Night surveillance

Night surveillance is one of the specialties of a global versatile security company.

 Titan Security Europe a Uk and European based security company can help.

Companies, yards, goods or buildings, you can trust us with all kinds of valuable properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because every security guard has specific qualities, we can carefully put together a suitable organised team that can respond to your specific situation.

Night surveillance for solid security measures.

Whether you opt for a single night surveillance or have your belongings permanently protected by us, we always offer you the best solutions and service. Our surveillance is preventative, Pro-active in all cases and is designed based on your expectations and objectives. In our view, proper preparation attention to detail is essential for effective monitoring. Good personal communication with you, cooperation with police services and regular evaluation are also characteristic of our working method. This approach provides you with a guarantee of solid security whether in Uk or Europe and beyond.

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For questions about night surveillance or one of our other services you can always contact us via the contact form. On our website you can read more information about all other surveillance services that we offer: event security, hotel and restaurant security, store security and personal protection, static security services.

Hire guards

Do you want to hire reliable and skilled guards? It is best to use Titan Security Europe for this.

With our many years of experience in the world of surveillance, we know how to use the right guards for every project. With us you will find a multi-disciplined team of guards. What does that mean? We can put together a team of security guards for each specific situation that has previously gained experience with a similar situation. This team will already know exactly how to respond to this situation and that only makes their security service stronger and more effective.

You can hire security guards at Titan Security Europe

If you want to hire security guards at Titan Security Europe, you can count on a reliable partnership. We maintain personal contact with our customers and agreements that you can rely on. After hiring and deploying our guards and officers, we always prepare an evaluation to determine whether surveillance can be tightened up in certain areas. Your feedback is very welcome! You can hire our guards for:

Catering surveillance

mobile surveillance

store monitoring

static monitoring

event security

Industrial Security Guards.

Residential Security Guarding.

Corporate Security Guards Services

Concierge and Hotel Security Services

Construction Security

Key Holding & Alarm Response Guards

Maritime Security Guards & Security Services

Mobile Patrols

Retail Security Guards

Vacant Property Security Services

Warehouse Security Services

Security Guards

Questions or remarks

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Static monitoring

By static monitoring we mean permanent monitoring of goods, buildings, etc. on one clearly defined site.

This monitoring always has a strong preventive character.

 whereby various stresses can be placed depending on the nature of the assignment. It offers guarding solution to sites also without any form of amenities.

We guarantee the delivery of reliable security agents, guards and officers with a sense of initiative, who can make the right decisions in crisis situations.

 The exact content of the monitoring an assignment is recorded in close consultation with the customers’ needs and requirements.

Up-to-date technical and logistical support and cloud monitoring, as well as the continuous training of our staff, guarantee you solid security service.

Do you have a requirement for static monitoring?

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Store monitoring in retail environment.

Why would you opt for professional retail store monitoring? Recent statistics clearly show that shoplifting is a current and increasing trend and not to be underestimated problem.

The damage that retailers suffer every year as a result is enormous. Titan Security Europe firmly believes in a preventive approach to this problem, through the use of uniformed security agents officers. After all, their visible and proactive presence in the store has a major dissuasive effect on potential store thieves.

This presence of guard also contributes to creating a pleasant and safe shopping climate for both customers and sales staff. Thus, ensuring customer safety and retention of customer.

In the event of any conflict situations, our security guards are trained to resolve them quickly and correctly. We also supply bodycam technology where required.

Within this sector there is also different monitoring formulas that are possible , depending on the needs and available budget of the customer.

Do you have a requirement for store monitoring?

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Licensed and catering surveillance

By catering licensed security guarding we mean more specifically the provision of security agents and Door Supervisors who are responsible for security in discos and dance cafés, also popularly called “porters” in Hotels and Door Supervisors.

Titan Security Europe offers added value within this “delicate” sector, because on the one hand we pay a lot of attention to preparation and communication and on the other hand we do not neglect the follow-up and the adjustment according to the current problems. This approach also benefits the cost-benefit analysis, because our flexible working method means that we can always respond to busy and less busy moments.

Titan Security Europe always carries out its assignments in a spirit of prevention and puts the emphasis on attention to detail of work. All this is done in a customer-friendly yet firm manner and in close cooperation between our experienced porters and the (local) police services involved.

As well as Door supervisor and bodyguard teams

Do you have a contract for catering or Door Supervisor surveillance guarding?

Mobile monitoring and intervention after an alarm

By mobile surveillance and post-alarm intervention, we mean the surveillance assignment where a security guard performs a round, usually with a vehicle and on public roads.

During this round he checks certain buildings . This check relates to suspect elements: are there indications of burglary, vandalism, theft … or other elements to be checked in agreement with the building’s holder.

A special form of mobile surveillance is the intervention after an alarm .

Do you have a contract for mobile surveillance?

Industrial surveillance and guarding services in Europe and Uk.

Industrial monitoring is very important for the well-being of companies and people. Titan Security is aware of this and is a very professional partner for this.

We are recognized as a security company and strive to deliver the right agent in the right place.

After all, every situation is unique. Because our security agents and officers each have their own specialties, we can put together a suitable team of security guards, so that the right security guards can respond to your specific situation in the right way.

Industrial monitoring: customized solution to safety

The industrial surveillance guarding offered by Titan Security Europe is primarily of a preventive nature proactive outlook. We are aware that every security offers its own unique matter.

We therefore offer you a tailored bespoke customized solution by first thoroughly understanding analysing the situation and then coming to concrete agreements with you. We can draw on a very extensive and diverse workforce and that is why we can deploy the right people in the right place at right time. You can hire us for various guarding from shop surveillance in civilian style, if you are looking for doors for a nightclub a door supervisor, for the security of one-off events with event guarding or for the security of people with private residential security guarding. Titan Security Europe is a global all-round security company that operates internationally.

Contact one of our employees to find out more we speak several languages.

Residential Guarding

Security and measures taken go beyond a simple alarm activation system. Because what do you do if the alarm goes off, but you are not at home? Or if your company’s alarm systems are off during the day, but an unsafe situation still arises? And how do unwanted guests stay outside during an event organized by you?

Who intervenes when things go wrong?

Titan Security Europe offers professional security solutions for companies and individuals throughout European cities and globally in middle east and Americas.

We are always attentive and see what others miss this approach separates us from others.

Surveillance and security are carried out with the utmost attention to detail and care.

We use professional means for this, such as special communication and differing registration systems in this process.

With the deployment of these means in manned guarding, our security officers always ensure that your home or business premises are carefully monitored and that any risks on site are dealt with accurately. Titan Security Europe insure your safety is our concern.

Alarm follow-up and how we can assist-

The alarm on your home or business premises gives you a sense of security when you are not present or when you are sleeping at night. But what happens if the alarm goes off? Or false alarm is triggered on a second home? What does Titan Security Europe do?

Our security guards are available 24 hours a day for alarms internationally .Like any international service requirement to have site instructions and be signed to our service is required. The arrival time is short and when we arrive, we first make an outside perimeter check round the property.

we can manage your key in  keyholding. We will then go inside, read the alarm system and continue our inspection around the property. If we do not have a key, we will act according to your instructions.

Often perimeter check and checking of entry points is required. Did you instruct someone else to go into the building when the alarm went off? Then we guide this person through the inspection at time of incident.

We will handle any incidents neatly for you. After leaving the police or other emergency services, we ensure that your home or business premises are safely left behind. If desired, you can make a declaration yourself the following day. This service forms part of a residential guarding protocol.

Event security services internationally

When you organize an event, large or small one thing is extremely important: staff and guests must be able to rely on it being safe environment during the event. For this it is important that no unwanted guests, no matter what time of day, visit the event. Coordination and communication are the keys to ensuring that your event runs smoothly without hindrance.

All aspects that are involved in event security must be properly arranged in advance, such as clear instructions for security guarding staff. In addition, communication with guests is very important. Security guards must always leave your guests in their value. Based on a good personal assessment of the visitors, everyone can be welcomed to your event in a pleasant way.

In the unlikely event of a problem occurring, it will be handled discretely, so that the progress of your event is not endangered for a second. It will not bother you or your other guests.

Mobile surveillance

A business premises is a true oasis for burglars. Most buildings are full of computers, televisions, projectors, screens and other expensive equipment. This is why securing a perimeter is imperative. Titan Security Europe employs professional able security guards for mobile surveillance for companies throughout Continent.

This service includes but not restricted too a variety of services. The application and measures taken of a mobile surveillance service include:

• Fire and closing rounds

• Opening rounds (at the start of the day)

• Closing rounds (at the end of the day)

• Collective security projects (on business parks and / or in residential areas)

• Collective and specific security rounds

Inspection rounds are performed in timely manner with the help of a reading pen and mobile technology systems such as rfiq systems can be incorporated as well as QR scan points for large sites , so that you can always see when and at what time we were present. In the event of an emergency, the security officer will immediately notify the emergency services, or act in accordance with the agreements made with you.

Porter and reception services

A porter or receptionist is the calling card of your company. As the first point of contact for visitors, someone must be skilled in communication and customer-friendly. Our Hotel and Concierge services will deal with all your needs, But not only that. Attention and accurate action in the event of an emergency is also one of the requirements that you, quite rightly, place on a porter or receptionist.

At our security company, we employ security guarding staff who are specifically employed for porter and reception services at companies such as yours.

We place high demands on the security officer we place at your company and on the execution of his or her work.