Concierge Guarding that is Service customer facing led.

Titan Security Europe have been operating in the Luxury concierge security market for some time.

We supply to Local governments worldwide with Concierge services as well as front of house reception services for businesses and Hotels. A smart professional approach by our guards and polite manor with excellent customer services will be what greets you, When visiting one of our sites this will be first thing you will encounter as such appearance and application of our  guards is essential to maintaining high standards you will want for your business. Titan Security Europe are available to provide this service with support of latest technology and if wished patrol routes for use in office blocks and outside spaces. Other areas that our concierge security guards can be applied too are in national infrastructure projects can be used in busy gatehouse system or High end banking. As well as supplying in Uk we have also supplied these services across Europe in areas of Helsinki,Paris,Bremen and Berlin as well as host of other city’s.

We also have a speciality with our experience in supplying multi lingual concierge Officers. Examples of this can be in Embassy Concierge for which we are highly experienced in. There is often a requirement within the native country to be able to speak native tongue of visitors to embassy as well as having the necessary requirements to communicate effectively and clearly in native country that the embassy is based in. All are concierge security guards and reception security guards are uniformed and vetted prior to approval on site. With many of our officers completing government checks prior to working. We are pleased to say that our success rate on supply concierge officers is extremely high.

Many of our officers are treated as such as member of team building repour with staff and patrons alike to businesses and Hotels, Banks, Embassies but to name a few.

Titan Security Europe now also offers this service worldwide, to understand more on uniformed service that we provide we can be contacted via our website on following contact link. We also offer manned guarding solutions for sites worldwide from Airports to retail sites globally.

The hospitality industry is in some countries rapidly growing and importance of manned guarding in concierge environment can not be underestimated in providing a personal and balanced touch.

To summarize the role of concierge security company is not merely just supply of physical presence but also application and training for a guard to ensure a seamless transition as a first res ponder/contact. We supply a supported control room in Europe which is also multi lingual for both staff and customers to contact for dialogue. We offer regular visits where ever your site may be around world. We also supply a dedicated account manager with experience of high level customer service in a concierge role. We believe there to be no other operator in Europe supplying level of detail and support that our team are dedicated to supplying for concierge security services

Holistic and bespoke approaches are key within the concierge security role. Often all to is the case that we find that approach is key. Are approach and pro active take on understanding your concierge security guarding requirements will set us out from our competitors. Are concierge security officers are supported by are European wide control room. We also provide support services as environmental monitoring, guard patrols and guard management.