Construction and Building Security Guard

Understanding and meeting the ever demanding and increasing need for qualified vetted security guarding is not easy task. Titan Security Europe offer you are extensive security guarding expertise in the construction and building industry.

With broad understanding and many years of both understanding of UK domestic building and construction market. We also have expertise of that of international market not only in Europe but also in Americas and middle east. As a construction security guarding company this provides us as leading provider in this sector. Securing Valuables, transport, property protection, barracks guarding, white collar and residential security guarding.

Our highly trained and approved staff will aim to exceed expectation and professionally assist in all security matters. Helpful, experienced and friendly as well as observant separate are guarding from others. The experience you receive that of your clients is of utmost importance to us. The appearance and helpful and high level of reliability is standard we apply to all guarding within construction industry. All our construction security guards have high level of language skills and are often bilingual this will be dependant where in world you are. If you require certain language, please inform us prior.

All our employees have many years of experience with backgrounds in some parts of world military other police.

We also can supply armed officers through this country dependant based on local laws.

As an experienced and innovating security guarding company we offer so much more then just guarding expertise. When it comes to protecting your business, persons your family or sites from unauthorised access or attack, we use all and maximum opportunities to furnish you exemplary security service.

Other Areas We excel in are –

Property and Plant Protection

An important thing to consider when deciding on a measure to protect property, properties and people. Our trained Staff and attentive security officers and staff provide valuable security services to our customers and their employees.

Are security guarding staff will recognize and report hazards. initiate measures to limit any damage. Through prevention our customers and clients receive necessary security and order.

Below is a range of services we provide

  • Gate house Service to entrance areas.
  • Guarding patrols and the grounds of patrol route.
  • Access control for both people and vehicular access from A-B contractors at point of entry and that of exit.
  • Reception services and creation of ID badge.
  • Monitoring of technical systems and infrastructure.
  • fire prevention.
  • Administration tasks.
  • Monitored controls of machinery.

Personal Security

Personal Protection and that of escort protection is more then likely one of the most sensitive of all security services. Are highly trained protection security officers all of whom have a solid background in close protection security and personal protection.

High motivation and restrained appearance, adaptable social skills are just some of tools in there armoury. These attributes form part of are worldwide security personnel team. These employees constantly receive training and reviews both in there native country and abroad. Without exception these guards have military and police experience our bodyguards will also have country pendant state experience.

Personal Protection for your family is not simply guarding the protectors.

Hazard and safety assessments are carried out by personnel and protection personnel upon request we can also supply vehicles.

We are able to offer different levels of ballistic protection from handguns low level to ultra high level rifle protection again this level of protection is pendant of country and available assets at time.

Titan Security Accreditations