House protection / log services

Industrial buildings, office and residential buildings such as houses and modern housing estates, hotels and multi-storey car parks require permanent security measures. Manned Guarding and Guarding from Titan Security Europe takes over the security of persons and buildings with a variety of services defined according to your needs while guarantees the operational procedures whether day or night.

• Reception and log guarding services

• Information and lobby telephone services

• Parking management / administration

• Access control, visitor badges

• Key Management / Receptions Services

• Control rounds, closing and opening rounds

• Emergency support

Qr and Rfid Scan point tagging systems can also be introduced at additional cost pending site size.

Construction sites are exposed to various risks such as fire, water, theft, property damage and vandalism. Personnel surveillance and / or technical monitoring by abacon SAFETY AG prevents these risks. The implementation of occupational safety is an additional valuable service in your construction project.

• Security / surveillance (permanent, timed)

• technical support (alarm, video, access)

• opening / closing / control fencing

• Checking access / transport services

• Review of instructions / regulations

• Prevention of natural hazards, theft, vandalism

• Emergency support

After the occurrence of certain damage cases, it may be necessary for the household contents to be guarded. This often applies after building fires in the housing area, after which an apartment is easily accessible and could possibly be looted. Especially if the household items are still to use or this was not or only partially damaged, it is recommended to provide protection and to keep the household items safe.

The costs that result from such a watch are the so-called “guarding costs”. Depending on the prevailing insurance companies conditions of a household insurance, it is possible to have the damage regulated by the insurer and thus assert the costs. Please check with your insurer on this.

Whether the insurance costs are borne by the insurer essentially depends on two factors. The first factor is the insurance conditions already mentioned and highlighted. Only if it has been contractually stipulated that the assumption of guard costs is included in the household contents insurance or this service is provided is regulation via the insurer possible. Furthermore, the cause of the damage can play a decisive role: For most insurers, it is only possible to cover the security costs if the type of damage is covered by the insurance cover.

For policyholders, it is generally advantageous if a corresponding service is provided or guarding costs are included in the insurance. If so desired, it is important to take care when selecting the insurer. It should also be noted that a billing of the costs is only possible if a corresponding proof (eg bill of a security service) can be submitted. Titan Security Europe will work with approved insurers on situations such as this.

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