As we approach winter, the message from governments throughout Europe is clear: we must all be as alert as possible and take a COVID-19 test as necessary, especially as Covid cases continue to rise throughout Europe with the spread of the Omicron variant.

Titan Security is happy to continue to play an essential role in the national response to the virus’s containment throughout Europe by protecting various Covid19 testing points as well as helping with the organization and management on the day. 

Increased Security Risk?

Throughout Europe there has been an increased security risk to both testing centres and vaccinations centres as tensions rise against possible vaccine mandates and national curfews. For example, in France around 500 vials of COVID-19 jabs were destroyed after a vaccination centre near Toulouse was vandalised. The French health minister also reported that over 20 health sites had been vandalised, including five test centres, 15 vaccination centres and a medical laboratory since July 2021.

In the Netherlands adolescents had set fire to a COVID-19 testing centre and threw fireworks at police in the central Dutch fishing village of Urk.  

The UK has also experienced recent events such as in Milton Keynes where protestors had entered a testing centre and were filmed shouting at medical staff and possibly stealing equipment. These are just a few examples of vandalism and security issues, testing centres have experienced in recent months, highlighting the need and step up of security measures.  

Titan Security Guards

In order to protect Covid19 test centres in Europe, Titan Security provided protection through professional security guards. Our security guards made sure to provide a safe and secure environment for the medical staff and all those entering to receive their Covid19 test.

Security on site were responsible for guarding the entry gate, checking for entry requirements, helping those attend the testing site with directions and helping to make sure social distancing rules were enforced as well as other Covid19 related measures such as mask wearing.

In addition, our guards at certain centres helped with traffic management including lane support, and were there to assist with any questions from the attendees. We made sure to provide the people with excellent customer care to help them feel safe and secure during their test.  

Regardless of which testing centre our guards were protecting we made sure to always be: 

  • Professional, pleasant, polite, kind, and helpful while performing their job to the best of their ability
  • Establish that all security incidents and emergencies are handled appropriately and promptly, in accordance with site policy and practice
  • Closely collaborate with statutory authorities in the event of an occurrence
  • With reference to Covid19, maintain and promote government recommendations
  • Assist and verify that the site’s policies and procedures were followed

Titan Security – Protection You Can Trust

Please contact us if you require staffed security services for Covid19 test centres. We are one of the very few Covid safe security companies, and we now handle multiple test centres throughout Europe. As a leading security company, we create and execute all of the necessary security frameworks to run a secure testing facility that prioritizes safety and security.

Contact Titan Security today to learn more about our security guards and how it can benefit you and your business, or alternatively, fill out the form below and a security specialist will contact you back promptly.