Professional security in Services for events and department stores

Event security and professional guarding security services are no coincidence!

Through decades of experience, we analyze, plan and implement the security-relevant measures professionally for major events and smaller events. The personal protection for stars, as well as persons from politics and economy is ensured discretely and motivated – this is guaranteed by our security experts.

Security guarding – services at a glance

Titan Security Europe’s department store security works in uniform and also hidden. They guarantee low inventory differences and prevent in-house theft. act as deterrent and provide peace of mind for customers and staff alike.

  • planning
  • risk analysis
  • spot protection
  • Guarding services
  • Close protection
  • Shopping mall security


If your building – business, office, shop, private house, apartment – is unattended, potential dangers threaten. Not only burglary, vandalism, fire are classic risks. Most are open windows, unlocked doors, switched-on machines, appliances or light sources, unobserved gas or water outlet behind which danger hides.

In the course of the object inspections, our patrol service takes over customer-specific special tasks at different times. Any defects are immediately perceived and quickly remedied by targeted measures. They carry out control services and perform light switching and blocking services in shopping malls and shops.

Our patrol service is on the road day and night:

Property checks

switching services

closing services

Lock service

Mobile service

Special Tasks

Prevent major damage through preventive control.

Security in public and retail areas.

Control tasks are carried out on behalf of public authorities (eg municipalities, public-law bodies).  In pedestrian zones close to the city center, at railway stations or in urban areas, the growing need for security guarding is often required. Our security officers monitor and intervenes in case of transgressions examples of wrong parking in short-term parking zones, restlessness in parks, in case of property disturbances, dealing with anti social behavior outside shopping centers.

Titan Security Europe do more:

From Traffic control service

Guard monitoring

Staff and Public safety

street supervision


railway security guarding

Ticket control service

rail support and information service for passengers

Protected with a sense of responsibility.


Employees with technical skills and social competence ensure order, safety, cleanliness and maintenance. The understanding of professionals as well as a smooth flow in your property. 

The highest priority is to ensure safety and to keep the property in immaculate condition, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the property through service-minded staff. In addition to the usual housekeeping duties, we offer services such as car service, shopping and errand handling, restaurant reservations, pet care, clearing out and the like.

Certainly an added value for your property.

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