Devon – a delightful county rich in potential activities, with two stunning coastlines, two National Parks, and five official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Official Devon and Cornwall Police statistics show that the overall reported crimes during the month of August 2017 has increased by 19.4% since the same time last year. With a reported increase of 22.5% in shoplifting incidents and an increase of 35.4% in reported public order offences, now is the ideal time to consider increasing the safety and security of your business premises. Titan Security offers a range of services that will strengthen the security of your Devon business.

Security Guard services in Exeter, Torquay and Plymouth

Crimes such as theft and robbery are on the increase in Devon, so how better to protect your assets than to utilise the services of one of Titan Security’s guards? Following the complimentary assessment of your site by Titan Security, you will be presented with information on what may be a danger or a security risk. Once a guard has joined your team you can relax knowing that you have a well-trained professional responsible for the entrance and exit points of your premises. A guard who is aware of how to react in a crisis, who is fully trained to deal quickly with any violent conflict, such as armed robberies or assaults, and who can provide you with important information in relation to monitoring any issues that may arise with staff and customers.

As mentioned above, with crime on the increase in Devon it is essential to consider the benefits of a uniformed security guard. The mere presence of an experienced and fully-trained Titan Security guard wearing the full Titan Security uniform adorned with our logo is often a strong enough deterrent to dissuade even the most brazen of thieves and trouble makers. All of Titan Security’s guards make it their priority to ensure they are familiar with your site and the surrounding areas.

Door Supervisors in Exeter, Torquay and Plymouth

Titan Security has been providing door supervisors for over 30 years and prides itself on the high standards of service that it consistently provides for a range of businesses and events. The door supervision services provide a highly effective means of ensuring that your event runs smoothly and that any incident that may occur is handled swiftly and with tact. The door supervision service includes the covering all the access points, the of checking visitor credentials, and ensuring that fire escapes and any walkways are kept clear.

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