An important political conference was held in Romania last week, with many important Eastern European dignitaries in attendance.

For such an event, security is of upmost importance.

The dignitaries in attendance had their own personal security for close personal protection. However, it was decided that further protection as needed.

These guards only guarded their specific personnel. This left the venue and event itself still open to threat.

In order to combat this, a client representing this event approached Titan Security Europe to provide security for the event and property itself. We would work alongside the close protection officers to ensure the absolute and total safety of everyone involved in the event, as well as the event itself.

Titan Security provided:

  • Access control to the venue
  • Direct support to the events teams
  • Close communication with existing security teams
  • Assurance of the safety of the venue and personnel

Property Sweeps

Prior to the arrival of expected personnel, our guards swept the venue to check for any existing threats.

First, our guards checked for threats to political security, such as bugs and communication devices that could be used to record what was said at the conference. This would pose an immediate threat to the political security of the conference.

Our guards also checked the venue for direct threats to personal safety, for example, bombs. This ensured the safety of each individual themselves that would be in attendance.

As our guards were the ones to take on this role, there was no pressure on the existing close protection officers to do so. The venue was secured before their arrival and that they could focus on their own tasks.

Door Supervision

Once the event was underway, our guards worked in conjunction with the close protection officers and venue to ensure complete safety.

While the close protection officers kept up with their usual duties, our guards became stationed on the entrances to the venue. Each guard was in possession of a guest list to ensure that no unauthorized personnel could enter the venue.

This ensured that only the authorized would be in attendance, taking pressure from the client, attendees and existing guards and securing the venue to the max.

The event ran smoothly and the client was happy with the security services we provided. We hope to work with them again in the future.

If you need security for a conference, talk to us at Titan. Our trained and professional guards will help in perfect conjunction with your needs and budget. All initial consultations and quotes are free.