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Titan Security Europe are leading Security U.K. wide, Security service provider offering U.K Security Guarding as well as European Manned Guarding across Central and Eastern Europe, Retail Guarding, Security Guarding, Mobile Patrols and Door Supervisors.

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Why choose Titan Security Europe in Inverness Security Service provider in Inverness.?

Inverness Security company in Inverness, we are a Scotland supplier of Inverness security services in Inverness. Titan Security Europe is a Inverness Security company in Inverness, and can provide highly trained and local security guards in Inverness that are professional security guards in Inverness , as well as Inverness manned guarding and door supervisors to businesses across Inverness in and around Scotland . The area of Scotland is a cosmopolitan area as such are Inverness security guards have a vast and diverse experience that provide us as a security company in Inverness as a one stop shop for security services. Over the years we have become the no1 supplier of security services in Inverness with a fully trained and vetted security officers. Call or e-mail us for a free no-obligation quote.

End of the World or Inverness

What some locals might consider to be the end of the world, tourist know it as Inverness located in Scotland. This not so small city is the largest city and cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. Tourist are attracted to come here because of its quaint towns, medieval ruins, and prehistoric sites.

What is there to do?

  1. When traveling to Inverness, it is possible to go shopping in a preserved Victorian Market from the 19th century where you can see a historic Victorian clock which hasn’t stopped ticking since 1890.
  • If you are interested in historical sites, a must go to is the Culloden Moor. It is where the battle of Culloden took place on April 16th, 1746. There is also a gallery showing Jacobite artifacts found in the Culloden Moor.
  • Discover the best distilleries in Scotland in Inverness by following the Highland Whiskey Trail. These distilleries date back to the 15th century and distilleries offer guided tours and whiskey taskings all year round.
  • If you are wanting to live through your childhood stories you heard about, you can travel to Loch Ness to take a boat trip on the river or nice walk around. It is a freshwater loch rumored to be home to the mythical creature, Nessie. To get a nice view of the loch, go to Urquhart Castle and climb the Grant Tower. This castle is not only beautiful, but historic. It was built sometime between the 13th– 16th century. There is also a dungeon, and trebuchet siege engine which gives a glimpse into Scotland’s medieval times.
  • To get a glimpse into the culture of Inverness, travel in July to visit the Inverness Highland games. It is a festival where athletes from all over compete in a variety of sports, locals dress in traditional outfits, and skilled bagpipers perform. This event was founded in 1822 and takes place near the river.
  • If watching sports is not your thing, and you are looking for traditional food then eat haggis. Haggis is Scotland’s national dish. Haggis is made with minced lamb, suet, oats, and various spices. The presentation is not the most appealing but has an exceptional taste.

So if Inverness has so much to offer, why do people consider it the end of the world?

To some this might be an exaggeration after visiting and seeing what it has to offer, but to others this might be an understatement. If you are traveling and don’t have much time and not traveling through the city to get somewhere else or have some reason for visiting inverness, going here might be a little bit of a waste as it is off the beaten track, but offers beautiful views with history. For others, going here is the relaxing destination that is much needed.

Inverness Security Services & Guarding in Inverness. 

We offer a broad Inverness Security guarding service offering a diverse range of guarding in Inverness. 
• Construction Sites & Buildings 
• Storage Sites & Shopping Centres 
• Concert Arenas, Clubs and Pubs 
• Gate House Premises & Offices 
• Offshore Sites & Ground Drilling Sites 
• Oil & Gas Production Facilities 
• Manufacturing Sites ,Security Guard 
• Production Facilities & Goods Centre 
• Mass Storage Houses & Public Sites 
• Highly-Sensitive Defence Facilities & Sites 
• High Volume Technical Centres 
• Training & Research Centres 
• Test Facilities & Test Centres 
• Gatehouse Premises 
• Security Guards 
• Gate House Keepers 
• Lone worker protection  
• Key holding 
• Mobile security patrols,  
• Vacant property security inspection 
• Remote lock and unlock 
• Remote monitoring 
• Security Solution design

Inverness Security Guards in Inverness, with a Difference.

Titan Security Europe is a customer focused company that is renowned for crime prevention which has proven to be cost effective to our clients. We are proactive in working in coordination with the Police.
We use the latest state of the art technology to monitor our guards patrols and all related activities nationwide. Using a real time guard tour patrol system, this software helps us to allocate, supervise and control every guard patrol route at the time and request a different route for the next patrol.
Titan Security europe is an approved security company for the provision of Manned Guarding , Key holding and Mobile patrols. We are also certified, The SIA is the Security Industry Authority which is the regulating body that control, monitor and inspect the private security companies in the UK, We are a also SAFE CONTRACTOR approved company.
Although we are a security guard company based in Uk where were located, we have established many contracts and a network of guards Globally and now pride ourselves on managing variety of varied security contracts.We are a Inverness Security Company in Inverness. We supply Inverness Security Guards in Inverness.
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Inverness Manned Guarding in Inverness.

Need manned guarding in the Inverness? A guard on your site will watch out for any strange and abnormal activities or people and will usually be the first to detect a fire or any other industrial emergency. Your guard will be trained how to react in a crisis. They will also be your eyes and ears for any other incidents and activity that may not be a danger or security risk, but may provide you with important information in terms of monitoring staff and customers.

Inverness Security Guards in Inverness.

Need a Inverness security guard in the Inverness? We can provide a trained and reliable security guard to look after your business and protect your assets, some types of places we already provide guards for include: offices, retail stores, events and shows, building site and factories. Your guard will be trained how to react in a crisis. They will also be your eyes and ears for any other incidents and activity that may not be a danger or security risk.

Inverness Door Supervisors in Inverness.

Need a door supervisor in the Inverness? Our door supervision services are comprehensive and include covering all the access points, checking visitor credentials, guiding people in and out of buildings and keeping the fire exits and walkways clear throughout the working hours without causing any offence. Our approach is to respond and settle situations quickly, with minimum disruption.

for provision of manned guarding