Event Security

As part of the event protection, we are happy to advise and accompany you from the beginning to the end of the event. Upon request, we will create a security concept tailored to your event and put us in contact with all authorities and agencies to implement the security-relevant aspects.

Even during the event, our professional team is always available as the first point of contact for security questions. As part of event protection we offer you:

admission control

Guarding of objects and people

fair protection

Money errands

VIP – care

Personal and escort protection

Unfortunately, the consequences of political developments in Europe and the resulting social changes are accompanied by an increase in crime rates with a propensity for violent violence.

The threat to individuals from politics, business, show business and personal life has changed dramatically in recent decades.

In addition to offenses such as threats (verbal and active) take abductions, robberies and ransom pressures without terrorist background in united kingdom and Europe steadily. Recent cases also show that in addition to the classically threatened groups of persons, increasingly also representatives of liquid money as well as their relatives, target persons of criminal individuals or organized gangs can become.

The measures to be taken for personal or escort protection depend on many different factors. If necessary, measures relating to personal protection will be coordinated by us in close cooperation and coordination with the police.

We are happy to advise you individually and ensure within a very short time that you and possibly also your relatives or employees can act in a fearless environment.

Property protection

By definition, the object protection is the security of objects by guarding. It aims to prevent the impairment of function, destruction or possession of an object by disturbers, criminals or enemies. The usability and functionality of the object should be preserved.

In our eyes, however, the security of foreign property includes much more:

Creation of a security concept

if necessary, set up a control centre



admission control

Identity checks

Search of persons or things

Reception and porter activities

Control of structural and technical safety systems (including fire protection)

operational tasks in consultation with the client

Our employees see themselves as a service provider at your side, who, of course, provides for your or the security of the object, but does not neglect the service concept.

VIP Security Shuttle

With the use of our security service, we offer you a possibility of comfortable and safety-conscious transfers on long and short distances. During the trip, you can prepare for your appointments or simply relax – knowing that you will reach your destination quickly and comfortably, and well protected!

The drivers are professional safety experts. They ensure your safety throughout the journey. With the necessary discretion, correct manners and good foreign language skills our security staff convince all along the line.

You have the choice:

Security Shuttle Service (vehicle incl. Driver)

Safety driver (vehicle will be provided by you)

Park Service (eg for restaurants and hotels)

By mutual agreement, we put together an individual package that includes all eventualities and meets your requirements.

Our special service:

Security Close protection service for kids and teenagers: We are happy to supply close protection operatives from home and bring them to birthday party’s or discotheque. So that you do not have to go out in the middle of the night, we make sure that the kids and teens arrive safely and punctually at home.

We accompany you safely and with the utmost comfort through the streets of your city.

Hostesses service

The reception of your guests offers a positive start from the beginning, if they are welcomed by our hostesses or hosts friendly “welcome”. Many people are involved in the successful realization of events. Often you need on site the use of additional staff, for example for:



Cocktail or champagne reception

Info and trouble counter management


Wardrobe management


Admission controls and guest selection

Booth care

VIP support

Our hostesses and hosts are always at your side with help and advice. The employees are very serious, friendly, motivated, educated ladies and gentlemen, in their selection, we attach great importance to a very attractive and well-groomed appearance, impeccable manners, commitment, friendliness and impeccable reputation.

The following requirement profile is required of our hostesses and hosts:

perfect and always well-groomed appearance

extremely courteous and friendly demeanour

impeccable and safe handling of customers (even with VIP`s)

high motivation and great, consistent commitment

good knowledge of at least one foreign language

With us you will find hostesses and hosts with exactly the characteristics that are important for your event. Be it purely representative or for communicative purposes, for expert information or personal care of your customers, for artistic entertainment or friendly hospitality of your guests.

Suitable for every occasion can also find the right outfit. Our ladies like to present themselves in costume, trouser suit, sheath dress, evening wear or specially made costumes. We will take care of the personnel planning, scheduling and booking for you after a joint agreement and determination of the key points. Contact us. We will gladly make you an offer.

Door supervisor services for Hotels

Poor attitude and aggressive attitude from a door supervisor.

We reject this way of dealing with your dearly valued customers and personal guests completely. Our Doormen are professional in every way: They are rhetorically convincing, but they can still effectively protect the catering sector, if it is necessary in an emergency.

Our employees are entrusted with the reception of visitors and guests, serve here at all times as competent, first point of contact and are also always available to perform special tasks in case of need. They provide preventive as well as repressive security in and around the restaurant area.

In close cooperation with the police, especially the bouncers, we try to stop the growing crime in City  nightlife.

Possible tasks include:

Entry and exit control


Personal protection for artists and guests of honour

reception facilities

Parking facilities

Key  and lock service

representative or civilian strip activities within the locality

We are happy to advise you in all matters relating to catering security. Our contact details can be found here.

Hotel security

Today’s hotel staff are constantly confronted with new challenges. Within the framework of quality management, large hotel groups as well as small businesses in the hotel industry try to meet the demands of their customers. Nevertheless, hotel guests are often the victims of pickpockets who wait for their chance in the lobby or room breaks, in which then the notebook is missing. In addition, there are numerous events (congresses, company parties, gala dinners, TV shows, …), whose character often enough requires the control of security personnel, for example, in the entrance area.

For us, hotel security is a combination of security and service. It combines elements of object and event protection and requires special skill in dealing with guests. Of course, professionalism, friendliness, discretion and seriousness in the use of our security staff are the top priority.

We are happy to answer your questions please contact Titan security europe via our contact form

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