Whether your on a business trip or a well deserved vacation abroad or at home. To avoid having to sleep in car or even staying up all night many will take advantage of the convenience of a hotel. With lobbies some having stores and also restaurants on site they are now part of high traffic public facilities we all use now.

This makes these buildings and there areas particularly vulnerable to criminal elements and are not just restricted to city’s with criminal gangs also targeting. instances of this can include pick pocketing, burglaries as well as robberies and terrorist attacks. For this reason the need for effective hotel security is an integral part of hotel management so your guests and staff can feel safe.

Accordingly the challenge for every hotel operator or proprietor is to protect his or her possessions such as objects and decor of hotel goods inside it. While ensuring that guests and staff of hotel our kept safe. Having a hotel security guard or night porter offers a sound solution to this.

Through the due diligence and watchful attention to detail of our security guards staff employed in your hotel, your hotel is optimally guarded and protected.You will subsequently increase your security the value your customer will feel will be enhanced thus you increase your security in hotel in an objective and subjective way.

Our Hotel and Concierge security guarding uses and combines elements from our concierge and corporate guarding division. As well as our residential guarding team. Having experience in customer services and access control as well as event security experience. These guards also have experience of perimeter guarding this is essential in not only securing lobby of any hotel property but grounds too.

The security forces deployed by us have the expertise and relevant experience to detect threats at an early stage and to intervene. We ensure punctuality through app based support and well dosed in event management. With any security officer from Titan Security Europe you will also communication skills , discretion and tact for dealing with your guests. In potential dangerous situations or events your guests can be brought to safety without causing panic or riots

If required we can also fill your reception with a night auditor or porter.

Overview of our Hotel security guarding services

  • Security advice , hazard analysis and risk management.
  • Creation of an object related security concept or service structure
  • Personal protection Vip services armed non armed for Vip guests.
  • Floor protection for vip visitors.
  • People and luggage checks
  • Congress, Mp security conference room guarding.
  • Enforcement of hotel regulations
  • Control of emergency exits and escape route safeguarding
  • performing checks
  • organisation and event security services.
  • Parking and parking garages.
  • Monitoring of hazards and alarm systems .
  • Conduct emergency and evacuation planning .
  • Report writing.

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