Residential Security

Security guards are a resource for deterring unwanted guests and situations. When deciding to choose residential security guard, you may be present with expensive properties, large houses that attract others, stalkers, or specialized unwanted attention after a specific event.

What is Residential Security?

Residential Security can come in several different names which include: estate protection or estate security. This type of security provides protection from intrusions of home and privacy, crimes, threats and disturbances at the estate. Residential Security is about protecting the personal assets and privacy and go beyond the use of CCTV and burglar systems at the estate. The guards in this job, provides patrols of the premises as well as a person of protection in protecting the site location.

Location of Residential Security

Residential security is not only located at your residence, but it can also be offered at corporate offices, leisure or business travel. People who choose residential security are choosing this service to mitigate home invasions, racial intimidation, stalking, targeted crime, robbery and burglary. The location can adjust based on the your needs residency location.

Duties of Residential Security

The residential security officer prevents unwanted persons who will potentially steal or be a threat to the owner from entering into the estate. While guards are securing a residence, they are tasked with frequent patrols outside the house and on the perimeter of the property. They will also keep an eye out for household equipment that may have been or is a risk for being tampered with.  Duties of residential security cannot be substituted with security systems such as burglar alarms, camera installations or other equipment. Instead, residential security plus a security system enhances the protection by providing a visual representation of the inside and outside of the property and a physical deterrent.

Benefits of Residential Security

Because the security guards work as human presence, it adds a level of complication for those that are unwanted in your home. Security guards make it even more difficult to predict a routine of when and where patrols take place. Security guards help ensure that security equipment is working and in top condition to continue being of use of safety for the client.

Choosing a security guard is not only cheaper than a police officer, but you can be rest assured that you are getting a guard that is well experienced and adept in providing estate services.

Training of Residential Security

Guards are trained to recognize hazards and risks allowing you to deal with them before they arise. They also can provide educational training to the household on keeping themselves safe and things to look out for when dealing with a suspicious situation.  


Residential security is a protective measure in protecting your estate, belongings, and privacy from others who have taken special interest in it. Residential security is not set to a specific time frame and could look like 24 hour coverage, seasonal based on the holiday, or only overnight. This is adapted to best fit your needs and safety. Residential security is important to have as it provides the human deterrent of others and is not a replacement for only having CCTV

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