VIP’s, who would be staying at some of the surrounding hotels during the 2-week event.

Hotel Security Planning 

Hotel security requires meticulous planning, especially while important figures with high profiles are staying there. That is why, at Titan Security, we began planning the security aspects for the hotels surrounding the COP26 conference weeks in advance of the actual event.

We started working with the hotel owners in advance to develop and agree on a strategy plan that would consider all the important factors. Once the strategy was developed, we made sure to inform all our security personnel who would be working there during the 2-week event about various possible incidents that could occur, including terrorism, violent crime, anti-social behaviour, medical emergencies, missing persons, equipment failures, and communication loss and how to react in such a situation.

Hotel security audit – Bug Sweep 

Once our security personnel were informed about the different hotel layouts and what to do in the event of an incident occurring, we made sure to carry out a security bug sweep at each hotel.  

Physical, visual, and electronic inspections were conducted across the hotel property as part of the bug sweep. A hotel or workplace can only be adequately bug-screened by a fully trained individual with competence in technical surveillance. When our Titan Security professionals conduct a bug sweep, they make certain to conduct a thorough check that covers a variety of important areas such as the all wires that may potentially transmit data, telephones, front desk equipment, floors, walls and ceilings and any electrical appliances in the hotel room. 

Advanced bug sweeping devices are also included in this assessment, which may swiftly discover unlawful wireless systems of various varieties.

Further security measures

After the bug sweep, we implemented a security surveillance strategy for the hotel through our SIA licenced hotel security guards. The guards would then track who entered the hotel, when they arrived and when they left.  

Hotel security guards are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting the hotel’s guests, staff and property. From monitoring surveillance cameras to patrolling the grounds, they keep their eye on everything that goes on at all hours, ensuring the hotel guest are safe and secure 24/7. 

The security guards also carry out access control, where they check credentials/tickets, carry out inspections and searches for anything undesirable they may enter the hotel. This might include alcohol, drugs, weapons, explosives, and anything else that could be considered a security threat. 

Lastly the guards carried out additional bug sweeps throughout the two-week event and set up perimeter patrols.  

The right team for the job

The importance of hotel security cannot be overstated. Guests want to know that their belongings are safe, and hotels need to ensure they can provide a safe environment for their guests. As a security company, we understand the importance of ensuring safety in your hotel or facilities at all times. We also understand the stress this puts on your team, which is why we offer professional security guards who can safeguard your hotel and if needed act as front desk personnel.

Our professionally trained security staff will efficiently handle any situation with professionalism while protecting all of our client’s assets at the same time. Contact us today if you would like more information about how we could implement these services in your hotel or property. 

 If you are unsure what level of protection you require, remember that all our quotes come with a free, no-obligation risk assessment so that you can determine the ideal concierge security service or security guards for your risk level and budget. Contact us or alternatively fill out the form below and one of our security specialists will contact you promptly.