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In this short blog we are covering VET or Vocational training of security officer in Denmark.

A security officer or guard is responsible for guarding of potentially multiple and varying sites. These sites can be ones of concierge or Retail as well as construction and residential. They will also work in areas of surveillance. In this blog we will cover the equipment the guard will use to prevent theft as well as risks of fire , life and that of vandalism.

Example we have is that of security guard that works for Titan security Europe.

Titan security Europe in Denmark security guarding services and security guard services agency.

*Name- Security guard

*Duration- 2 years.

The requirements of admission- Gr adulation of secondary school and corresponding to grade 2.0 of Danish language skills and mathematics.

The requirements of going site to site- Be aware that requirements will differ from site to site thus understand the needs for which site you work on needs to adhere too.

As a Security guard or officer you will need to have a good understanding and command of that of local language Titan security Europe operate a policy of multi lingual abilities one for which will put you in good stead for the wide area of Europe and beyond that we cover. An ability to work a smart phone and download our in house app is preferential.

Security guards or officers can be found in multi nationals and smaller guard companies. The ability to work in hotels and museums as well as customer facing roles is key to providing a range in customer service for sites. Some security officers will have watchdogs or known as guard dogs this is area we can also supply in however there are aspects to safety and that of insurances you must be a were of prior to order.

Education of security guard

The training received provides a clear basic knowledge of health and safety. You will be required to learn about monitoring both remotely and static and Alarm resets and ability to identify and mitigate risk. Good level of written skills is required when preparing site safety plans and security route patrols. As the job of security guard can be physically demanding through regular patrols of sites a physical physique is preferential. Often size is seen as beneficial however through experience this is not area that is applicable across sector and is somewhat site preference.

Logical structure of guarding and public/private education.

The training will be based around a entry level vocational school. This will typically last 20-40 weeks will run concurrently to a main course. This may however alternate between internship or other level of schooling via on course job training for which is logical.

during your schooling you must cover English,danish languages and sports as well as cover communication , conflict management , physiology. First aid is also preferential. Studying operating in internship is looked as favorable and in practice many of skills you will gain will be in live site situations however the above will put you in good stead. You will complete this training with an exam.

From an education point a entry level course from businesses school is available. Choosing a school in Denmark that meets these requirements will be readily available.The second part of course can be taken in many regions in Denmark. Such as Aarhus , Odense, Naestved, Kobenhavn and Roskilde.

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