Titan Security Europe supply to host of VIP and High end events. Operating guarding across Europe to host of events. Are Security guarding services work with recognized brands to help support large scale guarding ensuring safety is paramount while enhancing the event for tho’s that attend in a safe environment. We have supplied events with bespoke guarding in Europe looking after individuals at events with a high profile. Such individuals as Sports stars, musicians and actors as well as TV personality’s.

The Safety of Visitor is Paramount.

At large and Major Events internationally such as concerts product launches and sporting events, Thousands of people will move together can be close sometimes in confined areas. In order to conduct and not jeopardize event security , organizers of event have the task within the framework of a security concept to identify any potential hazards or risks. Also Assessing during event any potential flash points or risks to queuing with use of aid’s. Once assessed taking appropriate actions precautions and protective measures this will also have to meet all regulatory requirements.

Our Event Security experts will clarify whether a security concept is needed in a specific event as when.Because often organizers or the location operators are not all clear about it. Depending then on the specification, we can develop a security concept that is suitable for the set event. either independently or together with yo. You will then receive a result that completes while fulfilling all official and legal necessary requirements as well as meeting the specified obligations for event security.

Types and concepts used for Event security both in Europe and Globally.

*Private Law , Banking , Black tie Major events (such as Sports events,Music Event Security

*Leisure Events city’s ,festivals ,sports ,concerts ,culture, meet and greet, product launches etc.

*Corporate , celebrations, general shareholder and government meetings.

Event Security and how we can support you and your business.

A concept for event security will basically include all components of a security concept for buildings and event venues. in addition the following factors are then considered for event.

  • Perimeter security (outdoor backup)
  • Security and surveillance technology (eg video)
  • Access control (eg person and bag control)
  • Preventive and defensive fire protection
  • Police, fire department, public order office, environmental office, trade supervisory office and rescue service
  • Planning, selection and coordination of security personnel (qualification, number, additional training, dog team (drug detection dogs), position descriptions, etc.)
  • Emergency and evacuation concept (alarm schedules, communication structure, escape and rescue plans)
  • Possibly. Creation or support in the creation of seating plans
  • Possibly. Pedestrian flow analysis

Bespoke guarding benefits from Titan Security Europe.

  • You ensure quality our dedicated expert team will detect weakness early on , therefore expensive rework or malfunctions of failures are avoided
  • Individual and bespoke solutions depending on your requirements you will receive a tailored conceptual event solution.
  • Focus on improvement and profitability. We know which measures and facilitates are meaningful for which plants and how to implement them effectively. this then will save you money.
  • You gain Legal certainty through compliance and technical guidelines regulations and standards are adhered too.

To book your event security with us contact Titan Security Europe contact page with your requirements. We provide this service in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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